Best Software Inc. Game Mods: The Ultimate Collection

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There are tycoon games that let you simulate pretty much anything these days.

Software Inc. sets itself apart from the rest by covering something especially relevant today.

From learning to code in your bedroom to owning one of the largest office in Silicon Valley, Software Inc. lets you do it all – giving you a sneak peek into the ups and downs of making it in the industry.

Since the game is only being developed by one man, the community has taken it upon themselves to throw in their own little enhancements here and there. Making Software Inc. a sort of collaborative effort best experienced with mods.

Here are some of the most useful ones you might want to have handy as you begin your journey of becoming the best software developer around.


15. Simple Tables

Simple Tables Software Inc. Game mod

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Whether you’re just starting out at home or have gotten yourself your own little office space, one of the most important things you’re going to want to invest in is good furniture.

It might not seem like a big deal.

But if you’re going to be sitting at a desk all day it’s essential that the space is comfortable and keeps you productive.

This pack of simple tables should give you additional desk options to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workspace.


14. Versatile Chairs

Versatile Chairs mod for Software Inc.

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Of course, you’re going to need some chairs to go with those desks.

And these Versatile Chairs can help you with that.

This mod provides an additional four seating options to decorate your office with, including a swivel chair, meeting chair, stool, and modular bench.

This should keep your seating needs covered even up to when you’ve gotten yourself a much bigger office.


13. iKO – Flora

iKO – Flora Software Inc. mod screenshot

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IKEA plants have become an essential for any tech junkie’s desk. But adding some plants around any workspace is a great way to add color and life to the environment.

The iKO – Flora pack has you covered in that regard, giving you access to a set of 8 different placeable plants to decorate your office space with.

Sitting at a desk all day can tend to feel quite dull. So these would make a great addition to maybe even boost productivity.


12. BaFo Artworks

BaFo Artworks Software Inc. Game mod

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If plants aren’t enough to get your devs excited about that new game you’re all working on, you might want to consider pinning some inspiration on the walls.

The BaFo Artworks pack adds 40 posters to the game, inspired by the 2009 RTS BattleForge.

Seeing these on the walls should motivate your devs as they introduce positive effects to both skill and mood when placed.


11. Multi Monitor Setup

Multi Monitor Setup in Software Inc. Game

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As your tech company grows and earns more money, you’re going to have to decide how much of it to invest towards improving your production.

What better way to do so than to make sure that your devs have all the tools they need to produce the best work?

This Multi Monitor Setup mod adds in options for dual, triple, quad, and even more monitors to be setup at each of your devs’ workstations.

The option comes as an upgrade to the modern computer and will be unlocked at the same time in the year 2000.

As expected, having multiple monitors will increase electricity consumption but will provide a boost in environment as well.


10. Letter Signs

Letter Signs Software Inc. Game mod

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You might have noticed that some of the biggest tech companies in the world have some of the most impressive offices as well.

They tend to be quite eye-catching even from the outside as there are usually large colorful signs that make sure you know who they are even from afar.

Don’t worry: if you’re doing things right, you’ll find your company catching up too – and when that happens, you’re likely going to want to put up your own signs.

The Letter Signs mod lets you do exactly that, adding placeable letters for your to build your own custom signs with.


9. Small Modern Office

Small Modern Office Software Inc. Game mod

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Some of you might not enjoy the building aspect in particular, as you’d probably rather spend your time working on improving your company’s productivity and output.

In that case, you might be interested to look at some of the premade buildings the mod community has to offer.

That way you can just pick, plop, and move on.

Small Modern Office is a nice mod for a company that’s just starting out, but is starting to get more serious, providing you and your employees a 2-floor workspace to keep busy in.


8. StartUp 269

StartUp 269 mod for Software Inc. Game

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If you have a little more saved up and are looking to invest in something bigger and better, you might want to consider StartUp 269.

StartUp 269 is a designer building designed for a medium-large startup company, offering some of the most modern design and décor available.

The building has a total of 6 floors and 9 rooms for teams to work in, along with a canteen and a beautiful outside terrace for employees to spend their breaks in.


7. Glassbox Software Corporate Headquarters

Glassbox Software Corporate Headquarters mod

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Once you’ve made your way to the top, you’re going to want to have the best office possible – and there are quite a number of options for that depending on your own personal taste.

The Glassbox Software Corporate Headquarters is one option, offering a huge premade exterior that already comes with its own large signage out front.

The design is modern as it gets, giving you two large towers connected by the low-rise lobby in the center.

One thing about this is that it comes unfurnished, so you’ll have to decorate the interiors yourself.


6. Adobe HQ

Adobe HQ Software Inc. Game mod

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This next mod is an incredible premade building option, offering a replica of the Adobe headquarters found in San Jose, CA.

Looking at side-by-side comparisons, the modder did quite a job recreating the building within Software Inc., and all the detail put into this is reason enough to have it in your game.

The office space is huge, of course, giving you three interconnected towers to hold anything you’ll ever need for work.

Unfortunately, the interior is currently unfurnished as well. So you’ll still have to do that yourself.


5. Skytwist Tower

Skytwist Tower in Software Inc. Game

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Multiple towers might have that large tech company look. But they’re not nearly as impressive as oleg.maisak’s Skytwist Tower.

This modder took a different approach, only providing a single tower for the entire office.

The lack of more buildings is completely made up for by the fact that you get 41 entire floors to yourselves, along with a rooftop park to go with it.

Do note that you’re going to need to have the “All the floors!” Mod installed for this to work, as it goes well beyond the game’s limit.


4. Better Game Mod

Better Game Mod for Software Inc.

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Of course, building offices isn’t the main point of the game.

Creating software should be your primary focus.

In case you’ve chosen to specialize in video game development, you’re going to want to check out Milk’s Better Game Mod.

The mod expands on the options available for game development, including options for dynamic weather, DLC’s, HD graphics, and much more.


3. Software Expansion Mod

Software Expansion Mod screenshot

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There’s so much more to software development than video games, too.

And there are other mods to cover those areas as well.

Software Expansion Mod is one worth checking out, adding different development technologies under cloud software, communication software, and streaming software among others.

The technologies are grouped by year as well, and they mirror real-life in terms of what year they become available to you in the game.


2. anyfin Software Mod

anyfin Software Mod for Software Inc.

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The anyfin Software Mod is another great option for software expansion, adding in completely new technologies with over 150 new features.

Some of the new softwares included in the mod are modding tools, recording tools, browser software, and even viruses to spice things up quite a bit.


1. Hardware Mod

Hardware Mod Software Inc. Game

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Now if you really wanted to push the game further, Hardware Mod is one of the best to install.

This mod actually enhances the hardware side of things, adding in new motherboards, processors, storage, and graphics cards to the game.

With all the additional hardware from the mod, there are now over 15,000 different combinations for you to work with.

Talk about a whole new dimension to the game.

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