Top 10 Best Weapons in GTA IV (Ranked)

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When you think of GTA 4, you probably imagine the no-nonsense slavic protagonist Niko Bellic intimidating business owners and shaking up anyone who gets in his way.

Of course, a key aspect enabling Niko to be the badass that he is, is the large arsenal of weapons at his disposal.

While not as wide a selection as in other GTA games, the weapons here don’t disappoint. And this selection of the best weapons from GTA 4 really lists all the ones that contribute to the gritty world of crime and violence.

From the humble baseball bat to the iconic AK-47, there’s plenty to keep people afraid of you in this game.

10. Fists

bare fists fighting gta4

Starting simple, in at number 10 is the oh-so-handy bare fists.

Now in other games you could even add the brass knuckles, but for some reason they’re absent in GTA IV.

Quite honestly, Niko Bellic has the appearance of someone who isn’t afraid to throw down in some shady underground bare-knuckle rules fight club anyway.

Not only is Niko highly capable with his fists, but from the very first GTA – and in most other open-world games that allow it – fighting unarmed has been one of the most enjoyable ways to stick it to enemies or just some randos on the street.

After all, contrary to what Indiana Jones leads us to believe, fighting hand-to-hand is highly entertaining. Especially when there is a lot of skill involved.

So if you’re strapped for weaponry don’t worry: bare hands can take you pretty far.


9. Molotov Cocktail

Molotov cocktail gta 4

Next up we have one of the most common weapons throughout every video game series (besides fists).

It’s the highly volatile molotov cocktail.

This is the weapon that will comfort you during that really frustrating mission where you’re clustered in a building with no clue how to get out.

Most of the satisfaction of using this weapon comes from the fact that – unlike the grenade – it explodes on contact, meaning nobody has much chance to escape the incendiary projectile.


8. Combat Sniper

Combat sniper gta 4

The sniper is a fun rifle to use in most FPS games like Call of Duty or Battlefield. Same goes for pretty much every GTA title too.

The ability to sit back miles away from your target and pick them off as if it were nothing, well it’s highly appealing.

What makes the combat sniper in GTA 4 arguably an even more satisfying weapon to use, is the fact that you are inside a fully-rendered 3D world meaning you aren’t at all restricted in where you can be.

Whether it’s from the top of a skyscraper or behind a fire hydrant, GTA 4 really allows you a unique sniper’s experience moving around an urban playground.


7. Combat Pistol

GTA 4 Combat Pistol weapon

The combat pistol. Or the more commonly named Desert Eagle as it usually goes by.

This is one weapon in GTA IV that really packs a punch.

In most games, the choice to use a handgun maybe considered an odd one against something bigger like an assault rifle or machine gun.

However the Desert Eagle is different.

Rather than sounding like your run of the mill handgun, this one will blow you away with its beefy kickback and staggering power. A good option for when you fancy storming a building in a (somewhat) covert manner. Maybe just avoid the police stations.


6. Baseball Bat

Baseball bat gta4

Swing for the fences with this bog standard baseball bat.

Go around swimming and it may surprise you just how enjoyable it is to wield.

Not the first choice of most people in GTA considering the fact that it’s an easy way to get yourself shot without even having the opportunity to fight back.

Yet the baseball bat makes up for the close combat requirement with its raw entertainment value.

I mean really, this is a video game. Aren’t we here to have fun?

The feeling of swinging a baseball bat is an oddly satisfying one that translates nicely to the game.


5. Uzi

Uza GTA 4

A favored weapon of the hardened gangster, the Uzi is the ever-reliable automatic weapon that you can hold in just one hand and clear out a row of baddies(or strangers).

The rate of fire on this is one of its biggest selling points. It seems like you could easily clear a room in record time.

Best used when driving a motorbike and trying to dispose of pesky pursuers, the Uzi is the weapon that’ll you’ll always want close to hand to get you out of those challenging situations where the only way out is through a good old gaming shootout.

And no matter where you are in the game I’m certain you can find one. Have a look at these maps if you’re looking for the closest spot.


4. Grenade

Grenade GTA 4

Ubiquitous in the world of gaming, there’s no substitute for the grenade.

Deadly, easy to use, and capable of causing untold destruction.

And in GTA IV the grenade is a great contender for most enjoyable weapon – at least when it comes to clearing out a room.

Taking into account the slight delay to detonate, you’ll want to practice your timing a bit and make sure you stick the landing. But once you do you’ll be able to go wherever you want.


3. RPG

GTA 4 RPG launcher

Perhaps surprisingly only making number 3 on this list of best weapons, the RPG is certainly a choice for those with chaotic tendencies.

Even easier to use than the grenade, and with a larger blast radius meaning further collateral damage, the RPG is incredibly useful in high threat situations.

The only drawback to this behemoth of a weapon is the crazy amount of unwanted attention you’ll draw to yourself by using it. But if you’re trying to climb up the police wanted list then by all means, head into the streets and start blasting away.


2. AK-47

ak47 gta4

The first and only assault rifle on this list, the AK-47 is an instantly recognizable automatic weapon for most people familiar with the GTA world.

Its distinct black and orange aesthetic makes it extra fun to wield since it adds a bit of class to your outfit.

A fantastic option for storming an enemy base when you intend to take no prisoners. Also just great for hanging out in the park. I mean this is Grand Theft Auto we’re talking about.


1. Pump Shotgun

Pump Shotgun gta4

And of all the weapons in GTA 4, I’ve gotta say the winner is… the Pump Shotgun!

Maybe it comes down to personal preference, but for me the most satisfying experience is those moments you storm a group, pump shotgun in hand, and take care of business in possibly the most overpowered way possible.

With the capability to blow your enemies back and send them flying, the pump shotgun will make you feel like a virtual criminal moviestar as everyone in the vicinity responds in kind.

This also has quite a few spawn locations and it’s easy to find if you know where to look.

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