Best Weapons in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (Ranked)

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Some loved it, some hated it, but FF12 was a defining point in the franchise.

And the remastered Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age released in 2017 was an absolute godsend for fans of this chapter in FF’s history.

It’s based on the Japan-only International Zodiac Job System version of the game, so it has some additions and never-before-seen goodies(to western audiences).

The game’s job system is simply fantastic. It gives you the freedom to create your perfect custom build depending on your playstyle. And this is further complemented by the wide range of weapons you can unlock throughout the game.

If you’re still looking for which blunt objects to smash against you fores in battle, well I’ve put together a list here ranking the best weapons in FFXII: The Zodiac Age, along with tips on how to get each one.

15. Wyrmhero Blade

Wyrmhero Blade FFXII Weapon

How to get: This heavy-hitting greatsword can be stolen from the Famfrit in Trial Mode Stage 50 and Gilgamesh in Stage 94. It can also be bought from the Bazaar for 65.535 gil after selling them an Omega Badge, a Godslayer’s Badge, and Lu Shang’s Badge.

Providing a massive 131 Attack and 50 Evade with an 80% chance of triggering a combo makes this a fearsome blade.

It also boosts Holy elemental damage, and even buffs the user with Bravery and Faith.

Regrettably, its stupidly slow Charge Time makes it cripplingly slow, keeping it from climbing higher. But still a beast in battle.


14. Tula

Tula FFXII Weapon

How to get: Get this bejeweled crossbow as a reward from the Hunt Club after giving 25 hunting trophies to Atak and one to each of the other two Bangaa brothers, who’ll also give you the Grand Bolts to go with it.

Known as the Gastraphetes S in previous versions of the game, the Tula is the Ultimate Crossbow for the Time Battlemage class.

It’s valued for having the highest Attack out all crossbows at 91 and its relatively high 7% Critical Chance.

And the Time Battlemage is obviously insanely powerful. I really hope you’ve added one into your roster!


13. Mithuna

Mithuna FFXII Zodiac Age Weapon

How to get: Can be bought from the Bazaar for 120,000 gil, and will become available after selling 2 Emperor Scales, 3 Vials of Silver Liquid, and 8 Earth Crystals. Alternatively you have a 3% chance of stealing it from an Elza in Trial Mode Stage 86.

Despite looking a bit like an antique, this weapon is a perfectly functional hand cannon at 66 Attack and 10% Critical Chance.

It also has a solid 25 Evade, making it the only gun with decent evasive properties.

Only Machinists can equip this Ultimate Gun so keep this in mind while picking your classes.


12. Bone of Byblos

Bone of Byblos FFXII HD Weapon

How to get: This giant dog’s toy can be found in treasure chests throughout Site 5 of the Lhusu Mines and The Northsward area of the Cerobbi Steppe. You could also steal it from Yiazmat in the Ridorana Cataract, or Ba’Gamnan on Stage 59 of Trial Mode, with a 3% success rate.

The Ultimate Weapon for the Red Battlemage class is the Bone of Byblos, which looks like little more than a big femur but houses incredible power at 100 Attack.

The 10 Evade and 5% Combo Chance are not bad either.


11. Kanya

Kanya FFXII Zodiac Age Weapon

How to get: Get the Kanya at the Bazaar for the relatively small price of 60k gil after selling them 3 Mythril pieces, 3 Corpse Flies, and 4 Aquarius Gems.

This Ultimate Pole can only be equipped by Monks carrying the license, which makes sense considering how hard it must be to handle such a devastating weapon.

Its excellent 112 Attack, 35 Evade, and 35% Combo Chance would be enough to convince most folks.

But its 10% chance to Immobilize an enemy on contact is the icing on the cake.


10. Golden Axe

Golden Axe FFXII Zodiac Age Weapon

How to get: The easiest way to get the Golden Axe is to buy it from the Bazaar for 16,200 gil, after selling them 2 Electrum, 2 Broken Greataxes, and a Mardu Halcyon.

You can also get lucky and find it in a chest on the Cerobi Steppe, or the Necrohol of Nabudis, and there’s a 3% chance you’ll steal it from Reavers in Pharos.

This blocky, ornamental-looking axe looks like something the Dwemer would’ve forged in The Elder Scrolls.

And it would look right at home in a crypt in Skyrim, to be honest!

Its best stat is Attack at 120, which places it at the very top among axes, one of the Foebreaker class’ preferred weapons.


9. Vrscika

Vrscika FFXII Zodiac Age Weapon

How to get: Get the Vrscika by buying The Scorpion from the Bazaar for 70,000 gil. It’ll become available after selling them 3 Charged Gizzards, 3 Wyrm Bones, and 4 Scorpio Gems.

This mysterious, alien-looking hammer is the Ultimate Weapon for the Foebreaker class, surpassing even the Golden Axe with massive 133 Attack and 20% Combo Chance.

It’ll be tough to get but certainly not as pricy as some others on this list.


8. Staff of the Magi

Staff of the Magi FFXII magical stave

How to get: This powerful staff can be acquired as a reward from the Hunt Club, or found in a treasure chest in The Great Crystal or the Hunters’ Camp in the Cerobi Steppe. Alternatively, you have a 3% chance to get it from slaying Oversouls in the Necrohol of Nabudis.

What makes the Staff of the Magi the Ultimate Weapon for Black Mages isn’t just that it provides +7 Magic Power…

Although that is great. But it also serves as a catalyst for Ice, Wind, and Holy spells, on top of increasing vitality.

It also has a very cool design with Hindu influences that brings to mind images of dark rituals and great power.


7. Kumbha

Kumbha FFXII Zodiac Age

How to get: There’s a 10% chance you’ll manage to steal this diabolical katana from Gilgamesh in Trial Mode Stage 94. You could also buy it from the Bazaar for 350,000 gil after selling 2 Gemsteel pieces, 3 Orichalcum chunks, and 2 Mallets.

Known as the Masamune I in the IZJS version of the game, this diabolical blade is FFXII’s Ultimate Katana.

Other than having a massive 117 Attack and 40 Evade that’ll have you slicing and dicing enemies left and right, it’s also one-handed, a unique trait among katanas.


6. Yagyu Dark Blade

Yagyu Dark Blade FFXII Sword

How to get: This dark ninja sword will drop 5% of the times you slay a Bombshell, and can also be stolen from Yiazmat in Trial Mode Stage 98 10% of the time. It’s also possible to find it in treasure chests at the Great Crystal within the Giruvegan, or the Crossfield zone of the Cerobi Steppe.

The Yagyu Dark Blade may be a single letter away from sounding like a delicious premium steak, but it’s better known for being the strongest ninja sword for the Shikari class thanks to its 98 Attack and Dark elemental damage.

It can also cast Doom on hit 20% of the time, which makes this all the more lethal.


5. Mina

Mina FFXII Weapon

How to get: There’s a 5% chance of poaching this ornamental dagger from the Overlord in Trial Mode Stage 72. It also drops from Larva Eaters in the Great Crystal 5% of the time.

The Mina is the Ultimate Weapon for the Shikari class and looks exactly like the Shikari Nagasa, with which it shares a license.

While its 104 Attack and 25 Evade are solid on their own, this weapon truly shines thanks to its 70% chance to instantly KO enemies.

Just keep attacking until you get lucky, right?


4. Tournesol

Tournesol FFXII Zodiac Age

How to get: Get this flashy blade by buying “The Sunflower” from the Bazaar for 600,000 gil. You’ll only see it on sale after selling 3 pieces of Gemsteel, 3 Empyreal Souls, and 3 Serpentarius.

The beautiful serpentine blade and fiery handguard of the Tournesol are enough to draw warriors to this powerful greatsword, but what establishes it as a staple of high-level Knights is its massive 138 Attack, complemented by a solid 30 Evade and 10% Combo Chance.

But really, this thing is pricey! Better start saving for it now.


3. Zodiac Spear

Zodiac Spear FFXII battle spear

How to get: This amazing weapon can be stolen from Biding Mantis enemies in Trial Mode Stage 62 with a 3% success rate. It also spawns in treasure chests in the Henne Mines as long as you equip the Diamond Armlet. You can also buy it for max gil, but Henne Mines is your best bet.

At 141 Attack, the Zodiac Spear used to be the single most powerful weapon in the original release in the game, making the Uhlan job a very attractive class to pursue.

In The Zodiac Age, however, there are a couple more weapons to consider.

But if you’re playing the original Final Fantasy 12 then the Zodiac Spear is the most coveted weapon by far. You can even get it early in the game through some very specific steps which can give you a huge advantage!


2. Great Trango

Great Trango FFXII HD Zodiac Age

How to get: The easiest way to get this bizarre weapon is to steal it(3% chance) from the optional Zodiark fight.

Named after a mountain range in northern Pakistan, this one-handed sword for Knights is devastating at 153 Attack coupled with 30% Combo Chance.

Ironically it offers no evasive aid at all despite the blade becoming invisible during fights.

But it’s pretty rare so getting it can be a pain, yet having one can be all worth it.


1. Seitengrat

Seitengrat FFXII Secret Weapon Zodiac Age

How to get: For this weapon, you’ll need to find an invisible chest that appears 1% of the time in the Skyferry’s Air Deck. Even then, it only has a 0.01% chance of housing the Seitengrat. Getting this devastating bow is nigh-impossible without following a really specific list of actions to trick the RNG into spawning the weapon.

Considering it’s so ridiculously hard to acquire, it should come as no surprise that it reigns supreme over all other weapons.

With 224 Attack and 75 Evade, coupled with an exceptional 25% Critical Chance, the highest of all bows, this thing is a beast.

But trust me, you’ll want to do this as early as possible and follow the guides to a tee.

I’ve followed a lot of guides but this video is the easiest I’ve found to help get your hands on the Seitengrat.

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