20 Best Mods For Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (All Free)

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Man, I feel so old writing about Morrowind.

The came out so long ago that it just feels crazy to think that so many people have worked on mods that basically overhaul the entire experience.

I have to be honest, I picked up the game again to try many of these mods after years of not playing it, though I must admit I was more of an Oblivion and Skyrim person myself.

In any case, I was surprised to find some fantastic mods that basically overhaul the entire experience.

I didn’t want to pick anything that changed the core of Morrowind (except from the bugs, of course) so I’ve made this list of mods that still keep the TES vibe rolling when you start a new save. Check these out and see if any grab your attention!

20. Wyre Mash

Wyre Mash mod screenshot, TES Morrowind

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Normally I wouldn’t be rating Wyre Mash as the last mod on the list.

However, how usable this mod is makes me want to rate it here so you read about it before the rest.

Wyre Mash is basically an install that makes it much easier for you to put mods into your safe without them crashing or having issues with the installation process.

Please remember that Morrowind is an old game, so try installing mods one by one to make sure that they’re compatible.

Bear in mind that I didn’t try many of these mods at the same time – I did it in batches, and they didn’t give me any issues.

But I cannot promise you that the same will happen if you put all of these mods at once. I strongly advise against it, so test with caution!


19. Skyrim UI Overhaul for Morrowind

Skyrim UI Overhaul made for Morrowind

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Imagine combining the Skyrim UI with the traditional Morrowind one.

You might think it’ll look a bit weird, but trust me here. The creator of this mod did such a fantastic job that it just looks extremely natural.

What’s even better is that it makes the game’s menus much easier to browse, which will see you spend less time clicking buttons and more time assigning items.

It’s a fantastic UI overhaul and the best one I’ve seen for Morrowind by a landslide.

If you’re unhappy with the outdated look of the menus in the game(again we’re talking 20+ years here) then give this mod a go.


18. More Better Clothes Vol I

More Better Clothes Vol1 for Morrowind

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The Better Clothes mod ranked a bit further on this list was actually never finished, so another modder took it upon himself to wrap up the project with the More Better Clothes expansion.

This mod finishes up what was once started and adds many more fantastic improvements to the game, which makes characters look better than ever before.

You might try running with both just to see what you think. I’d say this one really does such a terrific job though.


17. Run Faster

Run Faster in Morrowind

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Alright, this mod fixes one of the main gripes that virtually everyone had with Morrowind when it came out – the speed of your character.

I don’t know what possessed Bethesda to make characters move like they had shackles locked to their feet back when the game released, but it was about time someone fixed it.

This mod allows your character to move at a much faster pace by default. And you’ll even be able to edit the movement speed as you see fit.

There are different movements speed “defaults” for you to choose from, so get moving on this!


16. Better Morrowind Armor

Better Morrowind Armor mod

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Now this mod was made to fill the Better Bodies mod, which is also on this list and overhauls the way bodies look in the game to make them feel more realistic.

It changes the way every single armor in the game looks to fit the mod perfectly.

Installing these mods are just some of the steps you’ll have to follow to improve the overall graphic experience of Morrowind!


15. Real Signposts

Real Signposts for Morrowind

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Such a simple addition, yet such a fantastic change.

Real Signposts is by far the best sign mod that you’ll find for Morrowind, as it replaces every single random mesh that the signposts in the game have with the real names of the places to which they are supposed to be pointing at.

I love those mods that you don’t know you need until you see them, and this is clearly one of those.

It improves things just a bit, but it’s really worth it. Quite a noticeable change!


14. Better Clothes

Better Clothes Morrowind mod

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Ah, this is the clothing mod I was writing about before.

It changes the awful meshes that some clothes in the game have and replaces them with better meshes that are compatible with the Better Bodies mod.

Again, if you care about the look of your characters, mods like this one are absolute must-haves.


13. Landscape Retexture

Landscape Retexture for Morrowind

Check Out This Mod

Looking to overhaul the look of your Morrowind experience?

Then check out the Landscape Retexture mod. This amazing Morrowind mod changes the textures of every single part of the game.

Remove those pixeled views and improve the way your game feels by installing this amazing mod. Then maybe try one of the graphic enhancement mods on top of this bad boy(I’m going to tell you about some further down this list!)


12. Tamriel Data

Tamriel Data preview mod screenshot

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Tamriel Data is mostly a database modification mod, but I’m adding it to this list because it basically unlocks the game and removes compatibility issues between the biggest location mods that have been developed for Morrowind.

Tamriel Data adds many new textures and meshes that other mods simply need to activate by installing them.

Try out Tamriel Rebuilt after installing this mod – it’s listed in the 6th spot of this list!


11. Morrowind Rebirth

Morrowind Rebirth mod preview

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Alright if you still remember the map and story of Morrowind, I recommend checking this mod out before the rest.

Morrowind Rebirth changes the entre Morrowind map and adds plenty of new quests, sights, and activities for the player to enjoy.

Seriously, it’s a massive overhaul.

I read the description and thought to myself that it wasn’t possible for a mod to change so mod of a game, but boy was I wrong.

It basically makes Morrowind feel like an entirely different game!

I didn’t explore it to the fullest, but the things I saw made my jaw drop. Try it out for sure.


10. Better Heads

Better Heads mod for Morrowind

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Better Heads improves the head models of every character in the game.

It should be installed alongside the Better Bodies mod to avoid things looking weird (trust me, I made the mistake of only installing Better Heads and the results are almost literally nightmare fuel).

In any case, if you want to improve the clunky way in which characters look in Morrowind, this mod is one of those that you must install.


9. Accurate Attack

Accurate Attack in dungeon, morrowind screenshot

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Remember how crappy combat was in Morrowind?

Remember how the hits didn’t seem to register even when you were a damn step away from your foe?

Well that won’t happen any longer, my friend.

Accurate Attack changes the way hits are registered by the game, which makes your attacks stop swinging around and actually hit your enemies.

A fantastic mod and a much-needed improvement!


8. Morrowind Comes Alive

Morrowind Comes Alive mod

Check Out This Mod

Being such an old game, it was only natural for Bethesda to save time and assets to improve processing of the game by excluding to add anything but essential NPCs and creatures to the game.

Computers running Morrowind now can handle much more.

As such, this mod adds a staggering 1200 new NPCs to the game, making everything feel alive and much more attractive to the eyes of the player.

Totally worth a try to see if you like this update.


7. Better Bodies

Better Bodies mod for Morrowind

Check Out This Mod

Finally, I’ve arrived at one of the best improvement mods that Morrowind has.

I decided to list it so far up the list because it makes the bodies of all characters in the game look much more realistic, and it was also the inspiration for every other “improvement” mod on this list.

It’s a complete graphical overhaul of character skins, so be prepared to look at characters in a way that you haven’t seen them before.

Some changes that this mod makes are a bit NSFW, but I believe it gives you the option whether you’d like to install it with the NSFW changes or without them(I couldn’t find this feature but it should be there).

Bear in mind that this opens the door to the darker places of the Morrowind modding community. Be wary of the dark sides.


6. Tamriel Rebuilt

Tamriel Rebuilt cityscape of Morrowind

Check Out This Mod

Tamriel Rebuilt completely overhauls the way Morrowind looks.

It makes the mainland of Morrowind fully playable and adds many more things to do to the game.

The creators of the mod took well over 10 years creating it, and given that it wasn’t released too long ago, this might be the best time for you to give Morrowind another run and try out this amazing mod.

So many new things to do, and such a lore-friendly addition to the game.

There’s nothing to dislike about Tamriel Rebuilt!


5. Facepack Compilation

Facepack Compilation for Morrowind

Check Out This Mod

I love how the creator of the mod actually named it “THE” Facepack Compilation.

I won’t be too critical of it, though, as this mod truly adds a fantastic set of faces to the game like you’ve never seen them before.

Also it’s not all about faces with this mod – you also get new hairstyles to put to characters in the creator, which adds much-needed variety to the game. Very cool!


4. Better Dialogue Font

Better Dialogue Font preview in Morrowind

Check Out This Mod

Tired of having your eyes bleed when reading dialogue in Morrowind?

Rejoice my friend, and download a mod that is sure to save your eyesight from a lifetime of decay.

Dialogue font in Morrowind was already pretty awful back when the game released. But it looks even worse now than it did before thanks to the advances we’ve seen in 2+ decades of gaming.

Better Dialogue Font is one of those small additions that will improve your Morrowind experience more than any other mod on this list.

Please give it a shot if you can’t stand the vanilla font like me.


3. Morrowind Graphics Extender

Morrowind Graphics enhanced mod preview

Check Out This Mod

Morrowind Graphics Extender is the pathway for making your Morrowind game look far more like Oblivion than vanilla Morrowind.

It enables and enhances many new DirectX features in the game’s code, which make modern computers capable of rendering and loading things far better than they can in the vanilla game.

Morrowind Graphics Extender improves the graphics of the game like you wouldn’t believe.

Seriously, the changes are fantastic!

The game will look like it was made just a few years ago, especially installing this with the other graphic mods that I’ve mentioned on this list.



MGE XE mod for Morrowind

Check Out This Mod

MGE XE might not do too much in terms of changing models in the game, but one thing it does is change the entire graphical interface of Morrowind.

Shadows, distant views, and much more.

It’s basically an improved version of Morrowind Graphics Extender. And that’s why it gets into second place on this list.

Install this mod if your computer can handle it, as it truly makes the game look like a modern studio could’ve developed it. Huge kudos to the creator too because this must’ve taken a lot of work.

It would’ve gotten the first spot if it wasn’t for the fact that vanilla Morrowind needs to have a lot of bugs fixed.


1. Morrowind Code Patch

Morrowind Code Patch mod

Check Out This Mod

I’m not often one to put mods that change the core or coding of the game on top of the list. But I’m going to make a special exception with Morrowind because the game is inherently old and I think it needs big fixes to keep it fun in the modern era.

Morrowind Code Patch ensures that many of the game-breaking bugs that came with the original came are completely removed from the code, making Morrowind more playable than ever.

If you played Morrowind back in the day and you forgot to save often, you’re very likely to have suffered from the same issues I did with Oblivion.

You might’ve lost one of your games because of an awful bug, and I know how painful that can be.

With this “mod” (AKA patch) all of those worries are gone. You’ll be able to enjoy Morrowind with the safety and security of a truly modern gaming experience.

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