Top 24 Best One Punch Man Characters (Ranked)

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One Punch Man is a show with a diverse cast of powerful characters. From loli superheroes to earth shattering monsters; bald gods to martial artists dressed up in dog outfits, bear outfits and school uniforms.

This show has got it all.

And there’s plenty of amazing material in the manga and webcomic for years of animation to come, and Season 2 left on a pretty annoying cliff-hanger, so something better happen!

Now to tide us over with even more OPM content, here’s my ranking of the best characters in the anime.


24. Suryu

Suryu One Punch Man anime

Despite being a playboy highschooler, Suryu was at once one of the greatest martial artists in the world only to be beaten up by a monstrous, mutated Goketsu – who was then beaten up by Saitama, of course.

He values strength because it gives him an easy life.

And he flaunts his power in front of his competitors, to the annoyance of Saitama, who values heroism as its own reward.


23. Tank Top Black Hole and Tank Tank Top Tiger

Tank Top Black Hole and Tank Tank Top Tiger from One Punch Man

Brothers in vests, these two are cocky class-A heroes that think far too highly of themselves.

Their short ‘fight’ with Saitama is the first time we see hero politics.

Unable to beat the unbeatable One Punch Man, the brothers decide to play the crowd against him with false accusations instead of fighting.


22. Bakuzan

Bakuzan One Punch Man anime screenshot

A prideful and violent martial artist, Bakuzan wanted nothing more than to win the Super Fight tournament.

Martial Arts is not a sport. It’s not a game.

It’s for the best to show superiority by pummelling opponents into the ground.

When he sees how the ex-champion Gouketsu managed to completely overpower Suryu by becoming a monster, he jumps at the opportunity to become a monster as well.


21. Metal knight

Metal knight One Punch Man anime

The illusive Metal Knight has yet to show his face in the anime.

But his shadow lurks over all the S-Class heroes.

His mecha warriors arrive just in time in every disaster, but never really seem to be welcomed by the other heroes. In fact some even say he’s not an ally…


20. Gouketsu

Gouketsu from One Punch Man

Gouketsu, however, is a real monster of monstrous proportions.

Once a human fighter, he was challenged to a fight by the Monster King Orochi. After losing, Orochi gave Gouketsu the opportunity to become a monster – trading his humanity for extreme power; that or death.

Until being defeated by Saitama, he was a missionary for Orochi, convincing those with power to join him in monsterdom.


19. Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai One Punch Man anime

Honourable but prideful, Kamikazi the Atomic Samurai is an S-Class hero and leader of the Council of Swordsmen.

Armed with his katana and incredible speed, he can slice down any enemy.

However, he’s pretty prideful. And will pick fights with anyone who calls him weak, including his fellow heroes.

This pride might have been the reason he kept his humanity in season 2 when he found the rest of the Council chowing down on Monster Cells.

Disgusted by the lack of honor, he took down his fellow swordsman before meeting the other heroes.


18. Charanko

Charanko One Punch Man anime screenshot

Charanko is the sole heir of Bang’s Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist style of martial arts.

He thinks himself the best of Bang’s students, though he is the only student.

When he first met Saitama, he tried to tell the One Punch Man of his strength. Only to be told by his master to hold off with his own pride.

As a deus-ex machina in season 2, it turns out Charanko without hair looks just Saitama. Which allowed him to sneak into the Super Fight contest without a wig on.


17. Sweet mask

Sweet mask from One Punch Man

Like Metal Knight, Sweet Masks earns his spot on this list because of his ambiguity.

A charismatic actor, model, and personality in his day job; there’s just something off about his stoic unfeeling vigilante (yes, vigilante) who exercises his own judgement on monsters begging for mercy.

It’s not even certain where he gets his power from.

He has no weapons, doesn’t seem to have superhuman abilities, or real martial arts training. He doesn’t blood though, and his eyes glow red when he’s angry.

Tatsumaki and Fubuki call him a monster – perhaps that’s true….


16. Sitch

Sitch One Punch Man anime

Not everybody can be a hero. And every hero needs an assistant.

How much more for an association of hundreds of heroes?

Sitch is the Hero Association’s Minister Officer of Justice (the name being a pun on ‘situation’ because he’s always the one who gives the ‘sitch’ to the heroes).

Recognizable throughout the association, he’s smart and collected. But prone to emotional outbursts when things really go down south.


15. Puri puri prisoner

Puri puri prisoner from One Punch Man

How did a prisoner become a hero?

Why is he still in prison if he’s still currently enforcing the law?

Well, the pervert attacks everyone he finds attractive – that’s why. Despite locking him up, he still attacks the boys in stripes.

Nonetheless, he has a strong sense of justice and will stand up for the weak – especially if they’re cute.


14. Armoured Gorilla

Armoured Gorilla One Punch Man anime

Originally an ape cyborg built by Dr. Genus for the House of Evolution, a chimera making lab looking for world domination, the Armoured Gorilla has since reformed his ways.

He now works with Dr. Genus at his fancy restaurant.

He’s fully blended into human society and just wants to live a peaceful life.

That doesn’t mean he’s lost his strength, however. At one point, the monster Marshall Gorilla accuses him of betraying the species by living with humans, only to be met with a devastating cyborg punch.


13. Monster King Orochi

Monster King Orochi One Punch Man anime

His Royal Highness, the King of all Monsters, Orochi is an imposing gigantic being that (unfortunately for anime only watchers) has yet to show his power fully.

By ingesting ‘Monster Cells’ created in his body, anyone with enough tenacity can become a monster themselves.

However, God help you if you fail in carrying out Orochi’s bidding afterwards… because he will literally eat you for insubordination.


12. Gyoro Gyoro

Gyoro Gyoro from One Punch Man

King Orochi’s right hand man, this eight-armed giant-eyed fleshy monster, hides a sinister secret that the anime has yet to explore.

Yet from what we’ve already seen, Gyoro Gyoro is a terrifyingly intelligent individual whose decisions matter almost as much as the King’s.

At every delivery of a monster cell, every death of a monster, the large singular eye of Gyoro Gyoro is ever present.


11. Boros

Boros One Punch Man anime

Another one-eyed monster, but completely unrelated from any of earth’s monsters.

Lord Boros, styling himself as ‘Dominator of the Universe’ is a powerful extra-terrestrial being that travels the universe for the thrill of the hunt.

After having defeated everyone on his own planet, he came to Earth searching for the ultimate fighter – Saitama.


10. Garou

Garou One Punch Man anime screenshot

The only being to best every single hero and monster safe for Orochi and Saitama, Garou is a monster without any monster genes.

A human from head to toe, but a monster in his heart.

His backstory is an amusing one. Growing up, he always wondered why the hero has to win in a fight – why not the monster?

Monsters have feelings too!

So he decided to become a monster (without actually becoming one) so that the monster could one day win as well.

At the end of the day, Garou has no real superhuman powers. Just a lot of tenacity and martial arts training, specifically in the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist style – yes his master was S-Class hero ‘Silver Fang’ Bang.


9. Bomb

Bomb from One Punch Man

Inventor of the ‘Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist’ style, along with his younger brother ‘Silver Fang’ Bang, Bomb is one of the world’s two greatest martial arts masters.

However, unlike his brother, he doesn’t seek heroism. Just wishes his brother would retire as well.

Nonetheless, when Bang comes to ask his brother for help in defeating Garou, he’s right back in the fighting scene.


8. King

King One Punch Man anime

The “Strongest Man on Earth”, King is one of the highest-ranking members of the Hero Association.

Just the name strikes fear into the hearts of monsters and villains everywhere. No one quite knows how King is so powerful. Some theorize it’s the ‘King Engine’, a rumbling heard whenever a ne’er do well is in the presence of King.

Some think the Engine is strong enough to create earthquakes!

However as it turns out, King is just an otaku with an intimidating demeanor (complete with a scar that people think he got from a fight with a monster, but was actually obtained running away from said monster).

His primary method of fighting is to scare his opponents into surrendering.

And if they don’t? Run away.

In recent times he’s become quite close to Saitama, the only person to call his bluff.


7. Genos

Genos One Punch Man anime

Self-proclaimed as Saitama’s disciple, Genos the ‘Demon Cyborg’ is an incredibly powerful hero able to fly, shoot fire, plasma – you name it; all the sci-fi weaponry you can imagine.

Whenever in trouble, Genos calls on his creator Dr. Genus who fixes him right up. And with upgrades too!

Genos hopes that with the tutelage of Saitama that he might one day be able to find the cyborg that killed his parents and exact his revenge.


6. Bang

Bang from One Punch Man

Bang the ‘Silver Fang’ is the younger brother of Bomb and the inventor of Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist.

He’s one of the superhero association’s most honorable heroes, telling off the other S-Class heroes for caring about their own issues more than protecting the population.

However, Bang has his own dark backstory.

He once had a large dojo full of students. But eventually only one was left – the human-monster Garou. Now he only has one student left, the largely mediocre Charanko.

The old man isn’t what he used to be. But he’s still able to crush a meteor with his bare hands.


5. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki One Punch Man anime

With the ability to stop missiles from space with her mind alone, Tatsumaki the ‘Terrible Tornado’ is one of the world’s greatest espers.

She also has a sister Fubuki, who’s also an esper (who Tatsumaki says she trained).

Despite being the older sister, her short stature (and short fuse) gets her confused as the younger kid sister far too often to be comfortable.

She cares a lot about her sister. But doesn’t care for having to save her every other mission.


4. Fubuki

Fubuki One Punch Man anime

Fubuki the ‘Blizzard of Hell’ is younger sister to Tatsumaki and an amazing esper in her own right, though still lacking in skill compared to her older sister (as shown when Tatsumaki saves her from a train being blown up).

Knowing that, or perhaps just annoyed that she’s not as skilled as Tatsumaki, Fubuki uses her beauty and status to control those around her.

Creating the Fubuki Group sect of the Hero’s Association in the process.

When she first sees Saitama’s strength, she immediately tries to coerce him into the Fubuki group. First nicely, then violently, only to have all her goons beaten up.


3. Speed-O’-Sound Sonic

Speed-O’-Sound Sonic from One Punch Man

The insanely fast and persistent ninja is a self-proclaimed rival of Saitama.

Saitama doesn’t have a say in this, and in fact gets quite annoyed that Sonic shows up everywhere trying to get revenge.

He’s first seen as the bodyguard of a rich businessman, but Sonic became much more of an important character. Especially once he met Saitama.

Loving the thrill of a good fight, he adored fighting Saitama.

So much that his ‘bad habit’ of showing a large childlike smile appeared on his face.

Stopping at nothing to best the One Punch Man, he even sourced some Monster Cells to become a monster. However, the man has standards. So he sautéed it in red wine first.

Guess what, the cells only work raw. Back to the drawing board!


2. Mumen Rider

Mumen Rider One Punch Man anime

Despite being a C-Class hero, Mumen Rider is probably the association’s most honest, hardworking, and honorable hero.

Armed with nothing but a strong heart and a bike, Mumen Rider will always be there for you.

He will fight the undersea king again and again, even if he ends up in the hospital. Because that’s what heroes do!

While the rest of the hero association fights over ranking and status, Mumen Rider is happy to have the opportunity to help out his fellow man in any way he can.

Salute to you, Mumen Rider, the one true hero in a city of heroes.


1. Saitama

Saitama One Punch Man anime screenshot

I don’t normally put the main character number one on my lists, because there are often more interesting characters that just aren’t as important.

However, Saitama really does take the cake in this show.

The One Punch Man is physically the most powerful being in existence. But the whole show is about how no one knows, and therefore everyone ignores him completely.

When Boros attack the city searching for the most powerful being on Earth, no one calls on Saitama.

When Garou is chasing after heroes for bounty, he doesn’t even think of fighting a hero as low ranked as Saitama.

Feel familiar?

Saitama is written to be the person that excels at the their job, but that everyone ignores! However, he’s not just a walking metaphor for the unfortunate office worker – he sincerely loves his job as a hero.

He does it for fun. And he barely gets paid.

For that reason, he’s got a venerable group of powerful allies – King, Bang, Genos and Fubuki – who are drawn to him, not only for his power, but his heart.

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