How To Get Madaras Whistle in Bloodborne

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Madaras Whistle is a powerful Hunter Tool that can be unlocked with just two steps:

  1. Find and kill Valtr in the Forbidden Woods
  2. Kill the enemy Hunter that appears nearby

We’ll cover exactly how to complete these steps below. We’ll also cover how you should use the Whistle to get the most out of it.


Step 1: Killing Valtr

Valtr is an NPC that resides at the top of the Forbidden Woods, right next to the Forbidden Woods Lamp.

The Forbidden Woods Lamp / Bloodborne
The Forbidden Woods Lamp

Warp to the lamp, then head through the shortcut gate ahead.

If you don’t have this shortcut open just yet, work your way through the Forbidden Woods to naturally find the side path that will lead to unlocking the gate.

On the other side of the gate, you’ll be in a dark room with Valtr, a friendly NPC.

Valtr in the shortcut tower / Bloodborne
Valtr in the shortcut tower

Before you kill him, talk to him and agree to ‘Join the league’. You have two ways of completing the quest from here:

  • Kill him (the easy method)
  • Spare him (the long, boring method)

Option 1a: Killing Valtr

If you decide to kill him and get it over with, you’ll have a hell of an opponent on your hands. Luckily, Valtr can be easily tricked into jumping to an early death.

Hit him a few times to get his attention, then run over to the elevator in the room behind him.

The elevator in the room next to Valtr / Bloodborne
The elevator in the room next to Valtr

If it’s not there, pull the lever by the ledge to bring it up to your level.

Once it’s there, simply run onto the elevator and press the button to trick Valtr into jumping to his death.


Option 1b: Sparing Valtr

If you want to spare Valtr, you’ll instead have to find and crush 5 Vermin, a new consumable item that was introduced in The Old Hunters DLC.

A Vermin’s item description / Bloodborne
A Vermin’s item description

If you want to collect these Vermin offline, you’ll have to play through the DLC completing these tasks:

  • Killing a Red-eyed Hunter on a rooftop before the Nightmare Cathedral
  • Killing a Red-eyed Hunter in the Nightmare Church
  • Killing a Red-eyed Hunter near the blood river, by the Beasthunter Saif
  • Summoning Valtr and defeating Ludwig, The Holy Blade
  • Summoning Valtr and defeating Laurence, The First Vicar

If you fancy playing online, you can instead collect Vermin by completing co-op sessions with other players while wearing the Impurity Caryll Rune, given to you for joining Valtr’s league.

The Impurity Rune’s item description / Bloodborne
The Impurity Rune’s item description

Once you collect and consume all 5 Vermin, return to the spot where Valtr once was to find him gone, with an item left for you on the ground. Pick up the helmet and head outside.


Step 2: Killing The Hostile Hunter

However you decide to deal with Valtr, a Hunter will come to kill you for your interference.

The enemy Hunter dodging a bullet / Bloodborne
The enemy Hunter dodging a bullet

As soon as Valtr leaves or dies, this hostile Hunter will spawn at the top of the Forbidden Woods, right next to the Lamp.

If you decide to play fair, this is another tough fight. Thankfully though, he’s just as dumb as Valtr.

Simply coax him over to the elevator in the shortcut room and take the elevator down to see him fall to his death next to you, dropping the Madaras Whistle.

Gaining the Madaras Whistle by killing the enemy Hunter / Bloodborne
Gaining the Madaras Whistle by killing the enemy Hunter

How To Use Madaras Whistle

Madaras Whistle is a Hunter Tool, a unique item that consumes Quicksilver Bullets to perform a special ability (usually some form of magic).

Using the Madaras Whistle causes the head of a giant snake to rise from the ground beneath you, dealing massive damage to anything it touches, including you.

Using the Madaras Whistle on a Werewolf / Bloodborne
Using the Madaras Whistle on a Werewolf

Before you can use the Whistle, you’ll first have to invest 18 points in your Bloodtinge stat.

If you don’t have 18 points in Bloodtinge already, then we have a guide on how to farm blod echoes to quickly boost your character’s level.

The Madaras Whistle in the inventory / Bloodborne
The Madaras Whistle in the inventory. You can see its Bloodtinge requirement under ‘Attribute Requirement’.

The snake head can take a little bit of time to come out once you cast the spell, so it’s best used against slow targets.

The snake also won’t block attacks, so be careful not to rely on it during fights with Hunters or other nimble foes that will rush through it.

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