The Best Waifus in Bloodborne, Ranked

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Bloodborne is a dark and gritty game where everything is out to get you – but even in this hopeless landscape, there are waifus to be found.

You only need a little bit of Insight, and the waifus will become clear to you.

Everyone favors at least one lady in Bloodborne, whether a nun, an Old One, or an ancient Pthumerian monarch.

Here are our picks for the best waifus in all of Yharnam.


5. Arianna

Arianna Bloodborne screenshot

It’s hard to find a woman who doesn’t have one or two loose screws in the world of Bloodborne.

Arianna seems to be one of the few.

Described in-game as a “woman of pleasure,” Arianna knows how to get into your good graces. She’s nice and warm – going so far as to teach you the “Curtsy” gesture.

She’s also open to sharing some of her blood with you, which always comes in handy.

Her past might be distasteful to some people – including runner-up waifu Adella – but her actions in-game prove her to be a woman of virtue and prime waifu material.


4. Iosefka

Iosefka Bloodborne screenshot

Some people want a waifu who’ll care for them when feeling down.

In sickness and in health, right?

If that’s you, then swipe right on Iosefka, a member of the Healing Church who runs a blood clinic to help the least fortunate in Yharnam.

Just make sure you get the right Iosefka.

You’ll notice a big change in her personality at one point during the game – and though it makes her a bit friendlier toward the player, it’s also indicative of something darker.

I’ll let you find out yourself exactly what that is.


3. Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods

Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods Bloodborne screenshot

Proximity to power is a tempting prospect for many of us – and it doesn’t get more powerful than an immortal monarch like Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods.

Annalise is a waifu for those who don’t mind being bossed around. If being ordered to kneel gets you all hot and bothered, you’ll fall in love with her in no time.

You’ll become her knight servant, drink the blood, and become empowered by corruption – all for love.

Hell, you can even propose to her with the Ring of Betrothal. She refuses, but her dialogue is adorable, coming from someone as dark and moody as the Queen of Cainhurst.


2. Lady Maria

Lady Maria Bloodborne screenshot

Elegant, gorgeous, and an absolute badass, Lady Maria is the hottest hunter in the game.

An old apprentice of mysterious wheelchair-bound old man Gehrman, Lady Maria was one of the first warriors to join the nightly hunt. She set herself apart with her incredible skill and dexterity.

She was also one of the foolish hunters who desecrated the corpse of Kos, an Old One, and locked in the Hunter’s Nightmare as punishment – leading to her appearance as a boss in The Old Hunters DLC.

With a sexy Slavic accent and one of the coolest fights in the game, it’s hard to resist Lady Maria’s appeal.


1. The Doll

The Doll Bloodborne screenshot

You might fault me for picking an artificial copy of Lady Maria as the top waifu in Bloodborne, but hear me out.

The Doll shares Lady Maria’s gorgeous looks and unique Slavic accent – but that’s where the similarities end.

This resident of the Hunter’s Dream will never abandon you. She’ll never stop loving you – and, most importantly, she never tries to cut you into little pieces like Lady Maria.

To put it bluntly, The Doll would love and cherish you even if you became a squid.

Can anyone else even compete with this level of unconditional love?

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