20 Best Jump Force Mods & Custom Characters

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Jump Force’s success is really no surprise, given the large amount of popular anime and manga characters all put together in one game.

While reviews might not have been so great, it does give anime fans the chance to engage in exciting combat with some of their favorite characters – covering all kinds of hit series like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach.

What’s even better is that modders have found ways to create completely custom characters, making it possible to include even more of your favorite anime heroes in a game that already includes more than 40 of them.

Here are some of the best mods worth snagging for the game.

And in case your personal favorite isn’t on the list, well just keep your eyes peeled. Maybe it’s already in the works out there somewhere.


20. Tournament Of Power

Tournament Of Power Jump Force mod screenshot

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Setting plays a big part in making Jump Force battles feel as epic as they do.

The base game provides several notable locations from the Shonen Jump universe as well as some real-world locations around Hong Kong, Japan, New York, Paris, and San Francisco.

Fans have of course found ways to add in new locations to fight in, filling the gaps of what the base game doesn’t include.

This particular map lets you fight in the Tournament Of Power arena from the Dragon Ball universe.


19. Soundtrack Pack (Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball…)

Soundtrack Pack for Jump Force game

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While the game does come with its own custom soundtrack, many fans were looking for a bit more authenticity.

After all, how could Jump Force be more immersive than playing as your favorite anime characters with the very same theme music you’d hear from the shows in the background?

This mod lets you do exactly that, adding in some of the popular soundtrack music from the anime series featured in the game, covering Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball, and more.

If you were a fan of some of these shows since you were little, this one’s sure to trigger a trip down memory lane.


18. Rukia Moveset For CAC Female A

Rukia Moveset For CAC Female A Jump Force mod

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In case you’re looking for a more personalized experience, Jump Force does offer the ability to do so with the in-game Create a Character mode.

While you will have the typical customization options covering everything from appearance to clothing, one of the more important decisions you’re going to have to make is which fighting style your character is going to master.

The game doesn’t include that may options, allowing you to choose between only 3 different types.

Luckily for us, modders have found ways to introduce completely new move sets into the game. Which can be used when creating your own custom character.

This mod from douglinesb lets your created female character use Rukia’s move set, but there are other mods for other move sets as well.


17. Sandai Kitetsu Replaces Energy Sword

Sandai Kitetsu Replaces Energy Sword Jump Force mod

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One of the community’s biggest gripes since the game was first released has to be the sword for custom characters.

The default “create a character” options don’t allow you to create a swordsman, and using any sword-based attacks would simply summon up a sort of energy sword to complete the animations.

This left many fans wanting to create master swordsmen for custom characters, as many of their favorite anime characters are.

Well this mod lets you do exactly that, replacing the energy sword with Zoro’s Sandai Kitetsu.


16. Kumo Ha Katana

Kumo Ha Katana mod for Jump Force

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Gigo’s Energy Sword Removal mod made way for some creative custom swords in Jump Force. And while the previous mod allows you to use a more well-known sword from the One Piece series, there are those who chose to take advantage of the mod to create completely custom swords.

Kaji22’s Kumo Ha Katana is a great example, allowing for much more customization options when it comes to your character’s weapon choice.

The Cloud Blade replaces Goku’s wrist band and comes in more than 10 color options, so your character doesn’t have to run around with someone else’s sword.

True customization.


15. Luffy Gear 4 Snake Man

Jump Force Mod Luffy Gear 4 Snake Man screenshot

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It isn’t uncommon for characters in anime to have different levels or forms, especially as they grow stronger or gain mastery of their skills.

With Jump Force being released quite a few years ago, and some of the anime/manga series it features still ongoing, it’s likely that some of the characters have discovered stronger forms since then.

Luffy’s Snake Man is a perfect example.

This is a version of his most recently discovered Fourth Gear technique, that didn’t make it to the game…until now.

Thanks to modder truonggiang08, Luffy’s Snake Man Fourth Gear makes its way to Jump Force.


14. Akatsuki Cloak & Hat

Akatsuki Cloak & Hat mod for Jump Force game

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It’s pretty common for anime fans to favor specific outfits from the shows as well.

This is especially true since anime characters don’t typically change outfits, making for significant occasions when they do.

Another major reason is the fact that cosplay is so prevalent in anime culture.

This translates over to Jump Force as well, with this Akatsuki Cloak & Hat mod.

It lets you use the popular Naruto outfit when creating a character, further adding to the available options in the game. Small but valuable.


13. Vegito

Vegito Jump Force mod screenshot

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One of the biggest things about Jump Force modding is the ability to add in completely new characters that the game doesn’t include.

As you’ll soon see, the community has found ways to include pretty much any character they can think of, even those who aren’t related to anime.

But before we get to those, modder Mastaklo has created possibly one of the most powerful characters from the Dragon Ball series: Vegito.

Ever imagined what it would be like to harness the power of both Goku and Vegeta combined?

Now you can.


12. Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado Jump Force mod

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Up next we have an anime character who took the spotlight much more recently than most of the characters in the game.

From the 2016 hit manga series Kimetsu No Yaiba, none other than Tanjiro Kamado makes his way into the Jump Force arena with this mod.

The mod has also been praised as one of the best for the game, featuring a high-quality model, custom voice acting, and even a custom move set to complete the package.


11. All For One

All For One mod for Jump Force

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An anime series wouldn’t have heroes if it weren’t for the bad guys.

As with any hero story, anime antagonists are usually some of the most powerful characters as well, often representing the biggest challenge our beloved main characters must grow to overcome.

Of course, we have mods for them as well. For those of you who prefer to play as the villain of the story.

This one brings My Hero Academia’s biggest bad guy to Jump Force, replacing Naruto’s Kaguya.


10. Genji Shimada

Genji Shimada Jump Force mod screenshot

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We also have the modders who stray from the Jump Force theme to create other well-known characters, except not within the limits of anime.

Well if you really think about it, these mods may actually work in favor of furthering Jump Force’s goal of facilitating video game crossovers… as these next mods add in some of our favorite characters from other games.

TheLeonX’s mod brings Overwatch’s very own cyborg ninja Genji as a playable fighter in the Jump Force world.


9. Master Chief by Onifox

JF, Master Chief, Onifox Jump Force mod

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If you think Jump Force x Overwatch makes for an interesting crossover, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Here we have a mod borrowing from Xbox’s Halo universe, giving us the chance to fight as our “favorite green spartan” as explained by modder OniFox himself.

Who else would you take from the Halo universe other than Master Chief himself, who acts as the main playable protagonist for mostly the entire series.

It should make for some interesting fights to see how a Spartan would fare against some of the anime heroes in the game.


8. Doom Guy By Silver

Doom Guy By Silver mod for Jump Force game

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Now if you’re not so sure how Master Chief would do against some of the strongest anime characters out there, let’s complicate things a bit by throwing in one of the strongest super soldiers in video game history.

Doomguy has been known to basically obliterate anything that comes his way. But has pretty much only proved his strength against hell’s demons.

Until now, that is.

Could he survive Killua’s Godspeed Bolt? Well now you can find out for yourself.


7. Leon S. Kennedy

Leon S. Kennedy Jump Force mod

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As one of the top comments on the demo video perfectly describes, this next one can easily be lumped into “crossovers nobody asked for but we needed.”

For the benefit of those who aren’t familiar (which wouldn’t be surprising considering how far we’ve gotten from anime), Leon Kennedy is one of the police protagonists from the Resident Evil franchise.

Yes, he’s just a cop.

And no, he does not have any superpowers.

If you weren’t sure how Master Chief or Doom Guy would fare pitted up against some of the strongest beings across different anime universes, you’re about to see if Leon’s guns will keep him alive in Jump Force.

Well… guns and his relentlessness against zombies.


6. X (Megaman X)

X (Megaman X) Jump Force mod screenshot

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From this next one we’re going from a zombie-killing cop to a completely humanized robot.

Platformer fans will know that Megaman X has defeated some of the toughest bad guys out there.

He’s taken on all kinds of robotic animals from alligators to ostriches, all with nothing but his arm cannon and slick dash maneuvers.

But will it be enough to take on the powers of Goku or Naruto? Find out for yourself with this mod.


5. Blaziken

Blaziken mod for Jump Force

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We’ve strayed pretty far from the original Jump Force theme of anime and manga, so let’s take it back a notch.

This next mod is taken from one of the most popular anime series in the west.

Don’t underestimate a Torchic by its cute appearance. Once it evolves into its final form, you’re left with one of the most powerful fire-type Pokémon out there.

While Blaziken does have powerful fire attacks, those strong legs make it a great fighter as well.


4. Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife Jump Force mod

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Any FF7 fans in the house?

Here we have another popular Japanese character who I’m sure many would love to take into the Jump Force arena.

Cloud is probably the single most iconic protagonist from the Final Fantasy series.

And while we were able to take him into battle in Dissidia, it seems he’s yet to face his most powerful enemies. So let’s give him a proper try.


3. Thanos

Thanos Jump Force mod screenshot

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Japanese characters aren’t the only ones getting featured in Jump Force.

Modder Mastaklo gives us yet another crossover as he merges Jump Force with the Marvel Universe.

Here we have a playable Thanos as seen in the MCU, and it appears as though he’s already harnessing the power of the infinity gauntlet.


2. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel mod for Jump Force

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If we have a Marvel villain the form of Thanos, it’s only fitting that we have a Marvel hero to go up against him.

GriffinStation brings us this Captain Marvel mod, allowing us to take one of the most recent MCU additions into battle.

While Captain Marvel does have superhuman strength and the ability to harness radiant energy, I’m pretty sure she hasn’t faced anything like the heroes of the Jump Force universe.

Curious to see how he’ll fare?


1. Shaggy

Shaggy from Scooby Doo - Jump Force game mod

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Yup, we’ve actually reached the point where even American cartoons are being modded into Jump Force.

And this absolutely deserves a top spot for the amusement factor alone.

Scooby-Doo’s skinny best friend Shaggy is making an appearance, though he doesn’t seem so cowardly anymore.

And I realize he isn’t known to have any superpowers. But let’s not forget that he always ends up catching the bad guys.

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