Best Wreckfest Mods: The Ultimate Collection

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Much like how we’re taught to color inside the lines as kids, a large part of what makes Wreckfest so much fun is ignoring those lines altogether.

While causing mayhem on the tracks might not be the best way to come out on top, it’s an inevitable part of the game. And certainly an exciting demolition derby experience.

But why stick to vanilla when you can color even further outside those lines?

The game’s Steam workshop is filled with tons of fun mods to try out, and here are some of the mods I’ve had the most fun with.


20. Pritchard’s Contact Effects Mod

Pritchard's Contact Effects Mod for Wreckfest

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While Wreckfest’s soft-body technology is already pretty realistic, Pritchard’s Contact Effects Mod just takes it up another notch.

The mod adds even more effects, making sparks fly as your car grinds against other vehicles on the tracks.

Visible debris from crashes will be more persistent as well and will stay scattered across the tracks as the race continues.


19. Ejection!

Ejection! Wreckfest mod

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SRV’s Ejection! is another fun effect that makes the game feel a little bit more over the top.

And if Pritchard’s Contact Effects wasn’t enough to make you want to avoid total wrecks, this mod surely will.

With the mod installed, getting into bad crashes will cause your driver to go flying through the air in a ragdoll effect.

This happens whenever a vehicle becomes tagged as DNF, and applies to AI drivers as well.


18. Online Bangers : Wreckfest

Online Bangers : Wreckfest mod screenshot

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There are quite a few gameplay mods for Wreckfest, each focused on a unique experience based on different racing scenarios.

Online Bangers: Wreckfest, for example, brings the UK banger racing scene to the game.

The mod adds 42 additional car models designed after the scrap vehicles commonly scene in banger races, along with tons of new pain job options, short oval tracks, and some tweaks to the physics systems as well.


17. Nascar Legends Online

Nascar Legends Online Wreckfest mod

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If you’re looking for a cleaner and more traditional racing experience, the community has a mod for that too.

Nascar Legends Online is one of the most popular Wreckfest mods. It gives us a more realistic racing experience and should keep anyone glued to their couch.

You specifically get an 80’s model stock car along with 90 Nascar skins to customize with.

Parts are restricted to Nascar-sanctioned as well, removing many performance-altering equipment to level the playing field.

All Nascar parts are made available to all players, though, so you’ll be able to pick and choose from there.


16. Pinball Mode!

Pinball Mode! mod for Wreckfest

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If Nascar Legends Online makes for a more realistic racing experience, Pinball Mode! will make over the top seem like an understatement.

The mod alters the game’s collision matrix to make wrecks much more extreme – as cars will bounce around the tracks upon collision.

Vehicle health has been increased across the board as well so races last longer, making for some of the craziest crashes in each race.


15. Angry Drivers

Angry Drivers Wreckfest mod screenshot

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If Pinball Mode! sounds fun then you’re going to want to pair it with Vin Petrol’s Angry Drivers mod.

Simple as it sounds: the mod makes all AI drivers, well…angry.

Everyone’s basically out to get everyone else. And will go out of their way to wreak havoc on the tracks.

With Pinball Mode! and Angry Drivers combined, be prepared for things to get real messy.


14. Pro Series Skin Pack

Pro Series Skin Pack for Wreckfest game

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Vehicle skins are a great for when you’re looking for a change of scenery. And the Workshop has loads of skins to choose from.

This first pack is another mod from Vin Petrol and is one of the biggest skins packs you can get for Wreckfest.

The mod contains hundreds of custom skins, each more customized than the last. And while some of you might prefer to make your own with the game’s built-in customization options, this is great for those who prefer to slap on a nice-looking template and get straight to the action.


13. Cars Movie Skin Pack

Cars Movie Skin Pack Wreckfest mod

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Skin mods allow us to add popular cars from TV and movies as well, and this next pack is a great example.

The Cars Movie Skin pack brings some of your favorite characters from the animated film Cars to the Wreckfest racetracks. And I can’t deny – these skins all look great, even if you don’t like Pixar.

The pack includes skins of Chick Hicks, Strip “The King” Weathers, Sally Carrera, Doc Hudson, and of course Lightning McQueen.


12. The General Lee

The General Lee Wreckfest mod screenshot

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One of the most iconic cars from one of the most iconic driving shows of the 80’s has made its way to Wreckfest, as modder Clemince brings us The General Lee from the hit TV series Dukes of Hazzard.

The orange ’69 Dodge Charger has become known for some of the most intense stunt and car chase scenes, and you’ll now be able to drive it yourself.

Well this mod adds it to the game as a skin, for either the Starbeast or American 3.


11. Starsky & Hutch Car

Starsky & Hutch Car mod for Wreckfest

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Up next we have another iconic car, this time from another iconic duo from the 70’s.

The bright red Ford Gran Turino has come to be known by fans as the “Striped Tomato”, and was the detectives’ vehicle of choice throughout the series.

The Striped Tomato is seen on most Starsky & Hutch promotional materials as well, making it synonymous with the show.

The mod gives you access to the car as an alternative skin for the American 3.


10. Speed Racer Skin

Speed Racer Skin Wreckfest mod

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While the 2008 live-action rendition of Speed Racer might not have been too well-received, let’s not let that ruin the memory of one of our favorite childhood anime shows.

We were all left in awe at how he drove that white racer, and how it would always get him out of some of the worst possible situations.

Unfortunately, only the film version of the Mach 5 is available for Wreckfest.

But I’m sure we’ll take what we can get.

This mod is a reskin for the Venom, and while it isn’t the original Mach 5 design, it does look great in the game.


9. CanyonCross (Canyonx)

CanyonCross mod for Wreckfest

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If basic cosmetic changes aren’t doing it for you, then a great way to keep Wreckfest exciting is by trying out some of the custom tracks made by the mod community.

CanyonCross is one such track.

It has you driving through a harsh desert environment, and while the track is quite wide – that doesn’t mean you’ll get any easy driving here.

The track is quite dangerous with a number of sharp turns and stunt ramps to keep things interesting, and the modder even deactivated the health bar to make sure you’re able to make it through a race.


8. Petaluma Speedway

Petaluma Speedway Wreckfest mod screenshot

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If you’re looking for something a bit more realistic then you might want to give KillerAJD’s recreation of the famous Petaluma Speedway a try.

The track brings Northern California’s fastest dirt oval track to Wreckfest, and even comes in 4 track variants.

Included in the mod are the 3/8 mile Dirt Oval as well as some fun variants like the Demolition Derby where the infield has been cleared out, a Pit Road Panic variant with a spiraling figure 8 track, and a Double Banked Blitz that throws in different stunt jumps across the track to make things all the more exciting.


7. Speedbowl

Speedbowl mod for Wreckfest

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This next one is great for a trip down memory lane, as most fans of Bugbear’s older FlatOut 2 will probably recognize the track.

The mod recreates FO2’s Speedbowl to Wreckfest.

And those who have played it before will know that Speedbowl races can get quite messy.

The track’s main features are the four high-speed loops at each of its corners, forcing drivers to gain speed each time they pass.


6. Rainbow Road 64

Rainbow Road 64 Wreckfest mod

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If in case you’re in the mood for something even crazier, Rainbow Road 64 brings a touch of the cartoon-y Nintendo racer to your Wreckfest game.

The map is actually an accurate recreation of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64, except with a few changes to make it more compatible with Wreckfest.

You’ll now be able to drive through the rainbow roads surrounded by nothing but pitch black as did Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, and the rest of the gang in Mario Kart.


5. The Very TrackPack

The Very TrackPack Wreckfest mod screenshot

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The Very TrackPack is by far one of the most popular track packs for Wreckfest, giving you a huge selection of new maps to explore.

The pack contains both custom tracks as well as ones based on real-life tracks, and has a wide variety in terms of track shapes and sizes.

You’ll find the pack includes some more traditional oval-shaped tracks, some crazier ones littered with sharp turns and stunt jumps, and pretty much everything in between.


4. Outflat 1 vehicles

Outflat 1 vehicles mod for Wreckfest

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Custom vehicles have been added to Wreckfest through modding as well, and here’s another one for the older Bugbear fans out there.

Going back even further in the Bugbear catalogue, modder astutenewt6031 adds in two vehicles from the original FlatOut game.

With the mod installed, you’ll get access to both the Evilspeed and Runnerover from the original game.


3. DD2 Car Pack

DD2 Car Pack for Wreckfest game

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Yep, we’re going even further back in time for this next one.

Anyone remember the Destruction Derby series from way back on the PlayStation 1?

There’s no doubt that the DD series was part of what inspired a lot of the Bugbear games. And modder Vin Petrol teams up with The Very End to bring us the DD2 Car Pack.

The pack contains all 22 vehicles from Destruction Derby 2, and they can be used as skins for the American 4.


2. School Bus: Showroom Model

School Bus: Showroom Model Wreckfest mod screenshot

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While it’s fun to race and wreck scrap cars, you might be wondering what other vehicles we could use to cause some chaos.

Wreckfest does include some interesting unlockable vehicles, one of which includes an actual school bus.

Once you’ve unlocked it, though, you’ll likely find that it isn’t very pleasant to drive… as it’s pretty quick to topple over and doesn’t really do well on racetracks.

This mod gives the school bus some crazy upgrades.

Having this installed just might make it a viable racing vehicle.


1. SST Test

SST Test Wreckfest mod

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Other than a school bus, what’s something Wreckfest doesn’t have?

Well, as mentioned in the title: this mod is still in the test phase, but is already completely usable as is.

SST Test adds Stadium Super Trucks to the game.

And as you can probably imagine – it makes Wreckfest’s level of crazy look like a joke.

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