10 Best Mods for Invisible, Inc. (New Features & Add-ons)

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Invisible Inc is a super fun game where you take control of agents that, honoring the game’s name, can become invisible.

Your goal is to infiltrate corporations and perform missions whilst remaining undetected.

If you’ve already finished the game then you’ve probably become a huge fan by now. If you haven’t, some of these fantastic mods will enhance your experience massively.

Most of these simply add new features to the game so nothing is a huge revamp. But in any case, most of these mods add new agents and features that make Invisible Inc. a much more fun title to play, and I fully recommend each and every one I’ve included in this list!

10. Mist – Agent Mod

Mist – Agent Mod for Invisible Inc

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Mist is a fantastic agent that comes packed with plenty of new weaponry, which are mostly reskinned versions of weapons already in the game.

She comes with the mind shade ability and some of the best items in the game to be used at your disposal.

She looks pretty cool as well, as an added perk!


9. Dosan – Mark of the Ninja

Dosan Mark of the Ninja

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No stealth game is complete without the inclusion if a kickass Ninja.

And that’s exactly what Dusan is. This agent is pretty challenging to play, as you won’t have access to any sort of ranged weaponry.

Dusan is a proud ninja, and as his creed tells him, using ranged weapons is not permitted.

He does killer damage with his regular melee attacks, though.


8. Advanced Guard Protocol

Advanced Guard Protocol for Invisible Inc

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Do you think that the base game is a bit too bland for your taste?

Wouldn’t it be better if there were new guards with better AI in the halls of the game?

Well that’s what you get with Advanced Guard Protocol. Better guards and more challenging maps await those who install this mod.


7. New Items and Augments

New Items and Augments for Invisible Inc

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There are many more things you can do in the game if you’ve already completed it and you’re looking for a new challenge.

One such thing you can do is download this mod and attempt to complete the game with all of the new items and augments that it adds.

It will feel like playing Invisible Inc. 2!


6. Dr. Pedler

Dr. Pedler mod for Invisible Inc

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This is a restoration mod, as Dr. Pedler was actually included in the base files of the game but it was later removed after the alpha stages ended.

The creator took all of the unused assets of Dr. Pedler and turned them into a fully functional character.

Naturally since it was made with game assets, it’s one of the best character mods for the game.

However, as good as Dr. Pedler is, it also must be pointed out that the mod adds a couple of items as well, which were also random assets that were left unused after the alpha stages ended.

As such, you’ll get two new items alongside a kickass new character included in the game.


5. Rescuable Archive Agents

Rescuable Archive Agents mod

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This mod allows you to rescue some new agents as “files”, which comes in handy whenever you feel like you want to build a team of four different agents.

Some of the agents that can be rescued come with special items that can’t be sold for a profit.

But that can prove to be really useful if you happen to combine them properly with your other abilities.


4. Talon Recruitment

Talon Recruitment mod for Invisible Inc

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Well, this one is a pretty cool mod. And I’m not just saying it because I used to play Overwatch like a madman.

Talon Recruitment adds Sombra and Widowmaker to the game, two of Talon’s most prolific spies.

They will now work for you and you will be able to take them to any mission that you desire.

Each spy has its own set of abilities, all unique and representative of what they can do in Overwatch.

The mod itself is pretty good even if you’re not too much of a fan of the Blizzard game, so give it a shot anyway and add these two cool characters to Invisible Inc. for your next playthrough.


3. Sim Constructor + Sequential Mod Loader

Sim Constructor mod for Invisible Inc

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I would only recommend you download this mod if you intend to create mods for the game.

And even though I’m not a modder myself, I felt compelled to install it and see what the fuzz was all about (it’s one of the most popular mods in the Steam Workshop).

It’s safe to say that I didn’t understand anything about this mod, which probably means that it’s a great asset for modders.

As I said, if you intend to create mods for Invisible Inc., please go ahead and download it.

If not then maybe don’t bother – you won’t understand a damn thing about it!


2. Agent Mods Combo

Agent Mods Combo for Invisible Inc

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The Agents Mod Combo adds four new agents (some of which have already been mentioned in this list) as well as a couple of new items that were included with the original agent mods.

You can basically scrape downloading the agent mods that I spoke about on this list before if you download this one pack instead, as you basically get them all in a single pack.


1. UI Tweaks

UI Tweaks mod for Invisible Inc

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This fantastic mod is made to improve the game in an overall scale.

It doesn’t add any new characters. But it does make the game far more enjoyable both for the average player as well as for the veteran spy.

Some of the changes included within this mod (and the ones that caught my attention the most) are:

  • It’s much easier to reorder your inventory without having to click and drag everything
  • You can now interact with doors even when you’re dragging bodies
  • It’s much easier to identify the level of an item without having to examine it closely

So download this bad boy and give it a try. You likely won’t be disappointed.

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