Top 15 Best Warframe Companions (Ranked)

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There are many different types of companions in Warframe. And they don’t just vary in shape, as they come with different buffs and abilities too.

So if you’re looking to get some ideas for the coolest companions to have by your side, I can say you’ve come to the right place.

For this post I’ve compiled 15 of the best picks you can get in the game. But before we start just bear something in mind – the usefulness of each of these characters varies depending on the build of your character, as well as in what you’re looking to get from your companion.

All of these characters can be very useful in different situations, so don’t judge a book by its cover. Maybe try them all out if you can.

15. Huras Kubrow

Huras Kubrow Warframe

Let’s start the list with one of the best companions you can get if you’re looking to play stealth.

The Huras Kubrow can make itself invisible, but that’s not all – it can also make you invisible as well!

As if that wasn’t enough, the Huras can also attack and perform lunging powers on unsuspecting foes, becoming even more lethal if they come while on stealth.

Huras is not as useful as Shade(further on my list) but in my opinion, it has a better design and serves as a cooler-looking alternative to the fan favorite.

A powerful companion that won’t let you down if stealth is what you’re after.


14. Vasca Kavat

Vasca Kavat Warframe

If you manage to get your Kavat bitten and infected by a Vasca, then it will become a sort of “possessed” version of a traditional Kavat.

Which is basically a vampiric version of a regular Kavat.

It looks extremely cool and a bit demonic, which is awesomely redundant. The Vasca Kavat also has abilities that take health from your enemies like a true vampire.

It’s a great battle partner – especially if you’re looking to go on an all-out rampage against your foes and you wish to take stealth to a secondary background.

Focus on attacks and make full use of your Kavat’s abilities once you’ve managed to turn it into a Vasca.


13. Carrier

Carrier Warframe

Carrier is a fantastic soldier. But it’s not as useful as it once was.

I mean, if this list would’ve been written in 2017 it’s likely that Carrier would’ve taken the first spot.

But Carrier is still super useful and still collects loot for you (even though vacuum does that already).

In any case, he takes a lot of fire and doesn’t die thanks to its high health. And Carrier Prime is super useful as a battle companion too.


12. Sunika Kubrow

Sunika Kubrow Warframe

Are you a fan of the Kubrows, but you simply dislike stealth strategies?

Would your rather go all out against your enemies and slay them as they come?

Then you want to try out the Sunika Kubrow.

This legendary Kubrow is the equivalent of a battle hound, and it will accompany you into any battle.

This Kubrow can knock down VIPs and special targets, which makes it ideal to be carried around when you’re on a hunt or capture mission.

Sunikas are truly the good boys when it comes to intergalactic space dogs.


11. Sahasa Kubrow

Sahasa Kubrow Warframe

The Sahasa is a fantastic companion that doesn’t serve as much of a good purpose in battle, but they are loyal space dogs that will carry and find stuff for you – especially when the missions don’t give you the time to do it yourself.

If you want to get a companion that will be there for you and collect all that juicy loot then the Sahasa is the one for you.

These dogs also look extremely intimidating, even though they aren’t too strong compared to others.

Imagine a massive space hound lurking around to get you some free healing orbs and ammo, and that’s basically what you get with a Sahasa.

I love them as you can probably tell, but I can’t rank them higher just because of how useful other companions are.


10. Dethcube

Dethcube Warframe

Looking for an offensive companion? Then Dethcube might as well be the one you’ll settle with.

This amazing killing machine comes equipped with the Deth Machine Rifle, as well as with three different offensive abilities that can destroy foes in an instant.

Vaporize is fantastic and concentrates the entire firepower of your Dethcube into a full DPS character.

I find it extremely useful in most situations, but that might be because I really don’t give a damn about stealth.

If you’re like me, then give Dethcube a try. I’m sure you’ll love it.


9. Taxon

Taxon Warframe

Taxon might be a beginner companion, but its usefulness in the start of the game makes this sentinel one of the best characters in the early game.

Use its abilities to keep yourself protected from foes when you’re first starting out in Warframe!


8. Shade

Shade Warframe

Shade is like a Huras Kubrow on sheer steroids.

If you’re looking to play stealthy then this is by far the best companion you could try out.

He doesn’t only help you in stealth, as he also has fantastic DPS for a sneaky character.

You may want to give it a go if you intend to open fire after leaving stealth mode!


7. Djinn

Wondering why I’ve added Djinn to the list?

Well he might not be the strongest, but he’s by far one of the most useful – especially in late-game Warframe.

This amazing dude is capable of reviving itself after it dies. Which means you won’t have to worry about keeping him alive when fighting hordes upon hordes of enemies.


6. Wyrm

Wyrm Warframe

Wyrm has one goal in its mind, and that is to keep you alive.

This amazing companion isn’t the best in terms of damage.

But if you’re looking for a companion that will help you survive, Wyrm is your dude.

He will stun enemies to keep them from damaging you and negates any negative status effects that might’ve hit you as well.

Wyrm is just amazing and extremely reliable. Putting him as one of the best companions in all of Warframe by a landslide.


5. Adarza Kavat

Adarza Kavat Warframe

This is by far the creepiest cat-looking creature that I’ve seen. But boy is it super reliable.

This fantastic Kavat is a buff machine that can grant all members of your party a massive boost of up to 60% additional crit damage, making it a real top-level companion with an offensive crit-centric character.

They don’t have the most life of the bunch.

But they do have a reflect ability that is sure to redirect incoming damage elsewhere!


4. Kubrow Helminth Charger

Kubrow Helminth Charger Warframe

Alright, there’s a slight chance for me to be putting this companion so high up on my list because of how ridiculously cool it looks.

But that’s not all – this Kurbow is made to withstand a ton of damage and deal even more to your annoying foes.

An intergalactic hound that will keep you company and well-protected is one companion that I’d like by my side, and you can have it if you opt to take the Helminth Charger.


3. Smeeta Kavat

Smeeta Kavat Warframe

This might not bring the most to the table when it comes to the DPS and overall damage output.

But if you’re looking for a companion that will help you in difficult situations by buffing you up, increasing the amount of XP that you get, or even helping with farming, then the Smeeta Kavat is worth going all-in for.

This amazing creature provides buffs and serves as one of the best when it comes to looting in the game. It will especially help if you’re going through a phase of high leveling or if you’re searching for some rare drops.


2. Helios

Helios Warframe

Helios is really strong. But as a sentinel, this weird thing is actually very bizarre.

You will notice that it’s a sentinel per se, but it does melee damage.

Technically it can’t even hit people with punches or anything like that. But Helios throws himself towards enemies to deal crazy damage to them.

It’s a fantastic companion if you’re looking to play with a character that deals high outputs of critical damage, as it can detect vulnerability in your foes mid-battle. Talk about a strong offense!


1. Lambeo MOA

Lambeo MOA Warframe

Use the LAMEBO head-gear for your MOA if you want to have a creature capable of dealing outstanding damage to any type of enemy.

The Lambeo item looks like as if your MOA had a hat on its head, but trust me – the ridiculous appearance is compensated with the extremely high damage output that this “hat” gives it.

Try it out and watch a flurry of missiles get directed straight towards your enemies.

It’s a fantastic item for your top companion, and I fully recommend it if you’re running an offensive MOA by your side.

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