Best Torchlight 1 Mods Worth Trying (All Free)

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Torchlight may seem like a simplified version of Diablo straight away – especially because of the cartoon-y art style that greets you right off the bat.

That doesn’t make it any less good, though. But fans of the series know this already.

Torchlight makes things simple enough to wrap your head around without pressuring you to jump right to the end, and doesn’t overdo it either to the point that you feel like it was made for a much younger audience.

Mod support is another factor that elevates Torchlight even further.

We covered some of the best mods for Torchlight 2, so now let’s check out an even older classic in this list of mods for the original Torchlight.


15. Torchlight Texture Project

Torchlight Texture Project Torchlight 1 Mod

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Torchlight’s cartoon-y art style is definitely part of its charm – reminding me of the older Warcraft games.

That doesn’t mean the graphics can’t be improved on of course, especially considering that it’s a 10-year-old game.

SorrySoldOut’s Torchlight Texture Project does exactly that, replacing almost every texture in the game with hi-res alternates.

Everything looks much better especially at higher resolution settings, adding sharpness and detail to characters, structures, environments, and pretty much everything else in the game.


14. RunningSpeed 1.25x

RunningSpeed 1.25x Mod for Torchlight 1

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Dungeon crawling can get pretty grind-y, especially towards the later stages of the game where you’re mostly just going back and forth hunting for rare item drops.

Unfortunately, dungeon crawlers don’t typically have fast-forward buttons like RTS games do.

No problem though, as Webbstre has exactly what you need to speed things up a bit.

As you probably expect from the name, RunningSpeed 1.25x increases your movement speed by 25%.

There are 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2x variants as well – so you can choose whichever feels best for you.


13. Bigger Potions and Stacksize

Bigger Potions and Stacksize Torchlight 1 Mod

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Speaking of hunting for loot, that’s pretty much where majority of your time in Torchlight is going to go.

Now it’s one thing to make sure you have enough space din your inventory for whatever you might run into during your run, but let’s not forget that it’s equally important to make sure you have everything you need before even going under.

Balancing the two can be quite challenging at times.

Which is where your superior inventory management skills come into play.

It doesn’t have to be that hard, especially if you have Bigger Potions and Stacksize installed.

The mod basically increases stack sizes from 20 to 200, so your precious inventory slots won’t be taken up by your potions, town portal scrolls, and item identification scrolls.


12. More Stash

More Stash Torchlight 1 Mod screenshot

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Assuming you do make it back to Torchlight in one piece, you’re probably itching to check out what goodies you were able to gather in your last run.

There’s really nothing better than making it out to find that you’ve chanced upon some valuable items.

On the other hand, there can’t be anything worse than finding out that you’re short on storage space and are forced to choose what to get rid of to make room for some new loot.

More Stash is a simple fix to that problem, giving you 19 more stash chests to store loot in.


11. Better Random Quest Rewards

Better Random Quest Rewards Torchlight 1 Mod

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In case you find that you aren’t so lucky and always end up with crap loot drops, Better Random Quest Rewards might be the mod you’re looking for.

Dungeon crawlers know all too well how tedious it can be searching for specific loot, and some players spend hours doing repetitive runs until they get what they’re looking for.

If you aren’t willing to do things over and over or simply don’t have the time, Better Random Quest Rewards forces the game to drop rare or unique items during random quests.


10. Better Balanced Sale Prices

Better Balanced Sale Prices Torchlight 1 Mod

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It’s inevitable that you’re going to resurface with junk every now and then. Especially if you’ve played the game enough to have encountered more of the items that you actually want to keep.

Better Balanced Sale Prices makes getting rid of your junk much more worth your while as you’ll no longer be given negligible amounts of money for your troubles.

The mod rebalances merchant sale prices, so you basically get more for what you’re giving them.


9. Merchant Pack

Merchant Pack Mod for Torchlight 1

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Economy seems to be something of an afterthought in Torchlight.

You’re only going to meet 3 merchants in the entire town, whom you’re going to be dealing with for the entire game – not really leaving much to discover in that department.

This usually plays a larger role in RPGs, and it just doesn’t make sense that Torchlight didn’t put more thought into it.

The Merchant Pack offers more options though, introducing 6 new merchants for you to deal with.


8. Potion Deluxe

Potion Deluxe Mod for Torchlight 1

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Merchants aren’t the only things getting added to the game.

Potion Deluxe gives you a bunch of new content to discover as well.

This mod allows the general merchant to offer 6 new items to spice things up a bit, including a regeneration potion that restores health over time, a rejuvenation potion that replenishes both hp and mana, and moment of silence which gives you 100% crit hit chance and 150% crit damage bonuses, among other interesting new potions.

I’m sure you’ll instantly find those useful in your next journey, so go on ahead and see for yourself what other new items the merchant might be offering.


7. Epic Boss Maps

Epic Boss Maps Torchlight 1 Mod

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If you find that you’ve reached the end game but haven’t gotten enough of Torchlight, there are a number of ways to keep things interesting during your extended stay.

Epic Boss Maps is a great example, giving you a whole new set of options to explore if you feel that there’s nothing left for you to explore in the base game.

This mod allows you to buy these boss maps from the map vendor, which essentially teleport you to maps filled with different bosses you’ve encountered throughout the game.

If you’re in need of a new challenge, this is the way to go.


6. Respec

Respec Torchlight 1 Mod

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This next mod is one of the most popular Torchlight mods out there.

And it’s another great way to add replayability to the game.

Though the game only offers three options when it comes to classes, you’re given a lot of flexibility when it comes to character building instead.

Exploring different builds for different playstyles can get quite tiring in these games as you’d usually have to start over from the beginning to do so.

Respec gives you a much simpler alternative: giving the potions vendor a purchasable respect potion that basically resets your skill points, so you’ll be able to reassign them however you want.


5. Jarcho’s Class Compilation

Jarcho's Class Compilation Torchlight 1 Mod

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If you’ve gotten bored with the build options offered by the base game, you could just add completely new classes instead.

Jarcho’s Class Compilation is the best class mod for Torchlight as it conveniently places all the best community-made custom classes in one package.

The mod includes 22 new classes including assassin, barbarian, enchanter, executioner, and even an airbender class.


4. Udinbak’s Pet Mod

Udinbak's Pet Mod screenshot

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Pets is one of Torchlight’s additions that separates it from the Diablo series, allowing you to take either a dog or cat along as a companion throughout your journey.

While it’s an original idea that turned out to be a pretty good one, it feels as though Runic was unsure about it and decided against spending too much time developing it.

With that, Udinbak’s Pet Mod offers a huge expansion to the game’s pet options, giving you 79 more options to choose from.


3. No Item Requirements Needed

No Item Requirements Needed Torchlight 1 Mod

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If in case you do decide to go for a fresh playthrough, there are some things from your first run that you’re probably going to want to get rid of.

Item requirements is probably going to be towards the top of your list, as you’re not going to want to have to wait to level up before gaining access to certain items.

This is especially useful if you’ve kept some of the more powerful items in your shared stash, and want to try them out with your new build. You won’t have to wait until you’ve met the requirements, all thanks to this mod.


2. Enchants Never Wipe

Enchants Never Wipe Torchlight 1 Mod

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Something else you’ll be better off without is the disenchantment mechanic.

If you’re looking to test different enchantments, the chance of wiping your items just isn’t worth the risk – especially considering how often you’re going to be visiting the Enchanter.

Enchants Never Wipe solves that problem, completely removing the chance that an item will be wiped after an enchantment attempt.


1. Archanoth’s Torchlight Overhaul

Archanoth's Torchlight Overhaul Torchlight 1 Mod

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Hands down one of the best ways to keep Torchlight interesting is right here.

Definitely give Archanoth’s Torchlight Overhaul a shot.

Archanoth’s is the most popular overhaul mod for the game, offering tons of gameplay changes and rebalances that are well worth exploring.

Some of the major changes include a reworked skill system, and changes to how spells and potions are used in the game.

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