12 Most Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia is a story of how Deku became the number one hero.

But just like Deku inevitably becomes the best, some characters are bound to become the worst.

Be it because their Quirks are just too weak, or because they were never shown to do anything of value (even when they obviously could have).

Well for this list we’ll be delving into some of the most useless characters in My Hero Academia.


12. Hitoshi Shinso

Hitoshi Shinso from MHA anime

I want to start off with Shinso, as I never understood why he wasn’t in the spotlight.

Sure, he isn’t in class 1-A and doesn’t have a flashy Quirk.

But he’s still overpowered as hell.

Just think about how many times he could have saved the day, had the heroes just utilized this dude.

He could have caught Stain with no injury by just asking him a question. And he could have used Overhaul’s henchman to get her out of there without any type of raid.

And yet, all he has done so far was break Deku’s fingers.


11. Saiko Intelli

Saiko Intelli in My Hero Academia anime

In a similar fashion to Shinso, Intelli is extremely underutilized.

Not once have we seen the pro heroes consult her on an operation, or in relation to figuring out the U.A. traitor, even though her Quirk gives her 300 IQ.

To me, this means that her IQ means nothing without experience (in which case she’ s useless for a few more years). Or it means that she just fell of the edge of the Earth at some point, which also makes her pretty useless.


10. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu from MHA anime

Don’t get me wrong, I love this dude.

But unless the 5th season gives him some buffs, he’s going to become extremely useless.

I say this because we know that he was the same strength, if not slightly weaker, than base Kirishima.

And base Kirishima kind of got whooped by everything and everyone before he started using Unbreakable.

So unless Tetsutetsu gets some buffs, he’s just a bullet proof vest and nothing more.


9. Yuga Aoyama

Yuga Aoyama MHA anime screenshot

Regardless of how fabulous and confident Aoyama is, he’s a bottom-tier hero currently.

His attacks are easy to dodge, as we saw in his battle with Mina, and he can only use his Quirk for a very short time.

Plus, although this is never really tackled in the show, he can’t even use his power all that freely. As he could risk murdering someone on accident.

So far, the only practical thing he has done was being a signal. And a flare would have done that job just as well, and with less whining.


8. Koji Koda

Koji Koda in My Hero Academia anime

Koda basically needs all the stars to align to be even slightly useful.

If he’s in a city and there are no animals nearby, he’s basically Quirkless.

If his enemy has any type of AoE or is of a larger size, Koda is completely useless.

He offers no offensive or defensive abilities, outside of scaring people with bugs I guess. And we have never even seen him at least using the animals to gather information.

How he got into class 1-A, I will never know.


7. Native

Native from MHA anime

This dude is so useless that I don’t even know what his Quirk is.

What I do know is that three middle schoolers had to save his butt from Stain.

That wouldn’t have been a big deal, were it not for the fact that they also got stabbed by Stain throughout the battle.

But unlike mister pro hero over here, they got back up and kept fighting, while he was as useful as a sack of potatoes.

Even when he appears a second time in the manga, he manages to do absolutely nothing of significance.


6. Shuichi Iguchi (Spinner)

Shuichi Iguchi (Spinner) from MHA anime

Spinner just doesn’t belong in the League of Villains.

His Quirk is just completely useless, unless he’s trying to scale a wall or something. And his combat feats are simply mediocre.

He’s just a dude who carries a lot of swords and happens to look like he would sell you car insurance.

Next to powerhouses like Dabi or Twice, it’s obvious that Spinner is around simply so he could be the designated driver.


5. Mashirao Ojiro

Mashirao Ojiro in My Hero Academia anime

This dude should realistically get beaten up by almost every villain worth naming.

All of his power resides strictly in his tail. And all it would take to end his hero career is one good stab at it.

Sure, he’s decent at martial arts. But he simply offers next to nothing compared to almost everyone else.

He can’t go head to head with villains as effectively as Deku or Kirishima, he has no long range or AoE attacks like Todoroki, and he has no utility to speak of.


4. Masaki Mizushima

Masaki Mizushima from MHA anime

I put down Masaki, but this also relates to Backdraft, as they basically serve the same function.

Their entire schtick is that they can control water, to a very basic degree.

Since they already need a fire hydrant to use their power effectively, they’re basically just cutting out the step of getting a hose. And that’s about it.

They can’t really amp up the water pressure and use it offensively, at least we haven’t seen either of them use it in such a manner…

So any villain that doesn’t mind getting wet is bound to kill them within twenty seconds.


3. Toya Setsuno

Toya Setsuno MHA anime screenshot

This guy’s power is just way too specific, as he’s only really good at fighting Quirkless cops.

He just has the ability to take something from your hand and put it into his, that’s it.

So if you have a gun or something, he might be an issue. But c’mon.

If you have any Quirk whatsoever that does not require special equipment that you hold in your hand, you’re good to go and can easily beat this guy up.

He also can’t steal big items. So even in the case where cops do confront him, they can just take a shotgun or an automatic, and his Quirk would be rendered useless.


2. Toru Hagakure

Toru Hagakure from MHA anime

There’s a reason(besides perversion) that people often state invisibility as their superpower of choice:

It’s overpowered as hell!

But does Toru use this power even in the slightest way? Absolutely not!

Even though she could be both the best spy and the best assassin in the entire series, she has just become a meme character that hangs out in the background and occasionally makes a distraction.

I will forever be salty at how under-utilized her Quirk is.

And I secretly hope that she’s the U.A. traitor, simply because then I could say that she at least did something in the entire series.


1. Tatami Nakagame

Tatami Nakagame in My Hero Academia anime

I’m sorry, but Tatami is not a superhero. She’s a gimmick.

Her entire Quirk just chalks up to being able to avoid an attack once every minute or so, and even that is being generous.

Why did anyone think that there needed to be a hero whose sole power is to retract their limbs and their head into their body like a turtle?

Why was that necessary in any regard?

And how has she not been murdered at least five times?

Because not only is her Quirk weak, but it also has a downside – being that she can’t immediately “pop out” her limbs and/or head after she has retracted them into her body.

I’m actually quite fascinated at how useless she is.

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