Top 20 Best Mordhau Mods To Check Out

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Mordhau is one of those games that took the world by storm, seemingly coming from nowhere.

The game launched with little to no fanfare. Yet it’s still beloved by fans the world over.

Since its humble beginning as a Kickstarter project, Mordhau owes much of its success to its amazing community. Which not only actually made the game a reality by donations, but also constantly expands the title with new custom maps, play modes, and brand new weapons.

If you’re really looking to customize this title then I’ve got the perfect list of mods right here. Dive in and see what you think!


20. LuteMute

LuteMute Mordhau mod screenshot

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Hearing a lute in a medieval game is not surprising at all… but it can get annoying.

We’re trying to concentrate here and not get killed!

LuteMute gives you the option to turn off the lute music, effectively shutting up all bards in the world of Mordhau.

But if you can handle it, I say only keep this on during battle. But I mean, who will ever sing of your accomplishments on the battlefield, if you take away their voices?


19. Dining Hall

Dining Hall Mordhau mod

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There’s no place like a dining hall for a good old-fashioned drunken brawl.

This mod offers a perfect recreation of the popular Chivalry: Medieval Warfare map, featuring that same atmosphere that have you drinking ale, joking with the wrong patron, and then settling you differences with an Eveningstar.

Or worse… ah, what a night it will be!


18. Cursed Game Mode

Cursed Game Mode mod for Mordhau

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If you thought curses and magic would never make their way into Mordhau, well you haven’t played video games for very long.

This mod adds a brand new play mode to the game that splits players into two different teams: Living and Undead.

The undead players will feature a single, Alpha Undead, whose goal is to turn as many members of the living team into zombies.

Now that sounds like tons of fun. For the Undead, that is.


17. Katana Set

Katana Set Mordhau mod

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There was no way that a medieval melee-focused game wouldn’t get a Katana mod.

There’s really no sharper weapon to have in a fight, after all.

Unfortunately, the Katana set mod doesn’t bring any concrete combat advantage. But it will still make you look incredibly cool on the battlefield as you cut down opponent after opponent.

But here’s the catch: it’s only there if other players have the mod installed as well. Otherwise all they’ll see will be the good old messer sword. Slight bummer, but really cool mod nonetheless!


16. Age of Chivalry: Siege

Age of Chivalry: Siege mod for Mordhau

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If you know about Age of Chivalry, you have my respect. As you have experienced one of the best gaming eras of all time.

While Age of Chivalry is no more, you can still live through the glory days of the massively popular Half-Life 2 total conversion in Mordhau with the Siege mod.

This faithfully recreates the original map in all of its glory. Just make sure to always look around every corner: you never know when your opponent is going to strike.


15. Enchanted Platforms

Enchanted Platforms Mordhau game mod

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Enough with extreme realism and believable physics. It’s time for something truly otherworldly.

The Enchanted Platforms map is among the most creative maps created for Mordhau, featuring an incredibly cool setting and an unusual layout.

This one will force you to rethink your usual strategy to achieve victory. Never look below and you should be good.


14. Horde Sandbox Map

Horde Sandbox Map mod for Mordhau

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Mordhau goes fully open-world with the Horde Sandbox Map.

And nothing will ever be the same again.

This map provides some very interesting tweaks to the regular Horde mode by offering a sandbox mode inside it.

Now you can set a custom number of waves and enemies, power up your character in different ways, and engage in all those useful activities seen in modern open-world games. Like gambling!

Why spill blood when you can make money?


13. Endless Mod

Endless Mod for Mordhau

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The Endless Mod sounds more like a curse than something truly fun.

I mean, who in their right mind would ever want to die and come back to life endlessly?

In truth, the Endless Mod actually makes Mordhau more fun than it usually is. How?

By removing time and score limits, making respawning much quicker, granting full health with each respawn, and a few more alterations.

Nice for when you want death to not actually be the end, but just another beginning.


12. Sword Game (Gun Game)

Sword Game (Gun Game) Mordhau mod

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A classic FPS mode in medieval fashion. What else could you ask for?

This introduces a mode that’s similar to the Gun Game modes seen in countless first-person shooters.

With this mod, players will have to score a kill with each of the game’s weapons to win a round, starting with the strongest weapons and ending with the weakest. So to make scoring a kill as the game proceeds much harder than before.

Now that’s clever balancing!


11. Complete Lightsaber

Complete Lightsaber Mordhau mod

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Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away…

The Complete Lightsaber mod is a cosmetic add-on that lets you replace the bastard sword, executioner sword, and the spear with different types of Lightsabers lifted straight from Star Wars.

This includes different hilts that let you feel like Kylo Ren and Darth Sidious, if you so desire.

Which you really should not in a medieval setting, but hey, who am I to say right?


10. Parry This Mod

Parry This Mod screenshot

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How do you parry a gunshot? Simple.

You don’t.

Parry This Mod spices up the Mordhau experience by making every player spawn with the 1411 gun, which can be used to your heart’s content to take down enemies from afar.

Multiple settings are also included in the mod to remove any other type of equipment, and even to change the field of view while aiming, effectively turning Mordhau into a modern FPS.


9. Despacito’s Comp-SKM

Despacito's Comp-SKM mod for Mordhau

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A map that looks great, plays amazing, and wastes none of my precious time? Sign me up!

Despacito’s Comp-SKM mod adds a custom map with a spherical design that offers balanced team gameplay, day and night variants, and even different weather options.

The mod also makes Mordhau more hardcore, removing health regen and lengthening Skirmish matches to 10 rounds. So you definitely should avoid this if you’re not prepared for a seriously involved experience.


8. Roses

Roses Mordhau mod screenshot

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Does the name War of the Roses mean anything to you?

And no, I’m talking about the English Civil war of the 1400s.

With the popular game having been shut down completely in 2017, there is no other way to enjoy War of the Roses other than installing this mod.

Which is fine, since it offers a perfect recreation of the game’s map, music included.

The controls are still the same as before, so make sure you don’t mess up thinking you’re back in the good ol’ days.


7. Whiskey Outpost

Whiskey Outpost Mordhau mod

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I expected to find plenty of drinking on this custom map.

But the only things I found were blood and death.

Whiskey Outpost is a sleek map made in Unreal Engine 4 that offers everything a solid Mordhau map should have: open areas where you can duel enemies, ramparts where you can shoot down fools from above, and great music taken from Starship Troopers.

Alcohol-free bloodshed, that’s how we like it!


6. Dolls

Dolls mod for Mordhau

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Get this: the battlefield that has seen the most blood in the history of man, could actually be your childhood bedroom.

Dolls has got to be the weirdest map ever made for Mordhau.

Instead of featuring castles and outposts, it features everything you would expect to find in a child’s room. This includes a cool-looking Finding Nemo poster and Hello Kitty decorations.

Too bad this room is about to get stained with your enemy’s life essense, but such is life: we can never have nice things.


5. Goldrush

Goldrush Mordhau mod

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Gold makes the world go round.

And even win Mordhau games, it seems.

The Goldrush mod is a custom game mode that is still undergoing beta testing. But it shows amazing potential.

This mode is a 5v5 round-based Kings Family, only that the attackers must gather gold bags and bring them back to their spawn points.

Both teams will play as Attackers and Defenders, and the team that manages to grab the most gold bags wins the match.

There are still some issues here and there. But if you’re looking for a new game mode, look no further: this one will really challenge your knowledge of the game. And, of course, your skills.

Keep an eye out as future releases come about, too.


4. Thermopylae

Thermopylae mod for Mordhau

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The Thermopylae map offers a nice recreation of the iconic location that saw Leonidas of Sparta, and his three hundred men, fend off the invading Persian army led by Xerxes.

The narrow path makes this map incredibly intense.

Perfect for when you just want to beat the odds and show the world that you are indeed worthy of the legacy of the now-legendary Spartan king.


3. Courtyard Day + Night

Courtyard day + Night Mordhau mod

Check Out Courtyard Day

Check Out Courtyard Night

This is not just a courtyard.

This is the courtyard where legends will be made, and countless lives unmade.

Definitely a straightforward custom map that’s absolutely bonkers to play. It features a massive courtyard, a day and night cycle, and even a working fountain that heals any character.

I’d say that fountain was needed to make things a little more balanced, since there’s no way to hide here: get ready to put your life on the line, or get out now!


2. Adamant

Adamant Mordhau mod

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Another custom map?

Yes, but this one’s pretty darn varied.

Adamant looks no different than the many others that have been made for Mordhau so far… well, at first glance.

But a better look at this one reveals it offers so much more than yet another open courtyard.

It even has a skull lamp, and anything with a skull lamp gets a thumbs up where I come from. Give this a try and see what you think. Sometimes seeing is believing.


1. SquaksAdmin

SquaksAdmin Mordhau mod screenshot

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SquaksAdmin may not be a mod for the everyday Mordhau player.

But there’s no denying that even those who just want to play the game have often seen its benefits.

SquaksAdmin makes administration much easier, making it easier to introduce custom weapons and maps to their servers. And kick and ban people faster, and even set up the perfect arenas for select game modes.

This tool is so versatile that it may take some time to use all of its features to the fullest.

But once an admin can check this out, his server will no longer be the same.

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