33 Best Quests To Do in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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I think it’s easy to see that Oblivion has some of the best quests in the entire Elder Scrolls franchise.

The main story is fantastic, the Dark Brotherhood questline is unique, and there are hundreds of other quests that easily take a spot among the best ever quest of TES.

I would even go as far as saying that Oblivion’s quests are far better than those in Skyrim. Sure, Skyrim might have better gameplay (for sure). But the stories that Oblivion tells still resonate with me, and even encourate me to pick up the game every now and then.

However with how many quests there are, I often wonder which ones were really the most fun. I figured I’d make a list of the best quests in Oblivion and share my thoughts with other fans of the game.

I’ll also give you some insight into every quest, so you can get a better idea of what to expect from them. Stick with me to the end, my friends!

33. The Purification

The Purification Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

This is one of my favorite all-time Oblivion quests.

There is a traitor among the Dark Brotherhood loyalists in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary, and Lucien Lachance has sent you to exterminate the entire sanctuary in order to cleanse the Brotherhood of the traitor.

Since you don’t know who the traitor is, you’ll end up killing a bunch of characters you know from the past. This quest truly portrays the grim nature of the Dark Brotherhood, whilst also being quite challenging on its own.

A fantastic mission and one that reverberates through the ages.


32. Final Resting

Final Resting Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

Final Resting is a quest that can be obtained if you have the Shivering Isles DLC, as it starts inside the Shivering Isles once you meet a man named Hirrus.

He feels completely miserable and he’s absolutely insane, which is to be expected from anyone living in the realm of Sheogorath. However, he wants to end his life, and he has asked you to do it for him. Dark stuff.

The quest ends with you obtaining a key to his house, where you can then find a jewelry box is a lucrative reward.


31. Sheogorath’s Shrine Quest

Sheogorath’s Shrine Quest Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Quest

This quest, much like Sheogorath, is absolutely insane.

The Mad Prince will ask you to visit a settlement of superstitious individuals, where he will then help you make these people believe that the end of the world is coming.

A completely insane quest but an extremely fun one as well.

One of those that remain in your memory years after completing the game.


30. An Unexpected Voyage

An Unexpected Voyage - Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

The Bloated Float might seem like a cool inn to spend the night, but peril awaits if you decide to sleep on its guest bed.

Renting a room for the night will allow you to start a quest where a ship will be sailed to the high seas, and it’ll be up to you to stop the enemies that have taken it over.

The quest is super unique and also offers you a decent set of rewards, which vary depending on your level. Some nice pirate vibes though.


29. Ushnar’s Terror

Ushnar’s Terror Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

Ushnar really hates Bhisha. Why?

We don’t know.

However, the quest that he gives you has the main objective of making his enemy disappear.

You can choose how to do it depending on how you approach the situation, but Ushnar doesn’t really care how you do it. The one thing he wants if tor Bhisha to disappear.

You can actually convince Bhisha to leave New Sheoth if you talk to him and offer him 100 gold. You can also kill him and save yourself the trouble!

Completing this quest will grant you a Skinned Hound, which will follow you around Oblivion and help you in combat. The hound won’t respawn, so take good care of him.


28. A Shadow Over Hackdirt

A Shadow Over Hackdirt Elder Scrolls IV Quest

You won’t know what seems to be going on in Hackdirt when you’re sent there to rescue a missing Argonian woman.

However upon further inspection, you’ll find out why so many of the townsfolk are acting suspicious.

It’s your duty and mission to save the missing woman and return her to her home in Chorrol.

Rewards await at the end of the quest, but the fascinating mystery that you’ll uncover makes this mission even more worthwhile.


27. Order of the Virtuous Blood

Order of the Virtuous Blood Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

Well, this quest does require you to have a bit of fame in order to start it.

But it’s one of the strangest quests in the game by far.

You will be confronted by a mysterious woman in the Imperial District, where you’ll start a quest that’ll help you learn everything about the Order of the Virtuous Blood.

Completing this quest should allow you to join the mysterious order, but most importantly, you’ll get a reward depending on who you kill to complete it. Yes – you need to kill to complete this quest!


26. Paranoia

Paranoia Elder TES4 Oblivion Quest

If you decide to help Galthir who lives in Skingrad, you’re probably going to have quite a bad time.

He’s a nutjob that believes people are constantly following him, and he will put you on a mission to find out who exactly are these who follow him and when they do it.

The quest will allow you to discover that Galthir isn’t being followed by anyone… but I advise you to kill at least one of the people who he suspects about. If you do so, he will give you a reward of 1000 coins.


25. Where Spirits Have Lease

Where Spirits Have Lease Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Quest

Now this is not only super fun and challenging, but it also ends up with you getting a new damn house in Anvil. Sweet!

Clear the old mansion from the spirits that haunt it after purchasing it for a mere 5000. It’s all yours for the taking after that.


24. Baiting the Trap

Baiting the Trap Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

Are you looking for an even more challenging experience in the Shivering Isles?

If you are, then play Baiting the Trap.

This quest is given to you by Sheogorath, the Mad God. You will have to face a series of puzzles that will put your life in extreme danger, but the reward is worth it.

Will you be able to take it, or will you die trying?


23. A Brush with Death

A Brush with Death Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

Man, this quest is one that I absolutely love.

It reminds me of that old Robin Williams movie where he went into a painting, or something. I haven’t watched it in a while.

Well either way this quest puts you in a very similar situation. You’ll have to enter a fictional realm inside of a painting to try to find the missing author of said work of art.


22. Breaking Out of Any Jail

Breaking Out of Any Jail Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Quest

Fine, I know this isn’t a quest per se. However getting caught committing a crime and being thrown into any of Oblivion’s jails presents with a challenge as much as a moral predicament: will you serve the sentence, or break out of jail?

Doing what’s morally right is not fun, though.

And breaking out of jail is super entertaining – especially if you have good sneaking and lockpicking skills.


21. The Potato Snatcher

The Potato Snatcher Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Quest

Yes, this quest is exactly what it sounds like.

Yes, you guessed it, it’s a damn Khajit.

Go on and save the day by catching the Potato Snatcher. It’ll be tough but worth it.


20. Ghosts of Virtharn

Ghosts of Virtharn Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

This one is a bit of a somber quest as you’ll have to visit Vitharn, a fortress that some old soldiers failed to defend. Because of this, as punishment, they were made to re-live their last moments for eternity by Mad God Sheogorath.

Save them from the eternal pain and feel like a good man by completing Ghosts of Virtharn.


19. Shivering Isles Questline

Shivering Isles Elder Scrolls IV Quest

The entire questline of the Shivering Isles has made this DLC one of my favorite ones by far.

I like it even more than Dawnguard and Dragonborn in Skyrim!

Sheogorath is truly an insane god that will prove to be quite an entertaining character during the quests.

The best thing about this questline is that, once you’ve finished it, you will become the Mad God himself.

Who wouldn’t love to make cheese rain or turn your enemies into random animals?

Quests are nothing short of fantastic and really weird at the same time. So travel into the world of insanity and complete the quests to become the Mad God himself.


18. The Mage’s Guild Questline

The Mage’s Guild Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

I’m honestly adding the Mage’s Guild Questline to my list mainly because the Arcane University is such a cool place – especially compared to the College of Winterhold.

I think faction questlines left a lot to be desired in Skyrim, but that’s something that cannot be said about Oblivion.

This game had some of the best faction questlines that I’ve played in any game. And this entire line is well worth following to the end.

Becoming the arch-mage of the Mage’s Guild in Oblivion is also far more entertaining than doing so in Skyrim.


17. The Arena Fights

The Arena Fights Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Quest

I mean, technically these are a bunch of fights that you’ll have access to as you continue your wins in the Arena… but let’s face it: we all had a ton of fun doing this back in the day.

And it’s one of the things in Oblivion with the most replay value.

Fighting foes in the Arena is absolutely fantastic. Especially because every single foe seems to have a personality of their own.

Slaying them makes you feel guilty at times, while other foes make you feel like a true hero for killing them.

In any case, the entire path from newcomer to Arena Champion is one that every player loves in Oblivion.


16. The Ultimate Heist

The Ultimate Heist Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

The Ultimate Heist is the last quest of the Thieves’ Guild.

Even though the questline of this guild isn’t really that good, the final quest stands as one of the best in the game.

Your mission here will be to steal an Elder Scroll from the Imperial City and give it to the Grey Fox, who will then proceed to grant you his mask so you can take his place.

This is one of the biggest heists ever pulled in Cyrodiil. And it’s up to you to take a crucial role in it.


15. Battlehorn Castle Quest

Battlehorn Castle Quest Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

This quest might not be as fun as it is challenging, but the reward is the entire Battlehorn Castle for yourself.

Need I say more?

I mean, you do need the Fighter’s Stronghold DLC if you wish to play it. But it’s one of those times in which buying a DLC feels completely justified.

Save the Castle from Marauders and become its new ruler! This is one of the best player homes in the game for sure, albeit you’ll have to fork out a decent sum of cash if you wish to get it to its best.


14. Repairing the Orrery

Repairing the Orrery Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

Are you a mage and you wish to have access to more of the secrets of the Mages Guild?

Do you happen to have enough skill to repair the Orrery?

If so, download the DLC and embark on a quest to repair this ancient tower.

Uncover great powers and gain access to them all. Their magical feats await those who are skilled enough to unlock them!


13. Zero Visibility

Zero Visibility Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

Zero Visibility is a small yet really entertaining quest where you’ll have to help the inhabitants of a town turn “visible” again.

According to the rumors of some locals, there is a small settlement to the north of the Imperial City where every single citizen has vanished.

It’s your job to discover what exactly happened to the site and help the locals to recover what was taken from them (which was their presence, apparently).

I know the idea of this quest is a bit silly. But trust me – it’s actually quite fun to complete. The gratefulness of the locals awaits!


12. Frostcrag Spire

Frostcrag Spire Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

Frostcrag Spire is a wizard tower that gets added to the game upon your purchase of the DLC that shares the same name.

It’s considered to be one of the best mage houses in the entire world of Cyrodiil, though you’ll have to complete a quest first if you wish to obtain it.

Furthermore, you’re going to need to spend quite a substantial sum of cash to fully upgrade the Spire to its former glory.

Should you be able to afford it, chances are that you’re going to end up with a new home where you’ll spend the rest of your days.


11. Dunbarrow Cove (Pirate Questline)

Dunbarrow Cove (Pirate Questline) Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

The Dunbarrow Cove quest is the first one that starts the entire Pirate Questline, unlocked with the purchase of its DLC.

The Dunbarrow Cove is actually a fantastic place to live if you’re roleplaying any “shady” role, such as thief, assassin, or pirate of course.

The quest itself is rather easy. Although the rest of the pirate quests are super fun and offer a different twist to Oblivion.

If you wish to play the game with a twist, I fully suggest you check out the DLC and get down to business to complete this quest!


10. Mazoga the Orc

10. Mazoga the Orc Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

Mazoga might be a complete and utter asshole, but she does give you a kind of cool quest.

Tolerate her rude attitude and help her finish the quest to get the cool reward of becoming a knight-errant for the count of Leyawiin!


9. The Gravefinder’s Repose

The Gravefinder’s Repose Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

I absolutely despise necromancers.

They think they’re so cool with their black robes and undead magic, huh? If you dislike them as much as me, then you’ll find this quest to be tailormade for you.

Go and find Malene, who lives at an Inn just north of the Imperial City, and she’ll ask you to kill the annoying necromancer who roams the lands.

Be warned, the guy is pretty good at necromancing.

He’ll give you a run for your money. Expect a solid monetary reward in return for your good deeds.


8. Deepscorn Hollow

Deepscorn Hollow Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

Deepscorn Hollow is the name of the quest that is required to be completed in order to gain permanent access to the location of the same name.

You’ll have to spend some cash to fully upgrade the Hollow.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you’ll have to buy the DLC in order to gain access to it. It’s a cool lair, though!


7. The Forgotten Chests of Pale Pass

The Forgotten Chests of Pale Pass Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

This quest is a rather straightforward enter-and-get-it type of quest.

But it’s actually pretty cool because of its final reward.

In fact, you can get the reward amulet pretty easily even if you’re not a high-level character yet.

It’s a treasure hunt quest as well, which makes it rather different than other quests in the game. A fun twist indeed.


6. Pilgrimage of the Shrines of the Nine

Pilgrimage of the Shrines of the Nine Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

This is actually a pretty unique quest to do, and one that will help you feel more connected to the world of Cyrodiil as well as with the Nine Divines themselves.

Try your luck by starting a pilgrimage through the Shrines of the Nine, getting the blessings of each divine along the way.

This can be done naturally or as part of the Knights of the Nine DLC – it’s up to you!


5. Canvas the Castle

Canvas the Castle Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

If you’re into thief-hunting quests, this one is the best in the game for that niche.

You’ll have to find the painting of a castle that was stolen from a very wealthy woman and bring the culprit to justice.

Depending on your success, you can receive the painting as a reward plus a few extra septims.


4. The Horror of Dive Rock

The Horror of Dive Rock Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quest

There is a massive troll bringing chaos upon the inhabitants of Bruma and Cheydinhal.

She lives in Dive Rock, where many have failed to kill her.

It’s your turn to do it now and, should you succeed, you’ll be able to retrieve a powerful bow from the corpse of another hero who failed where you won’t.


3. Whodunit?

Whodunit? Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Quest

Whodunit? is one of the biggest cult quests in Oblivion.

Many people say that this is their favorite ever Oblivion quest, and there’s a good reason for it: it presents you with a lot of situations where problem-solving plays a huge part.

Also this quest belongs to the Dark Brotherhood questline, which doesn’t come as a surprise at all.

You’ll be thrown into a house with various guests, and it’s your mission to kill them all. If you make each kill without allowing the guests to find out about the deaths then you’ll be given an even heftier reward.

By far one of the most complex quests in Oblivion and certainly one of the most interesting ones to play through and complete.


2. Oblivion’s Main Questline

Oblivion’s Main Questline Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Quest

One thing that made Oblivion such a fantastic game was its compelling story.

You could simply ignore all side quests and do the main story and the game would still be completely worth your while.

I don’t recommend missing out on so many fantastic missions, of course. But if you only want to complete the main quest, you can do it.

Watching all of those Oblivion gates open across Cyrodiil and fighting your way through the planes of Oblivion to close them truly makes this game an experience to behold.

Fight foes, kill weird creatures, and steal the objects that make the Oblivion gates remain open. Become a true hero of the land even after saving Kvatch.


1. The Dark Brotherhood Questline

The Dark Brotherhood Questline Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Quest

My personal preference might’ve played a huge part in my decision to add the Dark Brotherhood questline to the number one spot on my list… but I think it’s fully justified to have it here.

I also added a couple other Dark Brotherhood quests earlier in this post that stand out. But the entire questline is what makes Oblivion such a fantastic game and sets it apart from Skyrim.

Some of the missions that you’ll be assigned are truly iconic.

Assassinations, deceiving tasks, and shady deeds await those who want to join the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion.

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