What Does Agility Do in Castle Crashers?

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Agility is one of the four main attributes you can spend your skill points on to improve your knight.

Every skill point used in upgrading the Agility Attribute increases at least five different individual stats, namely:

  • Movement Speed
  • Arrow Damage
  • Arrow Speed
  • Arrow Range
  • Arrow Frequency

Below is a brief description of all the five stats the Agility attribute has to offer:


Movement Speed

Movement Speed is a stat that represents the rate at which a Knight travels across the map.

Leveling up the Agility stat will grant your Knight faster movement speed, allowing you to move a lot faster while traversing the map. It could also help you potentially dodge incoming enemy projectiles, or reposition yourself for an opening.


Arrow Damage

Increasing your Agility attribute also increases your Bow and Arrow’s ability to deal damage to an enemy.

Dealing high damage with your Bow and Arrow will allow you to spend less time on a single enemy, and help you move on to other remaining enemies to clear the area faster and proceed to the next part of the map.


Arrow Speed, Range, and Frequency

Arrow Speed is how fast your arrow travels towards an enemy.

Arrow Range is a stat for determining how far your arrows will travel.

Increasing your Agility attribute will allow you to shoot arrows from a farther distance, while maximizing your Agility attribute will allow you to shoot arrows from a straight line without any descent.

Jumping will also increase the range in which your arrows will travel. With a precise shot you can estimate where and when your arrows will descend and hit an enemy on the ground.

Although with a maxed-out Agility, you can only hit enemies mid-air since your arrows will only be traversing in a straight line.

Arrow Frequency is how fast you can produce and shoot arrows.

Increasing or maximizing your Agility attribute will allow you to shoot multiple arrows in rapid succession. This gives you the ability to juggle enemies from a distance, and to make the most out of your chances to dish as much damage as you can to an enemy.


Is Agility Worth Leveling?

The Agility attribute is one of the most powerful main attributes in the game, if you invest into it.

Spending a good amount of skill points on this attribute will allow you to punish your enemies from a distance, and set them up for a potential stun-lock, depriving them of the ability to stand up and defend against your onslaught of arrows.

If they can somehow manage to slither their way out and evade your barrage of arrows, you could always outrun them with your increased movement speed and reposition yourself to gain the upper hand.

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