Top 15 Best My Hero Academia Villains (Ranked)

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I doubt any My Hero Academia fan will disagree with me when I say that the villains in this show are just as good as the heroes, if not even better.

Not only do they usually get cooler Quirks, but their personalities seem to have more depth than some of the heroes. I’m looking at you Mineta.

For this ranking I’ll be going over my personal top picks for the best MHA villains in the series.


15. The Nomus

The Nomus in My Hero Academia anime

I usually don’t like the whole “perfect organic weapon” concept. But boy did My Hero Academia make it work.

Ever since the first Nomu was introduced, I was hyped to see what they were going to do with them later on the series. There was just something about that mindless hunk of flesh that really managed to amp the stakes, and create a true do or die atmosphere.

And then the high-end Nomu was introduced and I was absolutely blown away.

Needless to say I can’t wait for their inevitable return to the battlefield.


14. Muscular

Muscular from My Hero Academia anime

Personality wise, Muscular is as basic of a bad guy as you can get.

He’s always itching for a fight, and rarely if ever puts any thought into what he’s doing. However, his overwhelming bloodlust and odd twist to the usual super strength power just made him feel like a true raid boss.

Can we also just stop for a moment and think about how gross it must have felt to have literal muscle fibbers grad onto your arm? Although I doubt we’ll be seeing him again, at least we got an amazing fight out of him.


13. Magne

Magne My Hero Academia anime screenshot

I honestly just love Magne’s Quirk. It’s so specific and can be so powerful if used in the correct way.

Not only is she one of the few trans characters in the show, but she was honestly one of the braver members. And was the first to attack Overhaul when it was made obvious that the negotiations were going astray.

And by the reaction of the other villains, it’s obvious that they all cared for her deeply. So, representation and a good comrade who just happens to be a villain? Pretty dope in my books.


12. Mustard

Mustard in My Hero Academia anime

This guy doesn’t offer much in terms of personality. But I love him for one reason and one reason only:

In a world where almost everyone has super powers ranging from pulling your eyeballs out of your head to creating explosions, Mustard stood out as the man who was brave enough to ask “Why not just carry a gun?”

I was honestly shocked to see a villain actually pack heat. But it definitely made him stand out in my mind.


11. Mr. Compress

Mr. Compress in My Hero Academia anime

I could totally see Mr. Compress being a big-time villain, as he has just enough of that evil showman energy to really keep the show going.

His quirk is honestly one of the strongest, and his wit only makes that power that much more dangerous.

For one, he seems to be one of only few villains who knows when he’s in trouble and when he needs to make a run for it. And he did the students dirty in the Bakugo kidnapping arc.


10. Rappa

Rappa from My Hero Academia anime

Out of all of Overhaul’s henchmen, Rappa was the only one that stuck out to me.

He had such a dumb and straightforward personality that you just couldn’t hate him, at least not entirely.

The dude just really enjoys fighting. But unlike Muscular, he also has his own ideals to live by.

He literally allows Kirishima to heal just so that he wouldn’t tarnish the grace of a true death battle. I for one am definitely looking forward to their rematch.


9. Kurogiri

Kurogiri in My Hero Academia anime

Kurogiri is the backbone of the League of Villains in more ways than one.

Not only would most of their operations end in failure if it wasn’t for his Quirk, but he’s also the reason of the group.

While Shigaraki is throwing his fifth hissy fit, Kurogiri is the only one level-headed enough to try and reason with him. Even in battle he has shown to be quite powerful, as his supporting skills are top notch.

Also, this doesn’t have anything to do with him being a villain, but I still want to mention it: my dude’s style is impeccable.


8. All for One

All for One in My Hero Academia anime

Although All for One is like the main bad guy in the show, I can’t say that I prefer him over some relatively minor characters.

With what has been show in the anime, the dude is just the incarnation of evil. But we know little to nothing to how he came to be that way.

I will admit that his fight with All Might was one of the best in the show. And that his ability to taunt All Might is next level.

But aside from that, he’s just your typical bad guy mastermind.


7. Stain

Stain from My Hero Academia anime

I believe I’m not the only one who felt like Stain was the Pain of the My Hero Academia universe, I mean it even sounds similar.

I say that because the man brought up some good points.

A lot of the heroes really are vain show-offs who know nothing of justice. And honestly, Stain kept to his word, even saving Deku as he recognized him to be a true hero.

I think it’s no wonder that the League of Villains got such a jump-start from being associated with this guy.


6. Gentle Criminal

Gentle Criminal My Hero Academia anime screenshot

I’ll be honest: if it wasn’t for the fact that I read a bit ahead in the manga, this guy would have been my number one.

I’m a sucker for the fallen hero trope. And Gentle Criminal does this so perfectly.

His relationship with La Brava seems genuine and pure, and his goals and struggles seem relatable in a way.

His conversation with La Brava when they got caught made me cry, and his Quirk makes for some incredibly fun and dynamic fights.

So I tip my hat to Horikoshi on this one, he is a beauty.


5. Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki in My Hero Academia anime

Shigaraki has yet to become truly a good villain.

He has had some amazing moments, like his confrontation with Overhaul and his meeting with Deku at the mall. But the truly amazing stuff has yet to come.

Nevertheless, just from his appearance alone, you already know that he’s evil. And yet he isn’t one-dimensional.

You can really see his character arc as he learns how to be a true main antagonist worthy of becoming the next symbol of terror.


4. Twice

Twice from My Hero Academia anime

I don’t know how Deadpool ended up in My Hero Academia, but I’m truly grateful that he did.

Twice is one of those villains where you almost can’t take him seriously because of his silly nature, but then the author gives you a slap across the face as you realize that he’s immensely powerful, and can turn the tides of major battles.

He’s also one of the few villains where we got some proper backstory. And it really helped in making us understand the type of man Twice is.

Plus, his relationship with Toga is adorable.

Speaking of which…


3. Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga in My Hero Academia anime

Every shounen needs a proper yandere character. And My Hero Academia has chosen Toga as their representative.

It’s very easy to see why she became a villain, as drinking blood is definitely not something that people won’t judge you over.

Especially when your love for blood is on such an obsessive level like it is with Toga.

She also makes for the perfect plot device, as you never know whether she snuck into your group until it’s too late.

She moves around like a ninja and doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. A truly terrifying combination.


2. Overhaul

Overhaul villain in My Hero Academia anime

Overhaul seems like a very realistic villain to me. Even though his Quirk is quite out there, as his path towards darkness was paved by his desire to do good.

Well, at least what he thought was good.

But he took it to such extremes that he nearly killed the man who saved him, took over his entire organization, endlessly tortured his granddaughter, and started an all-out war against the heroes.

This dude was terrifying. Especially when he got angry.

And his arc was one of the best the series has seen so far.

Plus, how cool does the plague doctor aesthetic look?


1. Dabi

Dabi from My Hero Academia anime

I doubt that anyone was surprised by this one.

Although we’ll have to wait for quite some time before his backstory is explored, Dabi became a fan favorite immediately.

And that’s because the dude just looks so badass.

He truly looks like the type to murder mercilessly and cause widespread panic.

Although his Quirk is pretty bland, it’s still very visually appealing. And in the few fights he’s been a part of, he has show that he’s a monster on the battlefield.

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