25 Best Poison-Type Pokémon From Every Region (Ranked)

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Pokémon has always found a way to make even the most dangerous creatures endearing. And that becomes especially evident when thinking about poison types.

From poisonous snakes to sentient toxic gasses and even ridiculous things like animated garbage bags, Poison-types are some of the scariest and Pokémon in the franchise. Except the garbage bag.

But they are worth training for their incredible utility and some really powerful moves.

And you don’t have to take my word for it! Consider it’s the type chosen by iconic trainers like Janine from Fuchsia city, and Johto Elite 4 member Koga. If you want to build up your team with some poisonous inspiration I bet they’d be proud.

So grab a gas mask, put on your hazmat suit, and join me on a small tour of the 25 most intoxicating Poison Pokémon from every region.

25. Garbodor

Garbodor Pokemon Anime

Hmm… do you guys smell something?

Dubbed the Trash Heap Pokémon for… obvious reasons, Garbodor reminds us that “thinking outside of the box” isn’t always for the better.

I mean, I was fine with a floating key-ring or a haunted chandelier.

But who thought a sentient trash-bag was a good design idea?

Still, I guess this Poison critter does send a strong message about the horrors of pollution. And you can always teach it Explosion so you don’t have to see it anymore.


24. Skuntank

Skuntank Pokemon in Anime Screenshot

Also notorious for their foul smell is Skuntank.

Introduced in Gen IV, this stinky Poison/Dark-type does everything you’d expect a skunk to do.

Including weaponizing their horrible aroma to ward off attackers through their Stench ability, which may cause enemies to flinch too. Always a nice bonus.

Like most great Poison-types, this Pokémon has access to the move Toxic which can be very useful against enemies with high Defense.

It basically inflicts the poison status 100% of the time when used by a Poison-type Pokémon, and it’s that extra special kind of poison damage that hits real hard.


23. Venomoth

Venomoth Pokemon Anime

If you ever find yourself in a dense forest at night, it may seem like a good idea to use a flashlight to find your way through the trees.

But watch out, for you may end up drawing a swarm of Venomoth toward you. And that never ends well.

This Poison Moth from the original 151 has dust-like scales covered in strong poison on its wings.

Not something you’d want to experience while alone in the dark!

Even by itself, a single Venomoth can be pretty dangerous.

It may not seem like it at first, but this Bug/Poison-type has excellent Sp. Attack and Speed, which coupled with access to the Quiver Dance move can make it into a fearsome sweeper.


22. Drapion

Drapion Pokemon Anime

Hiding in the dense dunes of the Sinnoh region’s deserts resides a dangerous creature known by the locals as the “Sand Demon”.

Most of us know it as Drapion, the Ogre Scorp Pokémon.

It may have a funny shape, but don’t let looks deceive you.

This Poison/Dark dual type is as durable as it is dangerous. With a thick exoskeleton making physical damage unlikely, and claws strong enough to rip a car in half.


In combat, this poisonous critter works as a bulky physical fighter thanks to its excellent Defense, solid Attack, and pretty nice Speed stats.

It benefits from the Poison Jab move as well, as it has a good chance of poisoning the target on top of dealing decent damage. Not the strongest but certainly not the weakest guy you could have on your side.


21. Vileplume

Vileplume Pokemon Anime

Way less scary looking that our previous fellow, but just as dangerous, is Vileplume.

This is the ever-beloved flower Pokémon from the original 151 Kanto critters.

Vileplume has one of the most interesting design concepts, as it’s based on a certain flower found deep within the Amazon jungle.

Specifically the hellish Corpse Flower which smells just like a rotting animal carcass. No joke.

This Grass/Poison-type can be either a great special attacker or have a tanky build depending on how you raise it. Which makes it a valid asset to most team compositions since it can run with some pretty great grass moves too.


20. Arbok

Arbok Pokemon Anime

Back when the franchise was just getting started, Pokémon designs were considerably more basic.

And “a really big snake with a scary face on its chest” was fair game.

It isn’t the strongest Pokémon around.

But this Poison-type earned its spot on the list thanks to the iconic Arbok trained by Team Rocket’s Jessie.

You may not believe this, but Arbok’s name is actually “Kobra” spelled backward. Crazy, right? (assuming you haven’t read this factoid 10+ times in your life already)


19. Seviper

Seviper Pokemon Anime

Jessie’s Arbok served bravely with Team Rocket for several seasons, but eventually it was time to bring in some Pokémon from the all-new Hoenn region.

And Seviper stepped in to carry on Arbok’s legacy.

It’s still just a very big snake, but the design is considerably more creative than its predecessor’s. In my opinion anyway.

And it has that special sheen Ken Sugimori gave newcomers in the third generation.

With some great offensive stats and the Shed Skin ability keeping it healthy, Seviper is a pretty good Pokémon to take with you on your adventure.

About equivalent to an Arbok so really I’d say pick your poison!


18. Weezing

Pokemon Anime

Also famous for their invaluable contribution to the rise in popularity of the lovable Team Rocket is Weezing, the Poison Gas Pokémon.

To be honest with you, this guy has always been very disturbing to me.

It just looks like two very, very unlucky Koffing that got stuck together. Probably some freak chemical accident.

Still, it’s a classic. And people seem to love it.

Weezing has decent Attack stats, but it shines for its amazing Defense and Levitate ability whch makes it completely impervious to Ground-type moves.

That by itself is pretty incredible!


17. Galarian Weezing

Galarian Weezing Pokemon Game Screenshot

The love that Weezing gets from fans didn’t go unnoticed by Game Freak, so they decided to honor this classic critter with an all-new regional form.

And I feel this guy is so awesome he actually deserves his own spot in this ranking!

In Pokémon Sword & Shield’s Galar region, Weezing has mutated into a classy-looking industrialist form that purifies the pollution around it and cleans the air.

Likewise, it went from pure Poison-type to a dual Poison/Fairy-type.

We could really use some Galarian Weezing in real life, right?


16. Tentacruel

Tentacruel Pokemon Anime

Sometimes the games fail at giving players a realistic sense of scale regarding the Pokémon on screen.

That became evident to me after the first time I saw Tentacruel in the anime.

I realized that Tentacruel in-game, what looked like a medium-sized floating alien in Pokémon Gold & Silver, was in fact a gigantic kaiju-like monster with the power to raze cities.

So needless to say he’s actually kinda bad ass.

Needless to say, I had a newfound appreciation for this Water/Poison-type after that.


15. Scolipede

Scolipede Pokemon Anime

Few Pokémon have as cool a design as the menacing-looking Megapede Pokémon from the franchise’s fifth generation, Scolipede.

This dangerous Bug/Poison-type is possibly the worst thing you can run into while exploring the wilds of the Unova region.

Basically it’s highly poisonous and very aggressive.

If you manage to survive the encounter and catch the beast, you’ll have a solid physical fighter with access to a great variety of poisoning moves.

Plus its Speed Boost ability and Swords Dance make it more dangerous with each passing turn.


14. Crobat

Crobat Pokemon Anime

If I had to choose the worst design in the history of Pokémon (other than Garbodor) I would go for the original Golbat.

What is even the point of that mouth?

For that reason, I was incredibly pleased with the introduction of the sleek and aerodynamic Crobat as its evolution in Pokémon Gold & Silver.

It’s simple, it doesn’t have a nonsensically giant mouth, and it looks decidedly bad-ass.

I remember it being a total slayer in Koga’s Elite Four team in that generation. Its evasion was so high, I had no option but to try over and over until I got lucky and one of my moves landed.

Considering how silly Zubat is, you have to admit Crobat is a beast.


13. Salazzle

Salazzle Pokemon Game Screenshot

The inevitable rise of e-girls as our new overlords was represented in Pokémon Sun & Moon through the addition of Salazzle, the Toxic Lizard Pokémon.

Only female Salandit get to evolve into Salazzle, who then spend the remainder of their lives making their male slaves do their bidding in an endless competition for their favor.

Sounds fun right?

They achieve this through the use of potent pheromones, and some feminine guile. Classic.

That’s not to say that this femme fatale can’t handle things by herself.

Its offensive typing, excellent Sp. Attack, and amazing Speed make it a lethal sweeper as a poison addition to your arsenal.


12. Toxicroak

Toxicroak Pokemon Anime

As the only Pokémon in the entire roster with the Poison/Fighting-type, Croagunk and its evolution Toxicroak had their spot on this list assured.

That said, the Toxic Mouth Pokémon from Gen IV has a lot more going for it than a unique typing.

The toxins it carries in its poison sac are incredibly strong, and even a single scratch from this beast can be enough to knock out most Pokémon.

This is represented in battle through the Poison Touch ability, which can cause the Poison ailment just by coming into contact with Toxicroak.

Other than that, it also has solid Attack and Speed, and access to powerful poisoning moves like Gunk Shot.


11. Venusaur

Venusaur Pokemon Anime

Back in Pokémon Red & Blue, Bulbasaur was widely considered to be the best starter thanks to its type advantage against the first 2 gyms.

As a Venusaur, this Grass/Poison-type continues to bring a lot of value to the table.

Even in competitive play thanks to its mega evolution.

Mega Venusaur takes the original seed Pokémon’s already solid stats to the next level and gives it the Thick Fat ability, which provides some added resistance against Fire and Ice-type moves.

Do I really have to sell you on this guy?


10. Alolan Muk

Alolan Muk Pokemon Anime

Reminding us that we shouldn’t judge a book by its, the Alolan regional variant of Muk is just such a beautiful sight.

He’s a colorful Poison/Dark-type that surpasses the original Muk with its interesting appearance.

It may have stunningly beautiful colors, but don’t let that fool you into forgetting this creature is a sentient glob of foul substances so toxic you could pass out just by coming into contact with them.

But it’s not all bad.

This rainbow-colored critter is gluttonous and will eat all the trash it can find, going so far as to prey on Garbodor!

Your enemy’s enemies are your friends, right?


9. Nidoking & Nidoqueen

Nidoking & Nidoqueen Pokemon Anime

I believe in gender equality, so I’m giving this spot to both male and female members of the “Nido” family.

Pick your favorite cause they’re both great.

They’re both giant beasts with horns so hard they could pierce diamonds.

But where Nidoking is focused on the offense, Nidoqueen has a more defensive stance, only getting truly aggressive if something messes with its young.

Both Pokémon have a very offensive Poison/Ground-typing and can benefit from the Sheer Force ability, which removes additional effects from moves in exchange for more raw power.

In most speedruns of gen 1 players always go for a Nidoking so you can tell how powerful this guy is. This fact remains true even in later generations.


8. Toxapex

Toxapex Pokemon Game Screenshot

No, you’re not looking at an enemy from Dark Souls’ Lake of Ash – it’s just Toxapex.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s any less terrifying.

This Poison/Water-type Pokémon is known for crawling across the ocean floor looking for the adorable Corsola so it can crush it and consume its innards.

Big yikes.

Not many people are aware of how much of an asset Toxapex can be with the right moves thanks to its insane Defense and Sp. Defense.

It also has access to Baneful Bunker, a signature move that makes it impervious to damage for a turn, and poisons whoever comes into contact with it.


7. Naganadel

Naganadel Pokemon Anime

Introduced in Gen VII, Naganadel is a Poison/Dragon creature known as an Ultra Beast.

While all other Ultra Beasts have come into the Pokémon world in their mature state, Naganadel is known to evolve from Poipole once the little cutie learns Dragon Pulse.

This makes it the only UB with an evolution line.

Like other UB, Naganadel boasts insanely high stats, especially when it comes to Sp. Attack and Speed.

Bottom line this guy is an amazing – if unfair – special sweeper.


6. Nihilego

Nihilego Pokemon Anime

Hailing from the same demented dimension as the previous creature comes Nihilego, the Parasite Pokémon.

This Ultra Beast is categorized as “UB-01 Symbiont” for its capacity to enter symbiotic relationships with people and Pokémon.

That said, this liaison isn’t one of equals.

As this terrifying floating jellyfish will completely take over the host’s body and eventually consume it.

In combat, this Rock/Poison-type boasts amazing Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense. But that’s just the icing on the cake, as all of its stats are pretty much off the charts.

What would you expect, we’re closing into the top 5 now!


5. Dragalge

Dragalge Pokemon Anime

Leading the charge into the actual top 5 ranking is Dragalge, the Mock Kelp Pokémon first introduced in generation VI games.

This Poison/Dragon-type makes its home in the depths of the sea. And its poison is said to be so strong it can even eat through the hull of ships.

With stuff like this and Sharpedo just swimming about freely, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to sail in these waters…

In combat, this sentient kelp can be a true powerhouse thanks to excellent stats and a very varied move pool.

Some of its better moves include utilities like Poison Spike and damaging same-type moves like Draco Meteor.

Add to that its Adaptability, which further powers up same-type moves, and you can begin to see just how dangerous a Dragalge can be(for your opponents).


4. Roserade

Roserade Pokemon Anime

With deceivingly beautiful looks and the grace of a dancer comes Roserade, the evolution of fan-favorite Roselia, introduced in Gen IV.

It’s known as the Bouquet Pokémon for the flower bundles growing at the ends of its arms. And it was one of the first evo’s to come from an original gen 3 creature(Roselia = Gen 3, Roserade = Gen 4).

Like so many beautiful things in nature, these fragrant flowers serve to distract opponents from the thorny tendrils within, which Roserade uses to capture and poison prey.

This Grass/Poison mix can bring great value to any team composition thanks to its versatility.

While excellent Sp. Attack and nice Speed enable it as a special sweeper, it also has access to hazard setup moves like Spikes that will really make your opponents feel the pressure.


3. Toxtricity

Toxtricity Pokemon Game Screenshot

Introduced first in Pokémon Sword & Shield, Toxtricity has been gaining popularity fast thanks to its amazing design and cool personality.

This Electric/Poison type has an odd mixture to say the least. But it’s really a sight to see!

And it comes in two forms depending on its nature, which can be a somewhat gloomy Low Key Form, or a feisty Amped Form.

This rocker lizard is a love letter to England’s long punk history.

And this point is further driven home by its ability Punk Rock, which powers up sound-based moves.


2. Eternatus

Eternatus Pokemon Game Screenshot

Known as the Gigantic Pokémon both for its size and its ties to the Gigantamax phenomenon, Eternatus is one of the Legendary creatures in the Galar region.

And one of the most unique in the history of the franchise.

Not only is this Poison/Dragon-type the first toxin-based Legendary, but its design is closer to that of an Ultra Beast than a regular pocket monster.

This probably has to do with the fact that Eternatus arrived on the Pokémon world on a meteorite that fell 20.000 years ago. Or so the legend goes.

Be that as it may, Eternatus is easily one of the coolest Legendaries to date. Especially in its ominous Eternamax form.

For a poison legendary you probably can’t find much cooler.

But for an overall best poison pick to run in your team? I have to tip my hat to…


1. Gengar

Gengar Pokemon Anime

No matter just how menacing Eternatus is, it could never beat Gengar’s massive popularity.

This Ghost/Poison dual type creature has been around since the beginning of the franchise.

And it’s one of the pocket monsters with the most personality of them all.

It’ll hide in your closet, wait for the dead of night and then spook the lights out of you, only to roll on the floor laughing and disappear afterward.

While already a punishing sweeper thanks to its great Sp. Attack, Speed, and access to moves like Shadow Ball, Gengar’s Mega Evolution takes it to the next level.

It puts this Pokémon into the very highest tier of fighters. Although if you can’t trade to get this guy, just know Haunter is also a great choice.

But trust me, if you can, you’ll want a Gengar on your side. This thing is a beast.

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