40 Best Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods of All Time (The Ultimate Collection)

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Is Oblivion the best Elder Scrolls game ever made? Yes. I mean, probably. I don’t want to start a fan war.

But could the game be better? Of course!

The first time I tried to play Oblivion with mods was back in 2008. And since then, I haven’t been able to play any of my favorite single-player games without mods again.

Oblivion changed my perception of mods and why they can be fantastic additions to a game. And in this post I’m keen to share my picks for the best Oblivion mods with all you TES fans!

Before I begin, let me just point out that there are many Oblivion mods that tweak certain technical aspects of the game. I’ve only added a handful of those, as I really wanted to focus on other types of mods like gameplay changes, new additions, stuff like that.

To start off the list, though, I’ve added three mods in my early spots that are actually rated really high by the community.

I’m just ranking them lower on my list to raise your attention towards them first – they’ll really help you make other mods on this list work much better.

40. Unofficial Oblivion Patch

Unofficial Oblivion Patch mod

Check Out This Mod

Look, all of us love Oblivion.

However, denying that the game was buggy as hell would be like trying to cover the sun with your thumb.

This mod was made by the community to help fix Oblivion as a whole. It’s safe to say that the job was done as properly as can be, as this mod currently “fixes over 2,500 bugs and 70,000 object placement errors”, as its description reads.

That’s a lotta stuff.

A must-have mod if you plan to play the game in the 2020s and beyond – even if you don’t want to install any other mods on your game.


39. Oblivion Mod Manager

Oblivion Mod Manager

Check Out This Mod

As the name suggests, Oblivion Mod Manager allows you to properly sort mods and see them more clearly than you can with the original Oblivion launcher.

It really makes a difference when you have hundreds of mods installed.

If you’re planning on downloading more than a handful of mods to change the shape of your game, you’ll want to have Oblivion Mod Manager installed first. It’s a big time saver.


38. Oblivion Script Extender

Oblivion Script Extender mod

Check Out This Mod

This other must-have mod on my list is OBSE, a special mod that ensures the game extends its scripting capabilities to allow more complex mods to work.

This is another one that you’ll need to install if you plan on getting some of the better mods listed here.

Writer’s note: Starting from the 37th spot and downwards, all of the mods that you’ll find will be ranked as per usual on my lists. I just wanted to introduce you to these three mods first so you can download them before the rest!


37. Really AEVWD

Really AEVWD Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

I think it’s to the surprise of no one that the distant views in Oblivion were terrible.

It’s understandable, though, as the game was released for PS3 and Xbox. And even PC capabilities weren’t really great back in the 2000s.

In any case, this amazing mod aims to completely restructure the way we see stuff in the distance when playing Oblivion.

It improves textures as well as distant rendering, which makes those mountains a few kilometers away, as well as towns and cities, look far better and much more “defined”.


36. Dynamic Map

Dynamic Map Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

This is the best map mod that you can download – hands down.

It basically changes the map to display whichever new things you may have added to it.

If you’ve installed mods that add new towns to Oblivion, for example, they will show on your map if you have this mod installed. Neat!

It also adds color to the map which matches the actual terrain of Oblivion.

Even if you haven’t installed any mods that change the terrain or anything new, this one’s still fantastic.


35. Oblivion XP

Oblivion XP mod

Check Out This Mod

Man, as someone who never really liked the way one levels up in Oblivion, this mod was an absolute godsent back in the day.

I can’t believe it’s been more than 10 years since I tried it!

Basically this mod changes the way the XP system works in the game.

You won’t only get XP for performing certain actions, as it is in the vanilla game. Instead you’ll also get experience for exploring new areas or doing trivial things like feeding off corpses as a vampire.

It gets crazy.

If you’ve played classic RPGs before you’re probably familiar with this type of level-up system.


34. AliveWaters

AliveWaters Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

Tamriel is a place full of life, creatures, magic, and beauty.

However, the underwater regions of Cyrodiil are as dead as a corpse.

This mod’s aim is to add new things and creatures to be found under the waves. So you actually have a purpose to go there other than to find the eventual sunken chest.

You’ll probably need a potion of water-breathing or two once you have this mod installed. That’s if you’re not an Argonian, of course!


33. CandidENB Reborn

CandidENB Reborn Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

If you’re looking for an ENB to improve your game’s graphics by tweaking post-processing effects, this is the mod to download.

Please be sure to read the description and install it properly – it’ll make your game feel like something taken out of a movie.

Stunning views await those who use this RNB preset.


32. Frostmourne and Lich King Armor

Frostmourne and Lich King Armor Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

Well, this mod doesn’t really suit the lore of the game, but screw it.

I absolutely LOVED playing with it back in the day.

In fact, I remember that my old PC couldn’t really handle the textures of the Lich King armor and it made my game laggy as hell.

However, as the Warcraft fanboy that I was 10 years ago, this one was a must-have.

As the name suggests, it adds Arthas’ Frostmourne and the Lich King Armor to the game.


31. Better Dungeons

Better Dungeons Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

Dude, talk about hard work put into a mod.

Better Dungeons changes every single cave in Oblivion into something that looks much better, while also adding a few more challenging aspects and features to each dungeon.

A fantastic mod altogether, although you might only want to install it if you’ve already finished the game once. Just to not lose the essence of the classic Oblivion caves.


30. Alluring Potion Bottle

Alluring Potion Bottle Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

If you’re bothered by little things like the moon not having enough resolution, the grass not being tall enough, or all bottles being basically the same… then you might have mild OCD.

But you’ll also want to check out this mod.

It changes every single standard bottle in the game for much more alluring versions of themselves.

The mod adds a staggering 108 bottles in total, changing the way potions and beverages look for the better.


29. Book Jackets

Book Jackets Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

Another fantastic mod that you’ll love if you like the last one on this list.

This changes the covers of each book in the game to make them much more unique.

It might sound simple, but it truly adds a lot of personality to Oblivion.


28. Oblivion Grass Overhaul

Oblivion Grass Overhaul mod

Check Out This Mod

I know this might not be the first thing that you think about improving in Oblivion, but wait until you add this mod and see how nature looks afterwards.

It adds thousands of new textures to make the grass feel much more alive and realistic.

By far one of my favorite mods – even with how much of a small tweak it seems to make.


27. Harvest Flora

Harvest Flora Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

Harvest Flora is a mod focused on improving plant behavior as well making plants change their appearance after you’ve harvested them.

It makes no sense for plants to remain the same after you’ve taken flowers, fruits, or anything from them, right?

This mod will change that. And it looks awesome.

Install this with the Oblivion Grass Overhaul to fully satisfy your cravings for realistic nature in the game.


26. HUD Status Bar

HUD Status Bar Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

This mod will completely revolutionize the way your HUD looks by adding many new bars and features to it, all of which you can tweak to suit your needs.

You’ll get a much better grasp of your character’s needs and the overall environment of the game if you install this bad boy.

Add new bars and remove others that you don’t need. Hey, it’s your game, you do you.


25. Sounds of Cyrodiil

Sounds of Cyrodiil Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

I know this isn’t one of those mods that you might think you need. But please, give it a chance.

The creator of this mod made sure to add thousands of sound emission points to the game, as well as a total of 250 new sound effects.

All to make every environment in Oblivion feel much more alive and immersive.

The aim of this mod is to revitalize Oblivion through the use of new sound effects.

I think that it’s safe to say the creator did an amazing job with it. You’ll never believe some of the details you can see.


24. COBL

COBL Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

COBL basically works as an all-in-one that improves Oblivion and how it deals with mods.

It allows various mods of the same type (such as hair mods or eye mods) to work perfectly with each other, free of any bugs.

That’s not all, though.

COBL also adds many new things to the game, including the ability to sort your alchemy items much easier. As well as new types of beers, foods, containers, and many more things.

It honestly feels like a package of mods that works flawlessly. I really recommend you check it out.


23. Immersive Interiors

Immersive Interiors Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

Alright, I’m not going to tell you that this is my favorite mod on this list.

But when it comes to small additions that make a world of difference, this has to be one of the best out there.

If you play Oblivion then you know how all of the structures feel as if they were separate from the outer world, mainly because they are.

Whenever you enter a house, things outside kind of just stop happening. With this mod you’ll be able to be sitting anywhere inside a house and look outside the windows. And you’re really looking outside.!

You won’t see any NPCs walking around or anything… but hey, it’s still makes the game feel much more alive.


22. Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul

Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul mod

Check Out This Mod

Let’s face it, guys: Oblivion was never too much of a difficult game.

It didn’t even matter if you set the difficulty to the highest, the game still didn’t feel as challenging as other RPGs.

This aims to tweak that completely, and it does a fantastic job at it. If I may say so myself.

Gone are the days of monsters adapting to your level or killing creatures that you shouldn’t slay so early in the game.

If you install this mod you’re going to have to deal with a much more challenging Oblivion experience.

It’s a great mod to install if you’ve completed the game a few times already and you have the know-how to beat most creatures in the game.

Put your combat skills to test!


21. Improved Trees and Flora

Improved Trees and Flora Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

Alright seriously, please just go install this mod with the grass overhaul that I mentioned earlier.

You’ll get a completely new perception of Cyrodiil and its natural endeavors if you get both of these mods in your game at the same time.

Add an ENB or any other graphical enhancement to your list and you’re going to be set for a long time.

In fact, once you’ve installed both of these mods plus the ENB I mentioned, embark on an adventure through the forests and mountains of the game.

Get a new grasp of how they feel and how alive the world looks. You’re going to love it.


20. Capes and Cloaks

Capes and Cloaks Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

Are you ready to ignore Edna’s advice and wear capes?

I mean, what could truly go wrong if you choose to do it? It’s not like you can get your cape caught on a plane turbine or anything, right?


Now, go on and download this mod. I know you want to wear a cape in the game as much as I did!

And I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes – your character looks extremely badass with a cape around his neck.


19. Enhanced Camera

Enhanced Camera Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

If you’re looking for immersion and the option to play entire game in first person, this is the mod you want to use.

It basically forces the game to always be in first-person, regardless of the situation.

That’s not all, though. EC actually makes first person feel much more realistic by letting you look down and see your own body.

I always wondered why games don’t make this a default look when in first person. But hey – don’t wonder any longer, just use this mod!


18. DarkUID

DarkUID Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

Look, the default UI of the game is pretty bleak.

I think we’ve known this since the game first released, as it always seemed to be one of the main complaints that the community had.

That’s probably why UI mods have always been so popular, and this has to be one of my favorites.

The “red” UI has always been popular among Oblivion players. And I remember that this mod (or a similar one, at least) was around when I played back in the 2000s.

In fact, this one seems to be such an improved version of the one I used that it’s probably a completely new one.

In any case, check it our if you want your game UI to look much better & offer more useful options in your menus.


17. Enhanced Water

Enhanced Water Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

When it comes to mods that make water look better, this one takes the cake.

I’m not going to lie – there are many, many mods that aim to make the water realistic.

But most of them fail spectacularly.

Why, you may ask? Simple: they make the water too crystal clear, which makes it basically a see-through surface.

That’s pretty unrealistic and actually helps the game lose immersion.

But the Enhanced Water mod turns the water into a tone of blue that truly resembles real water, while it also improves the way water looks when it “moves”.

If you’re searching for mods that enhance the game’s graphics, this one is a must-have to add to your collection.


16. Elven Map Redux

Elven Map Redux Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

I’m adding another map mod to my list, but not because I think this one is better than the last one… but rather because I think more people will be able to get a good use out of this mod.

Elven Map Redux is a colored version of the traditional Oblivion map.

It does have a few enchantments that make it look better than the original one, too.

Try it out if you feel like the other map mod has too many features for your liking.


15. Natural Faces

Natural Faces Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

Even though this mod doesn’t enhance any graphical aspects of the game, it does work fantastically well to clean up the messy face textures that Oblivion has always been known for.

The game is pretty old, but even back in the days when it was new, you could tell that something was a bit off with the character faces in the game.

Natural Faces aims to correct those issues with shadings, and with certain textures feeling a but too “stretched”. Also with some parts of the lips not matching properly with the talking animations.

It’s a good mod, and not as simple as it might seem at first glance.


14. Weather – All Natural

Weather – All Natural Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

This astonishing weather mod is a compilation of the best weather mods ever released for Oblivion.

And it makes the game look so much more realistic that you won’t even believe that you’re not playing a remake of TES IV.

In fact, this mod is another one that you’ll want to install if you’re after a more photorealistic version of Oblivion.

Combine it with the graphics mods that I’ve mentioned on this list, but especially with the fantastic ENB preset that I talked about.


13. CM Partners

CM Partners Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

Yay, cool companions in Oblivion!

If there was one thing that was missing from TES IV and that TES V got quite right, that has to be the companion system.

This mod allows you to have a proper companion system in Oblivion, which includes almost a hundred NPCs to choose from and to have as companions following you around the lands of Cyrodiil… or into the depths of Oblivion.

CM Partners also allows you to create your own companions too, and have them be with you whenever you like.

That probably makes it better than the Skyrim companion system as a whole. Which is saying something.


12. Keychain

Keychain Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

I know how painful it is to have hundreds of keys in your inventory.

I feel your pain, my friend. However there’s a practical solution that will remove that annoyingly awful clutter and turn it into a manageable set of items that you can quickly scroll through.

This Keychain mod has a perfectly accurate name, as it gives you a virtual keychain item where all of your keys will be relocated to.

Open the keychain and select any key you need. Gone are the days of seeing those damn keys get mixed up with other useful items when scrolling through the “All” section.


11. Oblivion Reloaded

Oblivion Reloaded mod

Check Out This Mod

Looking for an all-in-one graphic mod that you won’t have to install in parts?

If so, you’ll want to check out the Oblivion Reloaded mod.

It was made by the same people that brought us Skyrim Reloaded as well as New Vegas Reloaded, so they’re pretty good at creating graphical enhancements for games.

If you don’t believe me just check out this one for yourself.

Oblivion Reloaded removes many of the graphical limitations that come embedded into the Oblivion core.

It basically sets free the post-processing aspect of Oblivion and adds a ton of new tweaks to nature, climate, and creatures. A must-have mod for the graphics enthusiast.


10. Kvatch Rebuilt

Kvatch Rebuilt Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

I think that one of the fantasies that many of us had when we played Oblivion for the first time was to rebuild the once-mighty city of Kvatch.

This mod doesn’t instantly rebuild it… but it does give you the chance to embark on a quest, and at its end, you’ll be able to fully rebuilt the city. And even become its new count (or countess)!

It truly turns the dead city of Kvatch into one of the best places you can visit in the game.

A lot of work surely went to this mod, as I remember this was just beginning to be created when I played in the late 2000s. And as of this writing the mod was last updated in 2019!


9. Immersive Weapons

Immersive Weapons Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

Immersive Weapons is not your average weapons mod.

It has managed to take one of the best spots on my list because it adds dozens, if not hundreds, of new weapons into the game.

All of the weapons are fully integrated into all systems of Oblivion, which means the ones you’ll find are leveled accordingly.

This means that the mod adds many new weapons but they don’t break the game at all. They fit perfectly into the world of Cyrodiil!

The most important thing about this mod is that it adds variety, which is something that an old game like Oblivion is always missing.


8. Unique Landscapes Compilation

Unique Landscapes Compilation Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

Are you looking to overhaul the natural environments of your game?

Well I think there’s no better way than installing the Unique Landscapes Mod.

It basically compiles many of the landscapes that have been created by modders through the years and it turns everything into a single mod that makes your game feel as alive as can be.

New waterfalls, fantastic new locations to explore, and many new small additions that turn the lands of Cyrodiil into a region that feels much more in-touch with nature as a whole.


7. Coronerras Maximum Compatiblity

Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

This mod is the one to end all other skeleton mods in the game.

Before we proceed, let me just point out that that “skeleton” refers to the structure of characters in the game. It’s not about actual skeletons at all; but rather the models that define the physics of each character.

This mod won’t do anything by itself. But you’ll notice the difference if you happen to install mods that ad races that have wings, or stuff like that.

It basically makes all parts of the body capable of interacting with others and moving. A fantastic mod altogether with lots of custom options.


6. Rens Beauty Pack

Rens Beauty Pack Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

I wasn’t really keen to add beauty mods to the list, although technically this one adds a whole new race.

So it deserves a mention in my opinion.

The race comes with variants and it also adds a bunch of new hairstyles for male characters and female characters too.

I mean, this one isn’t anything out of the ordinary. But the level of detail that was put into creating it sets it apart from other beauty mods.

A cool one to add if you want more customization options.


5. Oblivion Graphics Extender

Oblivion Graphics Extender mod

Check Out This Mod

In terms of graphical enhancements, this one takes the biggest slice of the cake.

There are many mods that make the game’s graphics more beautiful, but I truly believe this one to be the best of the bunch.

Combine this amazing mod with the Landscapes mod that I just told you about, and throw in the flora and grass overhauls, and you’ll be set to embark on one of the most unique adventures of your virtual life.

The shaders do require you to have a solid computer though. So make your your graphics card is up to par.


4. Alternative Start

Alternative Start Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

It’s not fair that you always get to be a criminal in Oblivion.

I mean, even if you decide to live the purest of lives after the tutorial of the game, you’ll always have your reputation tainted for having been the one who broke out of the Imperial Prison when the game started.

This mod allows you to select how you start in Oblivion, as your character arrives by ship instead of breaking out of jail.

You can choose your race, your favorite attributes, and you can even select the type of person that you are (which defines how much money you start with).

It’s even your choice to select your wealth, which allows you to tweak the difficulty even further. A really fun mod with lods of replay value.


3. Better Cities

Better Cities Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

This is one of the most popular mods ever created for Oblivion.

Honestly, it’s pretty easy to understand why after taking one glance at what this has to offer.

Basically this mod adds dozens of new buildings and activities to every single city in the game, making them feel much more alive.

Gone are the days of cities being boring as all hell and feeling dead as a rock.

A must-have mod regardless of how many times you’ve played the game, but especially if you’ve been playing it on and off since release.


2. Midas Magic Spells of Aurum

Midas Magic Spells of Aurum Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

I’m adding this one to the list because it was the first mod that I ever tried out for Oblivion.

I remember it was extremely popular back in 2009, when it hadn’t even been updated to its latest version.

Boy, has it become better than I expected!

The mod adds almost 300 new spells to the game, all of which you can learn to turn yourself into one of the mightiest wizards to ever set foot on Cyrodiil. Mages rejoice!


1. Natural Environment

Natural Environment Oblivion mod

Check Out This Mod

Natural Environments is the best natural mod for Oblivion.

It improves weather, nature, climate, and more by basically adding cyclical changes that feel extremely natural.

It’s a super complex mod that will make your game feel extremely realistic. A must-have in my opinion.

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