Top 5 Best XP Pets To Level Up Fast in Castle Crashers

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Gaining XP in Castle Crashers is slightly different than in other games.

Because here, the number of times you hit an enemy with an attack will reward you with experience points. Basically, the more damage you deal to an enemy, the less XP you will get.

Well for this ranking we’re looking into some pets that will help you level up faster and easier.


5. BiPolar Bear

The Blacksmith and the BiPolar Bear at the “Wizard Castle Takeover” level / Castle Crashers

The BiPolar Bear is best used as an indicator of sorts when you’re juggling an enemy to death.

Just make sure that you finish your enemy yourself before he does. This will allow you to capitalize on the amount of XP you can gain from your hits.

When you’re juggling an enemy in mid-air, BiPolar Bear will start to fidget rapidly, signifying that the enemy has died.

This pet will save a huge amount of time and will allow you to move on to other enemies.

How to get BiPolar Bear:

  • Can be obtained at the end of the “Snow World” level
  • Blow your horn outside the cave entrance

4. Bitey Bat

A Fire Demon and Bitey Bat at the “Lava World” level / Castle Crashers

If you can’t get your enemies to hold still for a combo, then let Bitey Bat do that for you.

Bitey Bat will chomp down an enemy for a few seconds, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Take this chance to dish out as many attacks on your enemy as possible.

And if you’re not able to engage your vulnerable enemy, then Bitey Bat will let go and deal 1 damage.

How to get Bitey Bat:

  • Can be found at “Pipistrello’s Cave” level
  • Defeat Pipistrello

3. Hawkster

A group of Peasants and Hawkster fighting the Corn Boss / Castle Crashers

Yep, this pet will do you wonders on your quest to grind XP.

Hawkster will peck any knocked over enemy four times, with each peck dealing 1 damage.

Helping you maximize your chances of gaining as much XP from a single enemy as you possibly can.

Once you’ve killed an enemy, Hawkster will then harvest a piece of fruit from your enemy’s corpse and bring it to you.

How to get Hawkster:

  • Located at the “Tall Grass Field” level
  • Blow your horn in near the mud hut with a horn sign

2. Rammy

Iceskimo and Rammy fighting opposing Iceskimos / Castle Crashers

This horned beast loves to tackle your enemies.

And Rammy is pretty useful considering that his attacks can hit multiple enemies at once. When you sprint and pass through your enemies, Rammy will bump into them and deal 1 damage.

This move can be highly exploited to gain a ton of XP.

The slimes that spawn at the “Pipistrello’s Cave” and the trolls spawned by the “Troll Mother” are excellent ways to abuse Rammy’s knock over ability.

How to get Rammy:

  • Can be found in the “Tall Grass Field” level
  • Beat the Bear Boss

1. Giraffey

Alien Hominid and Giraffey aboard an Alien Ship / Castle Crashers

Giraffey is a pretty straightforward pet: having him around will give you 10% bonus XP each time you hit an enemy.

To maximize Giraffey’s XP boost, make sure to practice your juggling and equip a weapon with a Strength debuff (preferably the Glowstick).

This type of weapon will lessen the melee damage you deal, and will increase the amount of hits your enemy will take.

One of the best enemies you can eternally farm XP from is The Troll Mother, who’s found at the end of “Thieves’ Forest Level.


Because she will spawn an infinite number of trolls, allowing you to abuse her ability for XP.

How to get Giraffey:

  • Can be found at the “Desert” level
  • Shovel the “X” spot at the final wave of Scarabs and Royal Guards
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