Top 20 Best Weapons To Use in GTA San Andreas

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The first game in the GTA series to introduce auto-aim, San Andreas makes wielding weapons so much more enjoyable as a result.

On top of that, the lock-on target changes color as the health of whoever you’re shooting decreases meaning you’ll know when to stop firing. By far the most entertaining addition to the game’s shooting mechanics though is the addition of dual wielding.

For the first time in a GTA game you were able to equip two weapons at the same time. But this is just one small part of what makes San Andreas such a great game.

Let’s dive into some of the best weapons and see what you can use to stir up carnage in the city of San Andreas.

20. Dildo

GTA san andreas dildo weapon

Intended to be given as a special gift to a girlfriend – a new system introduced in San Andreas – the impressively floppy purple play toy is the best comic melee weapon in the game by far.

Acquired by overstaying your welcome in the police station after arrest, this large sex toy makes for a hilarious way to beat down some thugs or even just some random people on the street.

After all, there’s nothing more humiliating than being attacked with a purple schlong in a world dominated by heavy machine guns and rocket launchers.


19. Pool Cue

San Andreas pool cue weapon

Swapping out a sex toy for something more resilient and more efficient, the pool cue is a great way to initiate a bar fight with the local biker gang.

A large non-traditional melee weapon, this thing is perfect for taking out your frustration on the guys who have caused you to fail that mission over and over again.

Swing for the fences and let off some steam as you roam around the streets of San Andreas in pursuit of some close combat. I’d certainly take this over a baseball bat.


18. Grenade

GTA San Andreas grenades

Whether it’s Worms or Call of Duty, grenades are one of the most satisfying weapons to use period.

GTA San Andreas proves this once again with their grenade weapons. Running around the streets tossing grenades in every direction definitely has its place, but the real satisfaction is to clear out entire clusters of henchmen.

A get out of jail free card, the grenade can be a life-saver if you find yourself pinned down by enemy gunfire and need a reprieve.

Even when you aren’t locked up in combat, grenades can be used to send cars flying and mess around with the fun physics of the game.


17. Katana

Katana in San Andreas

The Japanese Katana is a long sword capable of delivering a fatal blow or even decapitating any poor soul who crosses your path.

Unleash the spirit of Japan and go all bonzai on your enemies with this devastatingly efficient melee weapon.

The added graphic effects in San Andreas let you actually see each slice of the blade. Pretty crazy.

If you want a melee weapon that is actually efficient and isn’t just for comic effect (see the next entry) then the Katana is probably your best bet.


16. Bouquet of Flowers

Flower boquet San Andreas

Another one of the gifts introduced by San Andreas, this pretty bouquet of flowers is one of the more unique weapons available in the game. If you can call it a weapon.

Oddly enough, a bouquet of flowers will deal out more damage than your fists for some reason. I guess this proves that flower power is a real thing.

Another testament to its unusual power is the ease with which you can destroy gas station pumps with the right amount of clubbing.

Although a bizarrely effective weapon, the main appeal here is the comedic idea of beating someone down with a handful of lovely roses.


15. Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher San Andreas

As well as being able to put out fires, which is definitely useful in this game, the fire extinguisher in San Andreas also serves as an interesting weapon.

While you won’t be able to swing the heavy item at your enemies in close quarters, what you will be able to do is hose them down and stun them so you can get some space and make your getaway.

Say you want to get a mission done quickly or find something in a house without dealing with the inhabitants. Whip out the handy dandy fire extinguisher and make sure they have no chance to retaliate.


14. Molotov Cocktail

molotov cocktail in San Andreas

Deviating slightly in design from molotov cocktails in previous versions of the game, in GTA San Andreas these weapons are brown instead of green. Yet they’re no less lethal.

Be a true gangster by opting for the homemade molotov cocktail recipe instead of the military-style grenade and set the streets alight in a blaze of glory.

Highly effective in large groups and no less entertaining, the molotov cocktail is a deadly thrown weapon that will clear out any room you walk into. Just make sure you don’t walk through the flames or you could get burned yourself!


13. Tear Gas

Tear gas weapon San Andreas

Here’s another thrown weapon made to be more deadly in the game that it is in real-life. Tear gas in San Andreas is capable of killing when someone is exposed to it for a long time.

Aside from being able to take down enemies, tear gas is capable of incapacitating a crowd of people giving you plenty of possibilities. Almost sounds like a weapon of war, huh?

Whether it’s blinding a group of gangsters trying to shoot you down, or giving yourself time to escape the police, tear gas will come in handy more than you’d think.


12. Golf Club

Golf Club weapon in San Andreas

A weapon that can be swung vigorously while on the run, practice your best Happy Gilmore impression with the angry golf club in San Andreas.

Aside from having a good laugh as you beat someone senseless with this thing, the golf club is surprisingly efficient for those moments you find yourself mobbed by several guys at once and need to swing your way out of a sticky situation.


11. Silenced Pistol

GTA San Andreas Silenced Pistol

Although few and far between, there will be some moments while playing San Andreas when you’ll want to opt for stealth over a direct approach.

One way to do this is by trying to sneak past everybody without any casualties. But that’s not really the GTA way.

Use a silenced pistol to sneak your way through an enemy encampment without being detected, yet still taking out everyone that crosses your path. The design of this weapon also looks very true to life which adds into the realism.


10. Shovel

Shovel weapon San Andreas

A stronger & sturdier alternative to the golf club, the shovel is both fun to use and effective at dealing damage.

A surefire way to send your enemies 6 feet under if they cross your path. You can find shovels in many locations around San Andreas and it’s a powerful weapon that will help you assert your authority on the streets.

Not to mention it’ll make sure anyone claiming you’re no gangster will wind up dead and buried.


9. Uzi

Uzi gun San Andreas

Getting to the business end of things, you’re probably going to prefer a firearm over a shovel.

So let’s move into some real powerful options starting off with the Uzi. With this you’ll be able to appreciate how lightweight this gun is when you’re dispensing bullets at a high rate and shooting from your motorbike at any police that might be hot on your tail.

What’s more, once you reach Hitman level with the Uzi you’ll be able to dual wield it with another handheld weapon for the ultimate shooting experience. This is what GTA was made for.


8. M4 Assault Rifle

M4 assault rifle San Andreas

The M4, based on the M16 assault rifle, is favored by organized crime units like the mafia. No surprise it should be in a GTA game.

Now if that’s not enough to convince you to become a one-man army, the M16 is brutally accurate and capable of showering down bullets on a broad collection of enemies.

The updated effects sound quite pleasant to the ears and with a great model design, the M4 beats out the AK-47 due to its better firepower and more unique flavor.


7. Sawed-Off Shotgun

San Andreas sawed-off shotgun

One of the best weapons for close quarters combat, the sawed-off shotgun is a fantastic choice for storming buildings or taking out that one guy you just don’t like.

A highly powerful shotgun, the sawed-off model is not only incredibly fun to use but also blows away its targets with ease. And this is a great way to test out and play around with the game’s ragdoll physics.

Surprisingly these are also pretty easy to locate so check this map and go hunting.


6. Sniper Rifle

Sniper rifle San Andreas

Become a long-distance assassin with the ever-adorable sniper rifle.

In contrast to the close-quarters prowess of the shotgun, the sniper rifle excels at extremely long distances.

If you take the time to set up somewhere with cover – or stand out in the open if you’re feeling really daring – and line up the shot with the scope, then there’s no weapon better than this to one-shot a target.

This is a weapon for the cerebral assassin seeking the hitman-esque experience in the open world setting of GTA.

Again this one is also readily available in so many locations that you have to wonder what the heck is going on in San Andreas.


5. Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle San Andreas

The fun factor plays a huge part in ranking the desert eagle on this list.

First and foremost this is the most powerful handgun available. The desert eagle is a deadly weapon which is comparable to a shotgun yet capable of firing at further distances.

What’s more the desert eagle looks and sounds the part and gives off the impression of firing a rifle to scare off those in the vicinity.

Add to all that the ability to dual wield this powerful handgun with another one, and you’ve got a recipe for success. San Andreas is also one of the few early games to actually use this name over just a generic pistol.


4. Satchel Charges

Satchel charges San Andreas weapon

Without a doubt one of the most creative ways to go about destroying anything. Satchel charges – exclusive to San Andreas in the GTA series – are a lot of fun to place and detonate.

With the possibility of placing up to 32 of these satchel charges wherever you choose, whether it be buildings or bikes or even citizens, you definitely won’t have trouble taking care of business.

If you don’t mind a bit of preparation you can set up the perfect ambush and take out a ton of enemy goons all with the press of a button.


3. Flamethrower

Flamethrower weapon San Andreas

Like the molotov cocktail (number 14) only much more close and personal, the flamethrower is the best way to heat things up and raise hell. This actually made #1 in our list of best weapons in GTA III and for good reason.

Flames spew from this ungodly weapon which promises to burn anything to a crisp. Whether it’s the postman, a mafia mobster, a beat cop or a fire truck, the flamethrower is up to the task of eradicating them.

And trust me when I say the flamethrower in San Andreas has been updated quite a bit since its original GTA 3 counterpart.

If nothing else, the flamethrower provides great visuals to the chaos. It’ll certainly remind you of why GTA games are so fun to play.


2. Minigun

Minigun from San Andreas

A gigantic, fully automatic, barrel rotating behemoth of a weapon. The minigun is certainly no joke.

Bring out your inner Rambo and decimate anyone or any thing in sight. People, cars, doesn’t matter.

Part of the satisfaction of firing the minigun is in its comically large size and the fact that you have to drag it around before letting loose.

The biggest satisfaction of using it comes with the ruthless efficiency of unleashing on a large group of henchmen, or maybe on the escalating waves of police who require some serious firepower to be held at bay.


1. Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher

Rocket launcher in San Andreas

It’s hard to look further than the heat-seeking rocket launcher when it comes to claiming top spot on the list for best weapons in San Andreas.

Capable of locking onto a target within a matter of seconds and then sending a rocket to hunt it down and blow it to smithereens, it’s safe to say this one does the job more than adequately.

Taking down all those bad guys who try to escape in vehicles instead of embarking on a long-winded chase is certainly one of the biggest benefits of this target-seeking rocket launcher.

Another is the fact that you’ll be taking choppers out of the sky and easily taking care of anything the police send your way. Only tricky part is actually finding this thing. But even though it is pretty scarce, there are a few places in San Andreas where you can pick this up and refill your rockets too.

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