Top 20 Best Weapons in Castle Crashers: The Definitive Ranking

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Castle Crashers gives you a wide array of weapons to choose from to help you save the princesses and thwart the Evil Wizard.

With more than 80 weapons to collect, you’re bound to encounter both cool and ridiculous-looking weapons, each with their own unique stat bonuses.

The weapons on this list are based on my personal opinions and research, organized into our ranking of the best-of-the-best.


20. Thick Sword

A Beefy Barbarian selling the Thick Sword Castle Crashers

The Thick Sword isn’t really a bad sword.

It toughens you up by giving you +5 in Defense, along with a slight increase in damage thanks to 2 additional stat points for Strength.

But by the time you unlock this weapon, you would’ve already collected far better options to choose from, leaving the Thick Sword down here at the bottom.

How to unlock: Available for purchase at the “Swamp Village Store” for 310 gold


19. Ugly Mace

Orange Knight wielding the Ugly Mace in the battlefield Castle Crashers

The Ugly Mace is indeed one of the ugliest looking maces in the game. But don’t let its wonky exterior fool you, as this weapon can give you both Defense and a Critical chance.

If you like playing the tank among your friends early in the game, then the Ugly Mace is the weapon for you.

It grants you +6 in Defense and 2% in Critical strikes which makes this weapon a must have.

Wielding the Ugly Mace will also deduct at least 2 Magic points from your stats.

There are two ways to unlock the Ugly Mace:

  • The Industrialists in the “Industrial Castle” level can drop this weapon
  • Beat the game using the Industrialist

18. Snakey Mace

Orange Knight going up against Snakey, the wielder of the Snakey Mace Castle Crashers

One of the few weapons that glow in the game, the Snakey Mace is a go-to weapon for magic users such as myself.

This weapon will give you the following bonuses:

  • +5 Magic
  • +3 Agility
  • +2% Poison

The bonus stats will help you escape from the clutches of your enemies through your bonus speed while you recover mana. This weapon also deducts at least 2 Defense stat points, making you susceptible to taking more damage.

There are two ways to unlock the Snakey Mace:

  • Snakeys found in the “Marsh” and “Medusa’s Lair” levels have a chance to drop this weapon
  • Beat the game using the Thief

17. Sai

Orange Knight fighting two Ninjas that wield a Sai Castle Crashers

When equipped, the Sai will give you a stat bonus of +6 Agility along with a 2% chance at a Critical Strike.

This weapon will make your knight feel like a ninja.

The Sai, along with the Cardboard Tube, grants you the highest Agility bonus a weapon can offer. Which will allow you to maneuver your way around the area with a chance to deal a lot of damage in a single strike.

Like every decent weapon, it comes at a price. A deduction of 2 Defense points is expected when wielding the Sai.

There are two ways to unlock the Sai:

  • Dropped by the Ninjas in the “Pirate Ship” level
  • Beat the game using the Ninja

16. Evil Sword

Orange Knight wielding the Evil Sword while standing beside a huge pile of crystals Castle Crashers

Taken from the clutches of the Necromancer himself, the Evil Sword grants the highest Defense bonus out of any weapon you can obtain in the game.

The Magic bonus of 2 points will come along quite nicely with the 7 points in Defense.

Aside from its cool looking design, this weapon does not offer anything else except the respect of the locals in the kingdom.

There are two ways to unlock the Evil Sword:

  • Dropped by the Necromancer in the “Wizard Castle Interior” level
  • Beat the “Industrial Castle” level on Insane Mode

15. Curved Sword

Orange Knight equipped with a Curved Sword, fighting a Saracen Castle Crashers

A stained sword you can find in the desert, the Curved Sword gives you 3 additional points in both Strength and Magic.

The Curved Sword also deducts at least a single point of Defense from your stats.

Overall, a good weapon you can use for a level or two until you find a better one.

How to unlock the Curved Sword: Dig with a Shovel in the “Sand Castle Roof” level


14. Demon Sword

Orange Knight brandishing the Demon Sword at a party Castle Crashers

A war trophy you can obtain after slaying the Evil Wizard, the Demon Sword grants the user a bonus of 2 points on every stat except Defense.

This weapon will also give you a 2% chance to ignite an enemy on fire.

Another underwhelming weapon that looks cool, the Demon Sword will probably be replaced by a better weapon when you head out and play Insane Mode.

How to unlock the Evil Sword: Dropped by the Evil Wizard in the “Final Battle” level.


13. Panic Mallet

Orange Knight equipped with a Panic Mallet, along with two Peasants inside a graveyard Castle Crashers

At first glance, the Panic Mallet doesn’t do much.

But once you start smacking your enemies on the head with this weapon, you’ll find that the damage you’re dealing is Critical damage.

That’s because the Panic Mallet grants you a 3% chance of a Critical strike and a slight buff to your Strength.

How to unlock the Panic Mallet: Break the tombstone behind a bush while you’re in the graveyard


12. King’s Mace

The King armed with his mighty King’s Mace, inside his now ruined throne room Castle Crashers

The King’s Mace grants the user a balanced distribution of bonus stats:

  • +3 Strength
  • +3 Defense
  • +2 Magic

A well-rounded weapon overall, its ample stat bonuses with no debuffs makes this mace a worthy accessory in your armory.

How to unlock the King’s Mace: Unlock the King by beating “Pipistrello’s Cave” level on Insane Mode.


11. Dual Prong Sword

Orange Knight equipped with a Dual Prong Sword, shopping for wares Castle Crashers

This is probably one of the most ridiculously frustrating weapons to obtain in the game.

You would think that this would be one of the best weapons due to the difficulty in obtaining it… well, at least it isn’t terrible.

The Dual Prong Sword offers 2 different stat boosts and a special effect:

  • +3 Strength
  • +3 Defense
  • 1% Critical chance

Its mid-tier bonus stats, and its miniscule chance of a critical strike makes this a good pickup if you happen to stumble onto it early in your game.

There are two ways to unlock the Dual Prong Sword:

  • Can be dropped by the Brute in the “Industrial Castle” level
  • Unlock Brute by beating the game as Iceskimo

10. Clunky Mace

Orange Knight wielding a Clunky Mace standing behind The Blacksmith Castle Crashers

Here’s one of the best weapons you can get early in Castle Crashers without purchasing DLC’s.

The Clunky Mace doesn’t have much to offer in terms of variety. But if you look at the damage you deal to opponents you can thank the mace for its 5 points in Strength.

If you feel like your character is lagging behind other entities, that’s because of the 2 Agility points debuff, the cost of wielding this Mace.

How to unlock the Clunky Mace: Buy it at the “Volcano Store” for 240 gold.


9. Buffalo Mace

The Pink Knight battling a bunch of Barbarians using a Buffalo Mace Castle Crashers

The Buffalo Mace is basically the bigger and better version of the Clunky Mace.

It offers the same stat bonuses and debuffs, but it adds 3 Defense points into the mix, making this weapon the better choice between the two.

There are two ways to unlock the Buffalo Mace:

  • Buy it at the “Swamp Village Store” on Insane Mode for 480 gold.
  • Purchase the “Pink Knight Pack” DLC.

8. Butcher Knife

The Orange Knight shopping for weapons at the Snow Store, where the Butcher Knife can be bought Castle Crashers

Also known as the Cleaver, this is considered to be the best level 15 weapon you can get.

The Butcher Knife gives the users +5 Strength and +2 Agility, a huge stat bonus for a weapon you can pick-up at level 15.

If you don’t mind the deduction of 2 Magic points, then I suggest to start chopping your foes with this weapon.

How to unlock the Butcher Knife: Buy it at the “Snow Store” for 400 gold.


7. Ribeye

Orange Knight standing beside a Ribeye hanging from an open freezer Castle Crashers

Yes, a piece of meat made it into the 7th spot on this list.

But you would be surprised as to how much it offers you when you decide to arm yourself with it.

The Ribeye gives you 4 bonus stat points in both Strength and Agility, with a debuff of 2 Magic points.

This frozen slab of steak will aid you in close-quarters combat, helping you slightly edge out opponents with your Strength and Agility.

How to unlock the Ribeye: Can be found hanging on a wall inside the “Ice Castle” level.


6. Fishing Spear

A bunch of Iceskimos armed with Fishing Spears holding their own against the Orange Knight Castle Crashers

The local Iceskimos can be found wielding this spear as their main weapon for defense.

The Fishing Spear grants the player a boost in Strength by 5 points and Magic by 2 points. Wielding this weapon will cost you 3 Agility points, slowing you down.

Although the Agility reduction is a bit much, the tradeoff for 5 bonus points in Strength makes wielding this weapon worth it.

How to unlock the Fishing Spear: Dropped by the Iceskimos in the Full Moon, Snow World, and Ice Castle levels


5. Gold Skull Mace

Orange Knight armed with the Gold Skull Mace, leading the King to battle Castle Crashers

The Gold Skull Mace is one of the few weapons in Castle Crashers that’s as powerful as it looks.

This Mace is all about dealing melee damage, giving you 3 points in Strength with a 4% chance to deal Critical damage.

So it works best when fighting against bosses.

The only downside to this weapon I can think of is that you can only find it in the Insane Store, which is after you beat the game.

How to unlock the Gold Skull Mace: Buy it at the Insane Store for 900 gold.


4. Chainsaw

A merchant selling the Chainsaw at the Insane Store Castle Crashers

The Chainsaw doesn’t give you much base damage, but it does give you the highest chance at a Critical strike (5%).

It will also dramatically increase your Defense by up to 5 points.

Overall, the Chainsaw is a very good weapon if you prefer gambling your chances at dealing damage.

How to unlock the Chainsaw: Buy it at the Insane Store for 1500 gold.


3. NG Golden Sword

The NG Golden Sword on display for purchase at the Insane Store Castle Crashers

The NG Golden Sword is definitely a fan favorite weapon thanks to it being one of the best offensive-centric weapons in the game.

This weapon gives you 5 bonus points in Strength and Magic, while dramatically slowing you down by taking away 3 Agility points.

By the time you can purchase it, your Agility points will probably be high enough for you to confidently wield this sword without any noticeable drawbacks, despite the debuff.

How to unlock the NG Golden Sword: Buy it at the Insane Store for 1200 gold.


2. Club

The Orange Knight armed with a wooden Club Castle Crashers

Another weapon that trades away Agility for Strength and Defense, the Club is often picked by players that prefer to dish out damage they can take.

Its 5 stat bonuses in Strength and Defense can definitely help you take the fight to your enemies.

The only pain you have to endure while wielding this weapon is the 3-point Agility debuff you’re probably going to encounter when you stumble upon this weapon early in the game.

How to unlock the Club: Dropped by the Bears in the “Tall Grass Field” level.


1. Man Catcher

The Orange Knight wielding the Man Catcher with a herd of deer Castle Crashers

Behold, a top-tier weapon with no debuffs!

The Man Catcher, in my opinion, is the best melee weapon in the game. Granting you the following stat bonuses:

  • +5 Strength
  • +2 Defense
  • 2% Critical chance

If you happen to unlock the Man Catcher early in the game by purchasing the DLC that comes with it, then you’ll probably want to hang on to this weapon until you finish the game since nothing else can top the stat bonuses this weapon gives you.

There are two ways to unlock the Man Catcher:

  • Buy it at the “Snow Store” on Insane Mode for 600 gold.
  • Purchase the “Blacksmith Pack” DLC.
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