Top 10 Best Castle Crashers Characters

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Castle Crashers is a beat-em-up that sets players on a fast paced adventure that never lets up.

This 2D adventure game features a killer soundtrack and plenty of fantasy elements that add up to an immersive experience(almost addicting!).

It also features a co-op story that allows four players to join together to save the princesses and defeat the dark wizard.

Within the game there are plenty of characters to choose from, each with different advantages and different styles of play. In this list I’ll be ranking my 10 favorite characters from the game and sharing some of their best maneuvers.

10. Green Knight

Green Knight Castle Crashers

Portrayed as the angriest of the colored knights, the Green Knight is one of the core characters of the game and centers around his use of poison.

All of his moves deal some sort of poison damage. Some of which deal damage over time.

Poison ball, blast and jump all deal base magic damage and poison damage over time.

9. Skeleton

Skeleton Castle Crashers

Brought to life by the Necromancer, this undead character is equipped with a Skeletor Mace.

First appearing in the game as an enemy, the Skeleton becomes a playable character once the game is completed with the Red Knight.

The skeleton utilizes the dark element, dealing base magic damage with his moves.

Dark Pillars is his splash move dealing damage to enemies based on their defense. And Dark Shot is his projectile move that has a quicker cast rate than most projectile attacks.

8. Bear

Bear Castle Crashers

Harnessing the elemental powers of the wind, the Bear is a fierce enemy that also becomes a playable character later on.

This character is equipped with a lethal club for battle. His signature splash move is the unique Tornado, which is different from most splash moves.

Tornado is an attack that can be controlled and directed towards enemies dealing magic damage upon contact.

In addition to Tornado, Bear can also hurl wind balls at his enemies as a projectile attack.

7. Conehead

Conehead Castle Crashers

Wearing a cone-like helm, this playable character is a very strong attacker.

All coneheads deal fire damage with their bomb attacks. Bomb toss and bomb drop are two different attacks that the Conehead can use to attack hidden enemies, causing knockback and fire damage too.

These bombs are the only magic projectiles that can hit more than one enemy, making this character very useful when you are outnumbered.

Conehead uses the Arrow Rain splash attack sending three arrows down upon the enemies in front of him, knocking enemies over.

This character is great at hitting multiple enemies and causing fire damage in a jiffy.

6. Fire Demon

Fire Demon Castle Crashers

Wielding a Black Morning Star, the Fire Demon deals plenty of fire magic damage as its title may suggest.

This draconic character’s move set is entirely made up of fire damage, dealing damage over time, and being able to knock enemies back a few paces.

With yellow eyes, large wings, and sharp teeth, this character has an intimidating look when charging into battle.

Because every attack deals fire damage, certain enemies may be able to avoid damage entirely. Despite this weakness, the Fire Demon makes up for it by dealing plenty of solid hits with Fireball, Flaming Pillars, and Flame Engulfment.

5. Alien

Alien Castle Crashers

The Alien is equipped with a signature alien gun that fires projectiles dealing non-elemental magic damage.

While this character has many advantages, what really sets it apart is the extremely high cast rate for its splash attack.

Comet can be cast three times faster than normal splash attacks, dealing fire damage and base magic damage.

This powerful attack deals burn damage over time and knocks enemies incredible distances.

Note: this move alone earns the Alien a spot on the list, and definitely sets it apart as one of the best characters in the entire game.

4. Blue Knight

Blue Knight Castle Crasher

The Blue Knight is one of the core characters available at the start of the game using the main element of ice.

This powerful character can freeze multiple enemies in place, giving you a huge advantage during the battle.

And this knight has multiple projectiles that will freeze the enemy upon contact. The only downside that the Blue Knight faces is the high cost of mana per projectile.

His splash attack, Ice Shards, is extremely powerful and useful in stopping enemies where they are hit… however it costs so much mana that it can only be used twice per mana bar.

Despite this drawback the Blue Knight is still undeniably one of the most powerful fighters in the game.

3. Fencer

Fencer castle crasher

The Fencer is a lethal fighter that is equipped with the fencer’s foil.

He is one of the very few characters that uses buzzsaw technology, which can be used in extremely powerful ways to clear rooms full of enemies.

The Fencer deals non-elemental magic damage and deals it fast. He has the magic and air projectile Buzzsaw, which sends a buzzsaw blade through the air towards the enemy.

Through spellweaving, this character can pull off some impressive moves between the various projectiles and splash attacks.

The splash attack Saw Trap is the most powerful attack against enemies that are not knocked down, allowing the Fencer to send up to 7 saw blades across the ground.

These saw blades are not hindered by any obstacle or distance, making this attack extremely damaging to multiple enemies on any side. Talk about crazy!

2. Red Knight

Red Knight castle crashers

The Red Knight wields a mace and is arguably the most powerful of the knights that are available at the start of the game.

This character uses electricity as its main element and can deal plenty of damage while stunning enemies for efficient crowd control.

Similar to the Blue Knight, the Red Knight is great at subduing multiple enemies.

What places the Red Knight so high on the list is its unique ability to deal damage while also stunning them in place.

The splash attack Thunderbolt can stun a crowd of enemies while dealing damage at the same time, giving the Red Knight the right tools to clear entire rooms of enemies single-handedly.

1. Industrialist

Industrialist battle castle crashers

The Industrialist is definitely the most powerful and versatile character in the game.

This heavy hitter has the same buzzsaw technology that the Fencer has, with just a minor difference that gives it a slight edge.

Your starting weapon for the Industrialist is the Ugly Mace which gives this character a significant boost of defense.

So not only is the Industrialist a dangerous fighter, but it can also absorb a good amount of damage from all enemies.

The splash move that the Fencer and Industrialist share is a unique ability that makes these characters efficient at taking down bosses by combining their projectiles and splash attacks to chain combos of damage that are devastating when timed properly.

Both characters are strong, but the Industrialist takes the top spot because of its high attack, unique abilities, and strong defensive stats.

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