15 Best Greatswords in Skyrim (Ranked)

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Greatswords are the preferred weapons of the most fearsome warriors in Tamriel.

These heavy-duty metal killers can cut through even the thickest of skin and destroy the toughest of Dwemer mechanisms.

They do require the wielder to employ the full weight of their body in order to get the best out of them, and the heavy nature of greatswords also means you’ll be using both hands to wield them.

Now why do many people like them more than other one-handed weapons? Well the main reason is because of their excessive damage.

One hit with one of these swords can cause a tremendous amount of damage to any enemy, killing foes instantly depending on their level.

In any case greatswords are the trusty partners of savage warriors, and if you’re playing through Skyrim again you might want a Dragonborn to wield one of these beasts. That’s why I’ve made a list of the best greatswords in Skyrim to help you decide which weapon best suits your character.

15. Steel Greatsword

Steel Skyrim Greatsword

Steel greatswords are the first level-locked type of greatsword in the game.

You’ll start seeing these swords as early as level 2.

You can find them as random loot or by looting the bodies of slain foes. It has a base damage of 17 and an equal weight, making it the most basic of the best greatswords in the game.


14. Orcish Greatsword

Orcish Skyrim Greatsword

The Orcish greatsword, although a little less valuable than its steel counterpart, provides you with one additional point of damage than the steel version. It also has one extra point of weight on it too.

They start spawning as early as level 6 but you may find enchanted versions of these mighty weapons as soon as you hit level 7.

I like the design on these more as well so you might go for these as soon as they’re available.


13. Dwarven Greatsword

Dwarven Great Sword

A Dwarven Greatsword is the favorite weapon of dual-wielders across the Dwemer Ruins of Skyrim.

They can be found at level 12 and provide you with a swing that deals 19 points of base damage.

They require regular Dwarven Metal Ingots to be upgraded and they can be enchanted like any other regular weapon in the game. If you get into enchanting early this can be a real beast.


12. Nordic Greatsword

Nordic great sword Skyrim

The Nordic Greatsword has the same weight as the Dwarven Greatsword, but it hits for one additional point of base damage.

These weapons can be crafted in the blacksmith’s forge if you have the Dragonborn DLC.

With a Nordic Greatsword you’ll need quite a few items before you can craft it up yourself: 1 Quicksilver Ingot, 5 steel ingots, and 3 leather strips. Well worth the hunt if you ask me.


11. Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword

Honed Ancient Nord Skyrim great sword

The Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword is a powerful sword that is often wielded by the fearsome Draugr.

As such, this weapon can be obtained by killing foes that roam Nordic tombs across Skyrim. It’s a very powerful sword but it does have a weight of 21 points which makes it a bit inconvenient to wield for most warriors.

The sword is a trusty companion for every new two-handed master, and it would be a no-brainer to acquire it if you’re looking for a sword with high damage output.


10. Nord Hero Greatsword

Nord Hero Greatsword

The Nero Hero Greatsword is a polished and improved version of the Ancient Nord Hero Greatsword. You can probably tell just by the skin on this weapon alone.

The design is much slicker as it aims to mimic a weapon that hasn’t been worn as much as its original counterpart.

This sword features 20 points of base damage with a weight of just 16, which makes it one of the best greatswords in the game considering how much you can deal out.

It must be crafted at the Skyforge and requires the Ancient Nord Greatsword as well as 3 steel ingots and 3 leather strips.


9. Skyforge Steel Greatsword

Skyforge Steel Greatsword

I just mentioned Skyfore previously and it goes hand-in-hand with this next weapon of choice. The Skyforge Steel Greatsword is a beautiful two-handed weapon that shares the same design as the Steel Greatsword, but it offers a higher base damage output.

Albeit the sword isn’t particularly uncommon, there’s only one merchant in the game that will sell you this weapon: Eorlund Gray-Mane who lives in Whiterun.

You may also find it on some occasions while going through the Companions questline or after completing the Proving Honor quest.


8. Elven Greatsword

Elven Greatsword Skyrim

The Elven Greatsword can be found with powerful enchantments from level 20 and upwards, but the sword itself is only level-locked to spawn in its regular form after level 19.

It is very commonly sold across most stores in Skyrim. Every blacksmith of the major towns in the game will have one of these trusty weapons available for you to purchase as soon as you hit level 19.

One of these mythical Elven weapons can also be found in Folgunthur, a few steps behind the Dragon door that’s located in the same area.


7. Glass Greatsword

Glass Greatsword from Skyrim

Glass greatswords are very heavy. They weigh 22 points but offer a base damage of 21, making them some of the strongest weapons in the game when enchanted properly.

As is the case with most pieces of glass equipment, the glass greatswords look very good with almost any type of armor and they can work with almost every two-handed play style.

You may find the enchanted version of this sword after level 28 in many regions across Skyrim, but its non-enchanted counterpart may also be found at level 27.


6. Ebony Greatsword

Ebony Greatsword in Skyrim

The Ebony greatsword hits for 22 points of base damage. It also has a weight of 22 points so it’s about even with the glass greatsword before.

Yet this ebony design makes for a magnificent sword that would evoke jealousy in even the most skilled of blacksmiths.

These weapons can be found from level 36 and upwards but you may also come across enchanted ebony greatswords starting at level 37.

This is also a favorite weapon of high-level Draugrs, which means that you’ll often come across ebony swords in most dungeons across Skyrim.


5. Bloodskal Blade

Bloodskal greatsword blade

The Bloodskal Blade is a powerful two-handed weapon that was added to the game with the Dragonborn DLC.

It offers the same damage output as the regular glass greatsword but it has a special ability: when you charge a power attack this weapon deals an extra 30 points of pure damage that is sure to cut through anyone’s armor.

And with a base damage of 21 and a regular weight of just 16, the Bloodskal Blade is amongst the top 5 best greatswords in Skyrim. It can be found in the Bloodskal Barrow during the quest “The Final Descent”.


4. Stormfang

Stormfang skyrim sword

The Stormfang is a unique weapon that has 17 base damage as well as a weigh of 17 points.

Furthermore it has a powerful enchantment that makes targets receive an extra 30 points of shock damage and 15 points of Magicka damage. Pretty beastly if you ask me!

It looks like a regular steel greatsword but it’s much more powerful than that.

It can be obtained by slaying the Reaver Lord at Brodir Grove.

Stormfang is one of the best greatswords in the game but that’s mainly due to its enchantments.

The sword itself offers a low damage output when compared to some of the other weapons listed in this article, but the Magicka and shock damage turn it into a crazy good weapon to keep around at all levels.


3. Stalhrim Greatsword

Stalhrim greatsword from skyrim

So this greatsword is part of the Stalhrim set of weapons and armor introduced to the game with the Dragonborn DLC.

It can be crafted using Stalhrim, but it may also be bought from Glover Mallory or Baldor Iron-Shaper. It has a cost of almost 2000 septims, though, so you may need to save for a while.

The weapon carries a base damage of 23 and has a weight of 21 which makes it better than most weapons in this list in terms of weight/damage balance.

To craft this yourself you’ll need to have 5 pieces of Stalhrim as well as 3 strips of. A Smithing level of 80 is also required so you better get working on your smithing skills!


2. Daedric Greatsword

Skyrim Daedric great sword

The Daedric Greatsword has a dented design that makes the sword look incredibly demonic alongside its darker color palette.

This sword can be found by killing Dremora lords and sending them back to the depths of Oblivion. The stats look great too since it deals 24 points of base damage with an added weight of 23 points.

Even though the sword itself is wielded by enemies starting from level 46, you may also find a Daedric Greatsword in the game as early as level 27.

You’ll need a very high two-handed skill if you want to start seeing these swords from the early stages of the game though.


1. Dragonbone Greatsword

Dragonbone skyrim greatsword

Dragonbone Greatswords are the mightiest of two-handed weapons in Skyrim.

They offer players the chance to deal a staggering 25 points of base damage, but they do have a weight of 27 points as counterbalance for its high damage output.

You can obtain these swords by killing Keepers in the Soul Cairn, or you may craft one with dragon bones, ebony ingots, and leather strips by visiting a forge. Your method of acquiring a Dragonbone Greatsword really depends on how you spend your time in Skyrim.

But the clean design of this sword is a great compliment to its powerful nature so you’ll look very cool walking around with this on your back.

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