The 10 Best PC Mods For SWAT 4

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Anyone remember SWAT 4? Maybe not?

If that’s the case, then I can’t really fault you: from the era it came from where every seemingly “core” gamer only played military shooters, it was likely to have been overshadowed.

It didn’t have the name recognition of Rainbow Six, nor the sleek polish of contemporaries like Black (speaking of which, why doesn’t anyone reference Black anymore? It was a very stylish game, dude!)

Regardless, if there’s anything that previous era of gaming taught us, it’s that younger generations of gamers are capable of pushing a title to cult status. Heck, just look at what happened to Escape From Tarkov; who would have thought that a game like that would be as relevant as Fornite a year ago?

Point is, SWAT 4 is an old game that has a charm all its own if you give it a chance . And because we’re in 2020 now, it’s about time we indulged in some ‘00s nostalgia, don’t you think?

So to get you back into the game fast here are the coolest mods we’ve tested for SWAT 4.

Dig in!

10. SniperWolf Radio

SniperWolf Radio mod

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Here’s a little disclaimer before we start listing down stuff here: compared to other old games, the mod selection for SWAT 4 is… well, modest, to put it lightly.

So if you’re wondering why things like the above mod makes it in this list, it’s because almost everything else is pretty basic. “Almost”, thankfully.

So yes, this mod simply changes the radio commands that you as the player will issue within the game.

But trust us when we say that the mods you will encounter gets better from this point on!


9. Sheriff’s Special Forces Realism

Sheriff's Special Forces Realism mod

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Back in the aughts, the thought that a county sheriff would issue lethal firearms to the police would have been laughable.

What’s the worst that could happen in a town that a sheriff would need a small army to maintain the peace?

But fifteen years on, and this mod looks a tad bit too appropriate for today’s times!

In any case, this mod takes the concept of “realism” very seriously: weapons display accurate mortality rates, and even the physics engine enjoyed some nifty upgrades.

We really have to give props to the “accurate” death animations, though; NPCs who get shot to death in the game convulse and spasm as their nerves go into overdrive as they feel the sweet embrace of death.

The modder who created this clearly loved his gangster movies.


8. The Manor

The Manor mod

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Say what you will about SWAT 4, but it does these classic “infiltrate the bad guys’ lair”missions very capably.

This map, in particular, still ranks as one of the best variations of it in the game.

On the other hand, it does make you think how SWAT 4 would have been seen today if it attracted modders the way other games did.

Thankfully there’s one tool that would make maps like this easier to newcomers…


7. Mission Editor

Mission Editor mod

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RPG Maker, this is not.

But hey, at least it should give you a taste of what it takes to create levels for SWAT 4!

The toolset may be basic to some, but I imagine any newcomers to modding in general would appreciate how simple that would have been for them.


6. Police Station

Police Station mod

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But of course, there would be a police station add-on for SWAT 4!

Where else would you hang out whenever you’re not getting receipts from fools?

Needs more coffee and donuts, though.


5. Canadian Forces: Direct Action 4.1

Canadian Forces SWAT4 mod

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This is probably the most pleasant surprise we’ve encountered while researching this list. Because come on now, Canadian FORCES?

And all along we thought our cousins from the North are supposed to be the peaceful ones!

As far as mod packs go, this contains all the works: new missions, weapons, multiplayer modes,and even a custom VoIP system makes this a worthy addition to the game.

If nothing else though, this was a training tool used by the actual freakin’ federal law enforcement at one time.

From then till now, Canucks are really cool folks aren’t they?


4. SWAT 4 Server List

SWAT 4 Server List mod

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For a semi-obscure game from the ‘00s, it’s really surprising to know that there are still existing servers for the game!

The countries included in the servers are UK, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Canada, and, of course, us here at beautiful US of A.

See, which game has the real fans now huh?


3. 11-99 Enhancement Mod

11-99 Enhancement Mod

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One of PC gaming’s biggest advantages from its console cousins is that players don’t have to wait for the dev team to make fixes for the game; if they have enough technical know-how and imagination, they can implement the changes themselves.

The 11-99 Enhancement mod, in particular, is one good example of how this DIY mentality improves even the base playing experience in a game like SWAT 4!

Not only are fixes like harder AI and more customizable weapons added.

But the modding team behind this even included a few servers for dedicated online play too which is just so awesome.


2. SWAT 4: Graphical Enrichment Mod

Graphical Enrichment for SWAT4

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Anyone who ever told you that gameplay > graphics is lying.

Just like with every important thing in life, presentation matters as much as substance.

And thank god some modder finally did the obvious and upgraded SWAT 4’s graphics to become more HD-friendly!

Absolutely a mod you have to see to believe.


1. SWAT Elite Force Mod

SWAT Elite Force Mod

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The SWAT Elite Force mod takes the top of this list. If not for thoroughness, then at least for sheer ambition.

By some obscure witch magick, the team behind the mod included even the stuff cut from the original game.

This improves every aspect of the vanilla SWAT 4 experience, from single-player modes to more customizable multiplayer modes, and even a few quality of life improvements like filterable maps and easy stat tracking.

Forget that this is a mod; this is basically the definite edition of SWAT 4 right here. A must-try.

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