GTA 3: Best Cars For Cruising Liberty City (And How To Get Them)

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The third entry in the famed Grand Theft Auto franchise was revolutionary, both for GTA itself and for the gaming industry at large.

It was the first 3D GTA, and it was the starting point of what would eventually become GTA V. Not only that, but its grand open world was a technical marvel back in the day. GTA3 inspired many developers to attempt the same. Now two decades later, open-world games are a dime a dozen.

Among the most exciting things you can do in the open world of Liberty City is swipe a car and drive around – possibly running over some civilians, whether on purpose or by accident. I mean, it’s kinda in the name of the game, right? We knew what we were getting into.

But what’s the ideal car to snag in Liberty City? Let’s take a look at some of the best out there.

10. Kuruma

Kuruma GTA3 Car screenshot

Where to find: It’s a pretty common sight around Portland Island.

The Kuruma isn’t the fastest car, or the most durable. But it’s reliable.

And you’ll always have one nearby if you need to make an improvised getaway.

It’s the average of the average, as expected from a car whose name means “car” in Japanese. Still, it handles well and can be ideal for novice drivers too.

I mean, the FBI Car is just a modified Kuruma. They must know what they’re doing.

It’s roughly based on the Chrysler Sebring, though its design has changed in other appearances. It was most recently featured in GTA Online’s Heists expansion.


9. Mafia Sentinel

Mafia Sentinel GTA3 Car screenshot

Where to find: This car is used by the Mafia around Saint Mark’s, Portland Island. You’re guaranteed to find a couple in front of Salvatore’s Mansion.

Based on the BMW E36, the Mafia Sentinel is a classy, almost intimidating car favored by the Leone Family members.

It has a nice top speed as well. But unlike most fast cars, it can take a pretty severe beating before it blows up with Claude inside.

It’s also really heavy, so it’s perfect for ramming other vehicles.

Alternatively, the regular Sentinel is also a pretty useful ride, and you’ll probably see it more often.


8. Diablo Stallion

Diablo Stallion GTA3 Car screenshot

Where to find: The DiabloS is a common sight around Diablos territory in Hepburn Heights, Portland Island.

Much like the Mafia Sentinel, the Diablo Stallion – or DiabloS, for short – is a modified version of a regular car with the specs preferred by the Diablos gang in Portland.

That said, the Diablo Stallion is nothing like its regular counterpart.

Not only does it look cooler with the exposed engine and flaming decals, but it’s faster, more durable, and its engine even sounds better.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, the Diablo Stallion – just like the default version – is roughly based on a Ford Mustang.


7. Police Car

Police Car GTA3 Car screenshot

Where to find: There’s always a couple close to the different police stations. Alternatively, cause some trouble and they’ll come straight to you.

The Police Car in GTA3 isn’t anything special when it comes to looks.

It was the first time the basic police car shared the same model with the average Taxi, which became the norm in subsequent games.

That said, these cars are designed to keep up with a Banshee if need be. And they can take loads more damage than your average speedy vehicle.

It also handles better than most supercars.

Just good luck getting into one.


6. Borgnine

Borgnine GTA3 Car screenshot

Where to find: The only way to get this bad boy is to complete 100 Taxi fares for the Borgnine Taxi Company. You’ll find it in their offices at Harwood, Portland Island.

The Borgnine is a pretty special car, only present in GTA3 and its prequel GTA Advance.

While it looks almost exactly like a regular Cabbie, the enigmatic burgundy color and bloody spikes on both front and rear bumpers set it apart from anything else.

It’s also a lot faster than the Cabbie, plus it makes turns like the best of ’em. And most importantly, it can handle massive damage before blowing up.


5. Infernus

Infernus GTA3 Car screenshot

Where to find: This car often spawns on the streets of Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale. There’s also one near the entrance of the Francis International Airport.

Inspired by a Jaguar Sport XJR-15, the Infernus is one of the most stylish and potent supercars in GTA III.

It’s ridiculously fast. To the point where it becomes a bit unstable when you’re approaching top speed.

That can become a problem pretty fast, considering it doesn’t handle as well and can’t take much punishment before blowing to bits.

Still, it will be a definite asset during your urban adventure if you’re good at driving.


4. Cheetah

Cheetah GTA3 Car screenshot

Where to find: You can find one near the Cartel Mansion in Cedar Grove, Shoreside Vale. There is another one in the Francis International Airport’s parking lot.

The Cheetah shines over the Infernus for having just as much power and speed but none of the handling issues.

This car is a real gem, which is why it went on to return in every GTA game since it first appeared here.

I guess that’s to be expected of a car based on the famous Ferrari Testarossa F512M.


3. Patriot

Patriot GTA3 Car screenshot

Where to find: This SUV will occasionally spawn around Saint Mark’s, Portland Island. It’s also possible to find one on the Newport Multistorey Car Park’s top floor, on Staunton Island.

The Patriot may not be as fast as an exotic supercar. But for an armored SUV that can take several barrages before being seriously damaged, it’s pretty speedy.

It’s based on a Hummer H1, and its design on subsequent games – such as GTA5 – has only made it more similar to modern Hummer SUVs.

If you’re having trouble with an especially treacherous mission, remember you can get a bulletproof Patriot by completing Marked Man.

And take care of it, as it’s the only one in the game.


2. Yakuza Stinger

Yakuza Stinger GTA3 Car screenshot

Where to find: You’ll find two Yakuza Stingers in Asuka Kasen’s parking lot, in Newport, Staunton Island. They’re also driven by Yakuza members around Torrington.

This modded version of the classic Stinger isn’t only among the fastest vehicles in the game, but it also handles like a charm, and it’s probably the best getaway car for urban situations.

Considering that “tuning” culture originally hailed from Japan, this makes a lot of sense.

Very recognizable, too.


1. Banshee

Banshee GTA3 Car screenshot

Where to find: The Banshee spawns relatively often on Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale, but you’re sure to find one inside Capital Autos and outside Asuka Kasen’s apartment.

The most memorable car in GTA3 has to be the Banshee, a supercar with a curvilinear design reminiscent of a Dodge Viper RT/10.

Besides its sheer beauty, this car is also one of the fastest in the game. It can reach its top speed considerably quicker than most other vehicles.

Not to mention it’ll get you out of sticky situations in an instant. And it’s probably the most accessible supercar during the first half of the game.

Just make sure not to use it as cover, as a couple of 9mm magazines are enough to blow this thing sky high.

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