Best Pokémon Battle Music Themes (From All Games)

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Nothing quite gets you hyped like hearing a new game’s soundtrack.

Gamers out there can agree that developers put a lot of effort into their songs so that they set the scene for your play time.

The Pokémon franchise has a particularly good history with their soundtracks. It is pretty amazing to see what composers were able to accomplish with the limitations imposed by all the handheld devices.

To this day many of these songs -even those dating back 20+ years -have remained recognizable for pretty much everyone.

It’s amazing to see the lasting impression some of the more prominent songs have made, especially when many of these songs only play for mere minutes during the entire story.

Battle music specifically is often short lived but has this lasting effect. But being the more crucial moments of the game, they make quite an impact on trainers. For this I’m counting down my 10 favorite battle BGMs from all games in the series.


10. Second Dark Matter Battle (Super Mystery Dungeon)

It would be unfair not to have a Mystery Dungeon title on this list.

Although they have a very different vibe from the rest of the series, they have an in-depth storyline and a fantastic soundtrack.

As these games have more of a traditional gen 1 vibe where your work with your party members, it appropriately has music more in line with the whole medieval quest atmosphere. Which is different, but welcome.


9. Legendary Pokémon Appears (Diamond/Pearl)

With the whole introduction of Arceus into the Pokedex, things got a little more interesting in the Pokémon universe.

Although the storylines for the game were always arguably mature, I think the Sinnoh region was really groundbreaking in respects to more advanced philosophical themes.

The theme for when Dialga and Palkia come into battle is rather unique. Instead of the traditionally rushed and frantic music, this track is rather foreboding and mysterious.


8. Battle! Zinnia (Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire)

This is some epic battle music, as you would expect from the theme for a dragon trainer.

Battles with Zinnia come with the context of saving humanity from ultimate destruction.

That being said, you really need as dramatic and outrageous battle theme as possible. The orchestra music which builds up and is constantly upbeat and rushed.


7. Shadow Lugia Battle (Gale of Darkness)

Here is one of many underrated Pokémon games which really deserve a remake.

Pokémon XD had great gameplay, an awesome story mode, and incredible music.

The Gamecube title had some pretty intense music to accompany their rather dark and mature theme for the game too. As the battle between trainer and Shadow Lugia was one of the most crucial points in the game, the music matched.


6. Gym Leader & Elite 4 (Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee)

Defeating gym leaders and getting to the Elite 4 is a rather significant accomplishment in any Pokémon game.

These iconic battles are meant to be surrounded by drama, suspense, and action as you try to work your way to the top.

Their significance was marked not only with dramatic cutaways and locations, but with a signature song which was the upgraded version of the Vs. Trainer battle music.

This version was always made to play more extreme and rushed. As much as I love my retro hits, I do have to say I am a fan of the newer versions which play out like an orchestra.


5. Battle Champion (X/Y)

I remember the first time I faced the Elite Four as a child and managed to make it to the surprise champion at the end.

Should have been obvious, but child me was not expecting it and the music only heightened to drama and horror of the situation.

Between titles, these major themes are rather comparable, the champion battle music being no exception.

The X and Y version is more modern and somehow I feel this updated music really paints the moment very well.


4. Team Skull Battle (Sun/Moon)

The Pokémon franchise has always created some hilarious and almost pitiful bad guys.

Team Skull was especially enjoyable because their thugs were way too relatable.

Their edgy theme whenever you battled them really helped build up their persona of wannabe ruffians.

The harsh track greatly complimented their outfits and attempted atmosphere and added an element of humor considering the contrasting personalities the grunts had.


3. Battle! Ho-Oh (HeartGold)

I really love the 3DS remakes of the Gold and Silver titles.

The updated graphics and remastered music really did the iconic games justice.

I refrained from over-representing this title on the list and decided to limit the ranking of the legendary encounters to one.

Like Lugia’s theme in the games counterpart, this is ominous, creepy, and a pretty beautiful song.

Combined with the outstanding graphics and brilliant animations that caome with the remake, this entire scene made for a gorgeous vision.

What gives Ho-Oh’s tune some extra points are the subtle Asian instruments that make this song truly unique.


2. Battle! N Final Theme (Black/White)

N was an important part of the black and white games. He was a controversial component that really convinced me that Pokémon was targeting their audience age a little higher than people were giving them credit for.

This amazing song is anxiety-inducing and upbeat; perfect for a serious battle.

I definitely draw comparisons with this track and some of the boss themes from Undertale.

The fast paced song was not something I really expected considering past battle music, but still a perfect fit to an amazing game.


1. Gym Leader Battle (Red/Blue/Yellow)

This music defined a generation of players and is one of the more immediately recognizable tracks.

The music that played when you fought trainers was great.

But the original gym leader music takes this to a whole new level. It was original, deep, and seriously got you in the mood for some action.

This 8-bit rendition also laid the framework for countless gym battle songs to come.

Aside from its influential status in our beloved franchise, it also gets those serious nostalgia points which I can’t overlook. Gamers -current and retired- can figure out where this all comes from.

No matter which game I’m on, when I hear this track, it takes me back to the nineties when this quality of music basically was video game music. Being able to achieve such a legendary track with limited technology makes this song even more impressive.

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