Top 11 Best Steins;Gate Characters (Ranked)

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Steins;Gate is my favorite anime and visual novel of all time.

The original game was released in 2009, and the anime adaptation in 2011. While the anime drops the galactic-textured art style that made the visual novel stand out, it replaces it with a stellar atmosphere, expressive animation, and an incredible soundtrack.

It also features a streamlined storyline that encapsulates all the routes available in the game, without bottlenecking the narrative too much.

This is one of my most important franchises (I’ve got the S;G worldline tattooed on my wrist) due to its complex yet succinct delineation of time travel, meta-and-quantum physics, set in an otaku culture.

The characters are one of the most important parts of S;G, and boy does it have a great cast – so let’s go through my favorite characters!


11. Nae Tennouji

Nae Tennouji Steins;Gate anime

The cute little daughter of Yuugo plays more of an important role in the visual novel.

However her cute presence and relationship with her father isn’t lost on the anime.

She’s an endearing and immature 11-year-old, and has a strong relationship with the similar (though older) Mayuri.

Her relationship with Okabe and Itaru isn’t as well-formed, however, as she’s frightened by their deviant and chuunibyou tendencies.

While such personalities are common to Akihabara, she is too docile to engage in the culture. She’s a young presence that brings many comedic moments, though.

We also discover she’s a bit of a clean-freak in Steins;Gate 0, and she becomes a major character (aged 20) in the spin-off series Robotics;Notes!


10. Rumiho Akha

Rumiho Akha from Steins;Gate

Rumiho is commonly referred to by her chunnibyou moniker, Faris (or Feyris), and is popular among the otaku and geeks of her hometown.

She’s in her second year of college and works part-time alongside Mayuri in a cute maid café in the center of Akihabara.

Faris is very immature, and often acts seductive towards her customers and fans.

Her odd quirk is to add cat puns and ‘meows’ when she speaks… much to the dismay of Okabe (so unaware that he doesn’t recognize he’s perhaps more embarrassing).


9. Luka Urushibara

Luka Urushibara Steins;Gate screenshot

Luka is a graceful Yanabayashi Shrine worker, always dressed in Miko Priestess robes.

Soft spoken and well-meaning, Luka wants to be of worthy to her friends and feels insecure at the prospect of dragging them down.

They are also a biological boy who yearns to be born a female, due to their effeminate voice and appearance, and homosexual relationship preferences.

Luka is a strong supporting character who doesn’t interfere with the plot too much.

But Luka still makes a strong immediate impression.

Their earnestness insecurities make her a realistic, focused character who adds heart and emotion, all without detracting from the narrative.


8. Yuugo Tennouji

Yuugo Tennouji in Steins;Gate anime

Yuugo is a brash, irritable man that owns a CRT TV workshop in Akihabara.

He rents the apartment above to Okabe at a discount (unappreciated) price and puts up with their noise and antics.

He loves retro technology like CRT equipment, and despises modes of visual entertainment like LCDs or newer televisions.

His daughter, Nae, is the most important part of his life.

He would do anything to ensure her safety and security.

Even if it meant holding some secrets in the process.


7. Moeka Kiryuu

Moeka Kiryuu Steins;Gate anime

Ever since a traumatic incident, Moeka has found it difficult to socialize with anybody.

She finds things hopeless and suffers from severe depression. She manages to communicate through texting – which gets her the nickname ‘Shining Finger’ due to her typing speed – and uses it to find companionship with the other Future Gadget Laboratory members.

She loves her new job in S;G, due to the responsibility she’s given, and the sense of belonging.

However, this job keeps getting in the way of her relationships.

It’s notable that Moeka is a complex character with a very polarizing fanbase, due to some of the decisions she makes throughout the series.


6. Maho Hiyajou

Maho Hiyajou Steins;Gate character

Now Maho only appears in the ‘kind-of’ sequel-prequel Steins;Gate 0.

She’s a top researcher at Viktor Chondria University alongside Kurisu, and had been developing an artificial intelligence program there.

While promoting the software in Japan, she runs into Okabe at his university.

They quickly become close friends due to their shared passions and trauma. She was a late addition to the cast that felt right at home, bringing intrigue and drama to an already well-established group without disrupting the dynamic.


5. Itaru Hashida

Itaru Hashida from Steins;Gate anime

Itaru (or as he’s known, Daru) is Okabe’s university friend.

He’s a supreme otaku who spends most his time and money on otame and bishoujo games, when he isn’t arguing online or playing around with software.

Also he’s not very good with real-life women, preferring to engage in animated relationships due to his weight insecurity and feelings of inadequacy.

This often manifests in lewd, inappropriate comments that get him scorn from the women around him.

Nonetheless, he is extremely smart at engineering and hacking. Quickly becoming a cornerstone member of the Future Gadget Laboratory.

His humorous anecdotes, loyal demeanor, and commitment to the laboratory and its endeavors, makes him one of Okabe’s closest friends.


4. Suzuha Amane

Suzuha Amane Steins;Gate screenshot

Suzuha is an energetic, mysterious part time worker at Yuugo Tennouji’s CRT TV workshop. Though she slacks off quite a lot.

She’s rather unusual (like most of the cast) and spouts random aphorisms without much care.

This endears her to the Future Gadget Library who eventually enlist her as member 008.

Okabe in particular gets on with her due to their shared interests.

Suzuha can usually be found travelling on her bicycle, gifted to her by a close friend, and searching for her father in the grand otaku city.

Her story is a sad & twisted one that will leave you loving her by the end.


3. Mayuri Shiina

Mayuri Shiina Steins;Gate character

The bubbly and energetic Mayuri always has a smile on her face.

She’s the second member of the Future Gadget Laboratory despite not understanding anything scientific.

Her and Okabe have a strong relationship stemming back from their childhood.

He wants to protect her no matter the cost, and she wants everyone to be safe and get along.

The simple life is the ideal life for Mayuri, who despite her enthusiastic child-like personality, is secretly struggling with issues of her own.

Lovable, adorable, and one of the most important characters that makes Steins;Gate so special.


2. Kurisu Makise

Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate anime

Kurisu is a genius researcher of Victor Qondria University in America, specializing in Neurology and Artificial Intelligence.

She’s written many theses across a range of topics, even developing a name for herself in the academic world.

Kurisu meets Okabe at a seminar on the Implausibility of Time Travel, where they get into a heated debate. However, she’s intrigued by the strange student and decides to poke her way into her life, discovering he has accidentally developed a time machine.

Her quick wit, hidden otaku sensibilities, tsundere attitude, and complex relationship writing, all makes Kurisu one of the greatest female anime characters.

She’s the smartest character in the room and knows it.

But her hubris (built up over years of bullying and perceived superiority) has left her lonely and outcast.

The friendships she makes throughout the series turn her into a compassionate, reliable person, who comes to prize her newfound social group.


1. Rintarou Okabe

Rintarou Okabe Steins;Gate screenshot

Mayuri calls him Okarin, a portmanteau of his name. But he refers to himself as ‘Hououin Kyouma, the Mad Scientist.’

Nobody else does, however, which irritates him greatly.

He’s a university student who acts very chunnibyou, regularly pretending to be someone he isn’t, disenfranchising himself from the masses – and himself.

He set up the Future Gadget Research Establishment to conduct ‘evil experiments’ with his best friends. Sounds fun.

Okabe often speaks to himself in ominous tones about conspiracies and supernatural phenomena.

He’s eager for an alien & exciting life – but he quickly comes to regret this when things go bad, and real conspiracies rear their head.

He ends up yearning for normality once more.

Okabe is a phenomenally written, beautifully-realized character who immediately became my favorite character of all time.

His approach towards life, agency, his friends, and the tragedies of his narrative, shape him into a stronger person with time.

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