32 Trivia Facts About Blastoise

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Blastoise(named Kamex in Japan) is a very popular water-type late evolution starter Pokémon.

Ken Sugimori created it as one of the original creatures and it initially appeared in Pokémon Red and Blue. This Pokémon is Squirtle’s final evolution and is probably an absolute fan favorite among water-type starters.

I’ve gathered some pretty interesting facts and trivia about Blastoise so if you want to learn more then keep reading.

1. The origin of Blastoise’s name

Blastoise is practically a portmanteau of “blast” (from the water cannons it has) and “tortoise” (the animal it’s designed after).

Pretty easy to catch but not everyone thinks of it!

2. There are more male than female Blastoise pokemon

The male to female ratio for Blastoise is 7 to 1.

3. Its water cannons are really powerful

Blastoise’s water cannons shoot water with a strength that can easily punch a hole in steel.

It can also learn many different steel and ice type moves that use those cannons in battle.

4. Blastoise loves water in the wild

The best chance of finding a Blastoise is near ponds, waterfalls, beaches and ponds.

5. Blastoise’s highest stat is HP
6. This Pokémon is a guardian

There is a Blastoise guarding the Granite Zone and it can be located in the Beach Zone in the Poke Park.

7. Blastoise’s best moves

The best moves Blastoise has are Skull Bash and Hydro Pump, specifically as far as rating strength and power.

8. Mega Blastoise is a special dude

This is because this mega evolution(after using Blastoisinite) is the most powerful water Pokémon without a legendary status.

9. Blastoise is a mascot

This mighty final evolution is the official game mascot for Pokémon Blue in both the international and Japanese versions of the game. You can see them on the box art and in most promotional materials.

10. Blastoise borrows traits from its forms before evolution

Blastoise stands out as a large Pokemon with a cream-colored stomach, large blue body, small fat legs and arms and a really large brown shell that is rimmed with white.

This is where the water cannons make it look totally different than either of its previous evolutions.

Blastoise features a large shell that covers its entire body, similar to the pre-evolved forms.

11. Blastoise can also shoot water bullets

It shoots water bullets with a really high accuracy and can also shoot large streams of water.

It is documented that a Blastoise can hit a target with accurate precision even from 160 feet away.

12. Blastoise appeared in Ties That Bind and Tag Team Battle Inspiration!

In The Ties That Bind episode of the anime, Professor Oak gave a Squirtle to Gary. It eventually evolved into Blastoise.

In Tag Team Battle Inspiration!, Professor Sycamore gives away a Squirtle to Tierno that eventually evolves into Blastoise.

13. Blastoise as a ruler

In “Beach Blank-Out Blastoise” there was a Blastoise that was the ruler of an island filled with Wartortle and Squirtle.

What’s interesting is that in one of the cannons it had a Jigglypuff that was stuck. The resulting song naturally put everyone to sleep so it could get away.

14. Blastoise lost a fight to a Blastoise clone

In “Mewtwo Strikes Back”, Shellshocker (a Blastoise) ended up fighting a clone of himself that was created by Mewtwo. Sadly he lost that fight.

15. Captain Aidan had many Blastoise

In “Pokemon Water War”, Captain Aidan owned several Blastoise.

These worked with Squirtle and Wartortle in order to extinguish a fire whenever it appeared. He must have caught them a while ago since we never see any of them in the wild nowadays!

16. Blastoise beat a Charizard

“Mega Evolution Special I” saw a Mega Evolved Blastoise that beat Charizard in a fight.

17. A Blastoise escaped because it evolved

In “Judgment Day!” a Wartortle was captured by Team Rocket.

It ended up evolving which made it possible for it to escape due do its newfound strength.

18. Blastoise was one of few monsters to almost reach the E4

One almost made it to the final in “Ring Masters”. He ended up losing to a Feraligatr, ironically another late-stage evolution of a water starter.

19. Blastoise appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee

Blastoise appears in the game as a creature that you can release from a Poke Ball.

It is released and then uses Hydro Pump all over the area. The pumps move characters a little towards the back so it’s best to steer clear!

20. Blastoise hides when scared

Blastoise will hide when it is in danger or afraid. But it’s easy for this guy to hide thanks to the really strong armored shell on its back.

21. Blastoise is really popular with trainers

This is why Blastoise is often considered to be the best full, definitive Water Type Pokémon.

22. Blastoise shares the same species with Kabutops and Kabuto

But strangely enough Blastoise is not a fossil Pokémon so I don’t know how it got classified the same way.

23. Some Wartortle see Blastoise as unnatural

This is the case with the Wartortle that are over 500 years old.

24. When Wartortle evolves it leads to a new temperament

When Wartortle evolves to Blastoise, its temperament changes.

It becomes battle-hungry so it is difficult to mingle with other Wartortle and Squirtle.

25. Blastoise gains much better hearing

After evolving Blastoise becomes really accurate with its shots thanks to better hearing.

While it is not actually known exactly why this is the case, many believe that it is because hearing is improved with its size and individual frequencies can be distinguished even from enemies that are far away.

26. This guy is mainly a warrior

Blastoise is more of a warrior than than Wartortle and Squirtle, which are first animals and then fighters.

27. Mega Blastoise is more powerful but less safe

When evolving to Mega Blastoise it can no longer retract into its shell but it does have a huge power boost.

Even its small arm cannons are stronger than the original form’s back-mounted jets though.

28. Blastoise’s cannons are better than a sniper rifle

This is the case with the center cannon since its blast can even outrange a typical rifle.

29. The water inside Blastoise is actually pressurized

I can’t say how that whole system works but check out the Pokédex entry from the original Red & blue games.

Really wish we could have one of these around my town, it seems fun to ride on those water spouts. Assuming the pressure can be contained, of course!

30. Firing cannons is dangerous for Mega Blastoise

If a Mega Blastoise does not position its feet correctly, it is dangerous since the blast is so powerful that it can easily crack the ground right under where its standing.

31. Blastoise is mostly land-based

In “Pokemon Chaos”, Blastoise is quite land-based when it evolves and does not stay in water too long.

This is because its oxygen-storing tail disappears once it evolves.

32. The first Blastoise evolution in “Pokemon Peridot”

A Wartortle initially evolved in Kalos. After some time, most of the Wartortle gained this ability.

At least this is how the legend goes.

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