Bloodborne: Blood Echoes Farming Guide (Best Methods)

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The quickest way to get stronger in Bloodborne is by farming Blood Echoes.

There are about a dozen great farming routes for all levels and areas, but we’ll be covering the best three:

  • Early game Werewolf farming (Central Yharnam)
  • Mid game Executioner farming (Hemwick Charnel Lane)
  • Late game Pig farming (Nightmare of Mensis)

Be sure to pick the latest farming area that you have unlocked, since that’s where you’ll get the most Blood Echoes.


Early Game Farming: Central Yharnam

This is the best way to boost your character if you’re struggling with the Cleric Beast or Father Gascoigne.

Before you can start farming, you’ll need to open the shortcut gate to the left of the Central Yharnam lamp. You’ll do this naturally once you’ve explored the back half of Central Yharnam.

The opened shortcut next to the Central Yharnam Lamp / Bloodborne

From the Central Yharnam lamp, head through the left gate and down the stairs until you reach the darkened house.

Once you’ve cleared out the enemies in the house, head out of the upstairs door to find yourself on the bridge before the Cleric Beast fight.

The Werewolves on the Cleric Beast bridge / Bloodborne

To your right you’ll find the two Werewolves that probably killed you the first time you got here. It’s these Werewolves that you’re targeting on this farm.

Get their attention by breaking some nearby scenery, and run for your life back to the darkened house.

The Werewolves will try to follow you, but become trapped in the doorway.

From the safety of the house you can pick away at the Werewolves’ health bit by bit until they fall.

The Werewolves trapped in the doorway of the darkened house / Bloodborne

Killing both werewolves and the enemies on the route over to them will bag you roughly 1000 Blood Echoes.

Once you’ve got this route down, you can farm about 25,000 Blood Echoes an hour – a huge number for a low-level character.

Before you start this farm make sure you have at least 1 insight, since you’ll need this to level up your character. You’ll get your first piece of insight by witnessing the Cleric Beast for the first time.

You can check your insight level by looking at the number next to the eye icon at the top right corner of your screen.


Mid Game Farming: Hemwick Charnel Lane

Hemwick Charnel Lane is a hidden optional area you can get to by heading down a side-path to the left of the Grand Cathedral (where you fight Vicar Amelia).

From the cathedral, take the path down into the woods, through the cemetery, and open the gates to find the entrance to Hemwick Charnel Lane.

The entrance to Hemwick Charnel Lane / Bloodborne

Once you’ve beaten the boss at the end of this area, light the Witches’ Abode Lamp and reload the area to get farming.

From the lamp, head back out the way you came in, and take out the 3 enemies with their backs to you.

The fighting will get the attention of an Executioner down the hill, so deal with him next.

The first Executioner running up the hill / Bloodborne

Once he’s dead, continue down the hill and fight the two Executioners that are walking around the graveyard before returning to the lamp.

The two Executioners in the cemetery at the bottom of the hill / Bloodborne

It’s these Executioners that will give you the bulk of the Echoes you’ll collect on this route, dropping around 2400 each.

While the Executioners are some of the tougher enemies in the first half of the game, their parry windows are enormous. So keep your distance, practice your parries, and soon enough you’ll be taking them down almost instantly.

This farm will get you just over 7500 Blood Echoes per run, and about 85,000 every hour once you’ve got the hang of parrying the Executioners.


Late Game Farming: Nightmare of Mensis

This is by far the best Blood Echoes farming spot in the main game.

Once you’ve beaten Micolash, Host of The Nightmare in the Nightmare of Mensis, you’ll unlock the Mergo’s Loft: Middle Lamp, the starting point of the farm.

Mergo’s Loft: Middle Lamp, found right after the fight with Micolash / Bloodborne

From here, head up the stairs until you reach a large stretch of flat ground with some Shadows of Yharnam to your left.

The Shadows of Yharnam on the left path / Bloodborne

Head over to the Shadows quickly and deal with the first two before they walk up to meet the third one.

These Shadows are much weaker than their boss variant, but it’s still easier to fight them when they’re split up.

After defeating the Shadows, head up the stairs and you’ll see a massive pig with its back to you.

These pigs are where you’ll get the most of your Echoes on this farm.

The first overgrown pig. Be careful not to let it hear you as you approach it / Bloodborne

Pictured above: The first overgrown pig. Be careful not to let it hear you as you approach it

Carefully sneak up on it and do a charged R2 attack to (hopefully) stagger it.

If it staggers, follow up with a visceral attack by using an R1 attack behind it.

If it doesn’t stagger, run to its side to avoid its attacks and quickly hit it with another charged R2 to take it down before the fight gets dangerous.

Once this pig is dead, two more pigs should start walking towards you from down the path.

If they don’t, walk towards them slowly until they start moving.

Once they’re moving, quickly run away and hide behind the brickwork by the first small set of stairs to avoid them seeing you.

The first hiding spot - hide here after beating the first pig / Bloodborne

Pictured above: The first hiding spot – hide here after beating the first pig

While you’re in the hiding spot, keep an eye on the pigs.

One will turn around and start walking away, whilst the other will come much closer to you.

When this closer pig turns around, sprint towards it immediately.

It’ll hear you coming so avoid the roar attack and get behind it for another charged R2.

Deal with the rest of its health as fast as you can, because there’s a chance the final pig will hear the fight and join in.

If it hasn’t heard you, get into a new hiding spot to the right of the path, just before the next mini-flight of stairs.

The second hiding spot - hide here and wait for the final pig / Bloodborne

Pictured above: The second hiding spot – hide here and wait for the final pig

Once it turns around, deal with the final pig with the same charged R2 method, then head back to the Hunter’s Dream to reload the area and spend your Echoes.

This route will get you about 35,000 Blood Echoes per run.

Once you’ve got the route up to speed you can farm an incredible 300,000 Echoes an hour.

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