Top 10 Best Pikmin Soundtrack Songs From The Entire Series

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The music soundtrack of the game Pikmin sets the atmosphere for players. And in the Pikmin franchise there are definitely numerous tracks that really amp up your gaming experience, no doubt.

Pikmin begins by you playing as Captain Olimar. An intelligent man and the only employee of any merit who works in Hocotate Freight.

He decides to take an interstellar vacation using his ship the S.S. Dolphin in an attempt to have the perfect rest and relaxation throughout the journey. Unfortunately, a meteorite crashes into his ship.

The journey begins here and we’re gifted with an awesome, mind-blowing, relaxation-inducing soundtrack along with the intergalactic exciting gameplay. Here I’ve compiled 10 of the best Pikmin songs that I know you’ll love and remember.

10. World Map

When you’re just starting a game it’s not really fun looking at an entire world map that’s left unexplored.

However this world map BGM music makes you feel like you’re bound to go to a very exciting adventure. So throw this on and let the exploring begin!

9. Titan Dweevil

Who doesn’t love this intense soundtrack whenever you’re fighting a boss in Pikmin?

The Titan Dweevil is the final boss that you’re going to fight in Pikmin 2. You can’t argue about how big this creature is, but its power lies beyond the weapon it carries.

This humongous creepy crawly spider boss suits its music and definitely strikes you with a sense of serious battle time.

8. The Impact Site

Adorable and beautiful tune among many others in this series.

The harmony of xylophones and twinkle-like notes should make you feel delighted in exploring and wandering around the Impact Site.

This is the place where Captain Olimar first lands his ship on the Pikmin Planet.

It is the area that’s near the edge of a vast forest on the area map. Not far from it is the forest of Hope, another brilliant place to explore.

7. Vehemoth Phosbat

There’s a very mysterious feeling in this tune that fits the boss encounter theme perfectly.

The Vehemoth Phosbat is the 2nd boss in Pikmin 3. It’s a moth-like creature that flies around with its massive wings, freaky looking yellow eyes, and ominous gaping mouth.

It lives in dark caves and can turn completely invisible once it turns off its biolights.

This theme definitely makes you want to tread lightly and move cautiously. There’s a smaller version that’s available but the original theme seems to be getting more attention from gamers.

6. Valley of Repose

Not exactly your average Christmas feel soundtrack, but it fits Pikmin perfectly.

The Valley of Repose is a snowy area in Pikmin 2 that’s home to little clusters of flora. This part of the map is like a tutorial, but after a few days, it seems to feel like home and blends with all the other maps and levels.

The frosty theme deserves a lot of love and I would definitely prefer this over traditional Christmas hymns.

5. Title Theme in Pikmin 3

There’s something about this starting tune that makes you want to prance around like a little fairy Pikmin! But that isn’t our goal here(you can if you want though, no judgement).

Bottom line this track screams adorable at all levels.

The very uplifting sound makes you want to play all day and forget the worries of life. Not to mention that this can even pass as a relaxing soundtrack that you can listen to while studying.

At the end of the track you can hear flowing water and birds chirping. It sounds really zen!

4. The Forest Navel

If this doesn’t make you want to explore caverns with caution, well I don’t know what will.

The Forest Navel is the 3rd area in Pikmin. It is underground and can be accessed through a hole in a clearing in the forest.

Captain Olimar says that it looks very similar to a belly button when seen from a high altitude, hence the name The Forest Navel.

3. Wistful Wild

With all the harmonious mix of tunes in Wistful Wild, this song definitely deserves to be in the top 3.

This song plays in one of the most dangerous areas in Pikmin 2 yet has such a mixed creative feeling.

The area contains enemies like Gatling Groink and Orange Bulborbs. The mysterious vibe of this track serves as a reminder of the danger that lies ahead within the depths of this map.

2. Boss Battle Theme(Pikmin 2)

This theme reminds me of a lot of boss battle themes found in a bunch of different games from the PlayStation era.

Very classic, yet does the trick of making me panic during a tough boss battle.

The best part is when you first hear this theme and get into “the zone”. You know its game face on when this soundtrack begins to play in the background.

1. The Forest of Hope

The title says it all and you can imagine the serenity in this BGM track.

It’s the 2nd playable area in Pikmin and this background music really gives you the feeling of hope and exploration. It’s funny how just music alone can encourage you to play more and explore the area further early in the game.

In Pikmin 2 this space becomes the Awakening Wood.

The Forest of Hope has vast plains and high walls which also match the soundtrack. The map has an assortment of Red and Yellow pellets and it even has a small lake in the area and a couple of stone walls.

This is definitely a crowd favorite among Pikmin players and that’s why it’s #1 on my list.

Many fans call it soothing and nostalgic since the game series have been around for quite a long time. And if you’ve been playing it since the beginning then you’ve probably got some strong memories associated with this tune.

Bonus tip: if you love this as background noise maybe try playing the extended version when you’re studying or working. It feels like true nirvana.

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