5 Best Pets for Magic Users in Castle Crashers

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For players who prefer to use magic abilities as their main method of offense, they should know there are lots of ways to improve their magic.

For this list we’ll be ranking top 5 animal orbs that’ll help you on your magical journey in the world of Castle Crashers.


5. Giraffey

Giraffey watching the Pink and Grey Knight beat a barbarian Castle Crashers

What’s that, you haven’t unlocked your other Magic abilities because you need XP?

Then let Giraffey latch on to you!

Giraffey can grant you a 10% XP boost. Which doesn’t sound like much, but it does do the job when you want to level up faster.

Aside from giving you bonus XP, this animal orb does nothing else. Benching this pet in favor of different animal orbs will most likely happen once certain situations arise.

How to get Giraffey:

  • Girrafey can be found in the “Desert” level
  • An “X” can be spotted on the ground at the final wave of Scarabs and Royal Guards
  • Dig Girrafey out with a shovel

4. Bitey Bat

Bitey Bat gnawing down a barbarian while Iceskimo charges his Magic Castle Crashers

Nothing feels as good as hitting your opponent with your magic while they’re incapacitated.

Bitey Bat will munch and crunch on an enemy’s head, holding them in place for a few seconds which gives you enough time to dish out any magic ability you can at the enemy.

On rare occasions, Bitey Bat can rip the enemy’s head off, killing them instantly.

How to get Bitey Bat: Defeat Pipistrello in the “Pipistrello’s Cave” level.


3. Hawkster

Orange Knight and Hawkster inside the Ice Castle Castle Crashers

Here’s an animal orb that can pull double duty.

Hawkster can attack enemies while they are down, and harvest fruit from their dead corpse.

No other animal can do what Hawkster can.

Its harvest ability can restore HP which will help players on the brink of death. Especially those who spent their XP points on Magic early in the game.

How to get Hawkster:

  • Can be found in the “Tall Grass Field” level
  • Blow your Horn in front of the first mud hut

2. Beholder

The King and Beholder up against the War Machine Castle Crashers

The Beholder is the only animal orb in the game that grants you a boost in magic (4 points).

Having this pet around will improve the following stats:

  • Base Mana
  • Mana Regeneration Rate
  • Magic Damage
  • Magic Range

By the time you unlock the Beholder, your Magic will be at a high enough level to warrant you spending your XP points on a different attribute.

You also have to consider that the Beholder can only be obtained late in the game through various complicated steps.

All these things validate the Beholder’s spot on this list.

How to get Beholder:

  • Unlock Cardinal and have it as your main pet
  • Cardinal will find the Key Sword in the “Full Moon” level
  • Equip the Key Sword
  • Travel back to the Animal Ark and unlock the door

1. Bi-Polar Bear

Orange Knight and Bi-Polar Bear crash a wedding Castle Crashers

Sometimes you find yourself spamming magic abilities on a stubborn enemy, next thing you know you run out of mana and your enemy is coming right at you.

That’s where Bi-Polar Bear comes in.

With any luck, your magic spells should have left your enemy at a critical low health. Bi-Polar Bear will start charging at your enemy (assuming they have 8% HP or less) and attack them until they die.

But if you happen to have low HP, I suggest chugging down a health potion, since Bi-Polar Bear can also attack you and your fellow allies.

How to get Bi-Polar Bear: Blow your Horn at the cave entrance found at the end of the “Snow World” level.

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