Best Weapons in GTA 3 For Liberty City Mayhem

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Grand Theft Auto 3 was the first GTA game in the series to introduce 3D visuals and dispose of the top-down view. This was also the first one to make weapons truly enjoyable to use.

The effects of the weapons were amplified in this game by the player’s pure amazement of seeing the 3D rendered world around them and being able to navigate Liberty City with a whole new perspective.

With a better control system, improved visual effects, and a lot more variety, GTA 3 added a certain quality to the weapons in the game which was previously unseen in the franchise.

And here I’ll be counting down my top 10 picks for the most fun, powerful, and craziest weapons that everyone should pick up at least once.

10. Pistol

GTA 3 pistol

Let’s start off with the ever-reliable pistol.

A staple of so many shooting games, the pistol is the go-to weapon whenever you’re in a rush and don’t have time to scroll through your collection of weapons to join in the fight.

What the pistol lacks in firepower and ruthless efficiency, it makes up for in speed and with its surprisingly beefy sound effect.

In GTA 3, the sound effect used for the pistol is more akin to a rifle than a mere handgun. And will definitely give you that visual satisfaction and meaty sound that you crave when wielding a firearm in the game.

Note the pistol has stuck around for almost every game following GTA 3 so it’s fair to say this one is pretty popular.


9. Grenade

GTA 3 Grenades

Next up, the explosive ball meant to cause complete chaos to everything. Ideal for those situations when you get mobbed by a gang of enemies.

With a large radius and the serious possibility of wiping out a bunch of people in one go, the grenade has a simple yet striking visual style. To me, for its time, this was probably quite the spectacle.

Adding to the entertainment value of using such a deadly weapon, the manner in which the silent protagonist Claude hurls it is humorous to say the least. It seems more like a javelin throw than a grenade toss.

The one downside to the grenade is the need for precision(and the general lack of it).

It’ll take you a little while to get used to the trajectory of the throw. And then you have to take into account the slight delay before the explosion to really get some good use out of this.


8. AK-47

GTA3 ak 47 gun

A weapon typically reserved for the bad guys in a lot of video games, in GTA 3 you’ll be able to wield this one yourself and wreak havoc on your seemingly endless foes in Liberty City.

Highly versatile, an AK-47 is the gun you’ll want to call upon for the situations where you find yourself with a high volume of people gunning you down.

Pray and spray is a valid tactic with this automatic weapon which values rate of fire more highly than accuracy.

Another one that you’ll have to get to grips with to use to its truest potential, the AK-47 is nonetheless an awesome addition to your arsenal which ensures you can storm that building with little fear of what’s inside.


7. Uzi

GTA 3 uzi weapon

A smaller, more handheld version of the assault rifle, the Uzi is the weapon you’ll rely on for high-octane vehicle chases and especially motorbike pursuits.

Just bigger than a regular handgun, an Uzi is extremely satisfying to use in-game as you’ll be able to empty a whole magazine in the general direction of anyone. And unleash hell in the process.

With a very high rate of fire, the Uzi is perfect for spraying away at the enemy and hoping a stray bullet catches them. Especially useful for when you’re riding a motorbike and need some relief from pesky pursuers.

This is actually the first time you could fire out from the car window so anyone who was firing out into Liberty City should give it up for the lovable Uzi.


6. Molotov Cocktails

GTA 3 molotov cocktail

Everybody loves a molotov cocktail. Digitally, I mean.

A bottle and rag combination that ignites upon impact. Bursting a ball of fire upon, well, an entire general vicinity.

This one beats out the grenade due to its instant impact and impressive visual.

One of the best parts of this weapon isn’t the undeniable devastation it can cause. But the visceral screen-shaking effect that’ll leave you wanting to toss a few more.

Not only will the screen shake after you launch one of these combustible cocktails, but the booming sound it makes when it touches down and shatters on the ground is nothing short of glorious.

Note these are a bit tough to locate but with a good map you can find them.


5. Pump Shotgun

GTA 3 pump shotgun

While far from the most efficient due to its slow reload time and close proximity requirements, the pump shotgun takes # 5 on this list due to how it’ll make you feel when you roam the streets of Liberty City at night.

The pump shotgun has definitely been made out to be one of the more shocking firearms from movies wherein the protagonist literally blows the bad guys away while looking like a BA at the same time.

You won’t be able to help but smile to yourself after you send a fictional foe flying through the air, then turn the gun away for the satisfying pump action reload. Then hang out in the bushes as the ambulance shows up—and maybe turn it on them too.

Note: if you’re looking to pick these up you can actually buy them at Phil Cassidy’s Army Surplus in Staunton Island.


4. Sniper Rifle

GTA 3 sniper rifle

While this earlier iteration of the sniper rifle – with regards to the GTA franchise – doesn’t pack as much of a punch as later ones, the novelty of using the scope to scan the 3D environment around for the first time was definitely a lot of fun.

Plus you could zoom in really close and make sure you get a hit. That might have been the best part.

Trying to get those challenging headshots on moving targets while you sit behind a car and line up the sights… ah, good times.

If you’re looking for one in-game before it’s available in stores, well just head to the Belleville Park Fire Station and cross that building to the next roof. You’ll find what you’re looking for.


3. M16

GTA 3 m16 gun

A much more efficient firearm when it comes to dealing massive amounts of damage to many enemies at once, the M16 has the sniper rifle beat. Especially when it comes to sound, and in video games that’s a huge factor.

Sounding more like a minigun than an assault rifle, the M16 has one of the most amazingly exaggerated sound effects of all weapons available in GTA 3.

These are also tricky to find but at least these show up in a couple locations. Check this map for details.


2. Rocket Launcher

GTA 3 Rocket Launcher

The rocket launcher.

The weapon that literally launches rockets.

If that isn’t enough to sell you on this lethal weapon, then I don’t know what is.

A weapon so large it’s probably bigger than Claude’s entire body, the rocket launcher is not for the faint of heart. Propelling a rocket at breakneck speed will easily dispatch of absolutely anything standing in your way.

Now if you’re one of those few players who actually uses cheats(as if!) then you can easily add this to your inventory. But if you play fair and square then you’ll need to wait until you get to Shoreside Vale(the third island of the bunch).

Then just roam the suburbs looking on people roofs and hey, lookie here


1. Flamethrower

GTA3 Flamethrower weapon

It’s fair to say this has just as much of a beautiful name as the last entry, I’m casting my vote and putting the Flamethrower as #1.

And it does exactly what you think it would.

While the aesthetic of the blocky orange stream of fire spewing from the flamethrower in GTA 3 might not blow you away, this weapon is just so fun to use.

It may not take down enemies as fast as the rocket launcher but it sure does get people running.

And best of all you can pick this up even if you’re only on the first island! I’ll just drop this brief tutorial to help you, ahem, light the way.

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