10 Best Critical Weapons in Castle Crashers

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Players who like to play the odds will often select a weapon that has the capability to deal a huge amount of damage based on chance.

Critical Strike weapons in Castle Crashers deal four times more damage than a normal strike. These types of weapons only have a 1-5% chance of triggering a damage multiplier.

For this list, I’ve ranked the absolute best critical weapons you can get your hands on.


10. Wrench

Orange Knight wielding a Wrench Castle Crashers

Clubbing enemies with Wrenches doesn’t seem so bad once you know that it can hand out a 2% chance to deal Critical Damage.

The Wrench can be acquired very early in the game, allowing you to wield it at level 5. It also gives you a 1 bonus point in Strength.

While wielding this weapon, your Magic will be debuffed by 1 point.

How to get the Wrench:

  • Can be obtained at the beginning of the “Tall Grass Field” level
  • Hidden behind the Catapult being worked on by a Gray Knight

9. Gladiator Sword

Blue Knight armed with a Gladiator Sword up in the air Castle Crashers

This one’s also known as the Knight’s Sword.

But whatever you call it, the sword offers you the following stats:

  • +3 Defense
  • +1 Strength
  • 2% Critical Strike

This weapon will make you last longer on the battlefield thanks to the decent Defense bonus.

One of the few downsides to this weapon is that it is only obtainable late in the game. A debuff of 1 Magic point is also expected when you have this weapon equipped.

How to get the Gladiator Sword:

  • Obtainable at the “Full Moon” level
  • Can be obtained at the first hut
  • Can also be dropped by the Stove Faces
  • Can be unlocked by beating the game with the Gray Knight

8. Broad Spear

Orange Knight brandishing his newly acquired Broad Spear Castle Crashers

Just like any spear, the Broad Spear’s light design enables you to hastily move your way through the battlefield, giving you 5 Agility points.

The bonus Agility will also help you weave your way through hordes of enemies and find an opening for you to strike them. And a 2% chance of dealing Critical Damage may occur.

But having this weapon equipped will debuff your Strength by 2 points, reducing your base damage significantly.

How to get the Broad Spear:

  • Can be found in the “Medusa’s Lair” level
  • Destroy the third Fish Man statue

7. Dual Prong Sword

Orange Knight equipped with a Dual Prong Sword, shopping for wares Castle Crashers

Although a little hard to obtain, The Dual Prong Sword is a solid mid-tier weapon that you can encounter early in the game if you happen to have dumb luck.

The Dual Prong Sword offers 2 different stat boosts with its 1% Critical Strike with +3 Strength and +3 Defense.

How to get the Dual Prong Sword:

  • Can be dropped by the Brute in the “Industrial Castle” level
  • Unlock Brute by beating the game as Iceskimo

6. Sai

Orange Knight battling a Sai-wielding Ninja Castle Crashers

As a weapon often wielded by Ninjas, the Sai will boost your speed by giving you 6 Agility skill points. This allows you to bolt behind enemies and have a 2% chance of dealing Critical Damage.

Just like a Ninja, you will be sacrificing 2 Defense points in exchange for speed and a critical chance.

How to unlock the Sai:

  • Can be dropped by Ninjas in the “Pirate Ship” level
  • Beat the game using the Ninja

5. Panic Mallet

Pink Knight swinging his Panic Mallet Castle Crashers

Players who often button mash when panicking will love this weapon.

The Panic Mallet is a decent mid-tier offensive weapon capable of a 3% Critical Strike chance. It also gives you 1 bonus skill point in Strength.

What brings this weapon down is how little it offers. By the time you’ve obtained this thing, you will have likely unlocked better weapons in terms of Critical chance and bonus attributes.

How to get the Panic Mallet:

  • Can be found at the “Marsh” level
  • Break the hidden tombstone behind a bush

4. Black Morning Star

A Fire Demon armed with the Black Morning Star, fighting a horde of Barbarians Castle Crashers

The Black Morning Star can be a powerful melee weapon when the Critical Strikes begin hitting your opponents.

And on top of the 4% chance of getting a Critical Strike, this weapon will also give you a slight buff of 1 skill point for both your Magic and Defense attributes.

But is this worth it? Really depends on your play style.

Because the huge Critical chance isn’t worth trading your 3 Strength points since you’ll be dealing significantly less melee damage.

How to get the Black Morning Star:

  • Can be dropped by Fire Demons at the end of the “Lava World” level
  • Unlock Fire Demon by beating the game with Orange Knight

3. Man Catcher

Orange Knight equipped with the Man Catcher, fighting against multiple Coneheads Castle Crashers

As a weapon fit for those who prefer melee combat, the Man Catcher is by far one of the best melee weapons in the game.

It gives you the following stat bonuses:

  • 2% Critical chance
  • +5 Strength
  • +2 Defense

Although the Critical chance percentage isn’t much, the bonus stats that come along with it makes this weapon a must have.

The huge bonus in Strength will harmonize with your Crits and will allow you to deal massive damage to a single enemy.

How to get the Man Catcher:

  • Buy it at the “Snow Store” on Insane Mode for 600 gold
  • Purchase the “Blacksmith Pack” DLC

2. Golden Mace

Orange Knight smashing a stone statue Castle Crashers

The Golden Mace will work wonders on all types of enemies, considering that it’s a very offensive-focused weapon.

3 bonus skill points in Strength along with a 4% Critical Damage chance will go along quite nicely. Especially when you’re up against bosses and beefy enemies.

If you’re the type of player to max your Strength rather than balance it out with the other three attributes, then I suggest picking this weapon up and diving into the action – because it will most likely fit your style of play perfectly.

How to get the Golden Skull Mace: buy it at the Insane Store for 900 gold.


1. Chainsaw

A merchant selling the Chainsaw at the Insane Store Castle Crashers

Although the Chainsaw doesn’t give out any bonus melee attack damage, it has a 5% chance to deal Critical Damage to an enemy.

This is the highest Critical chance percentage in the game.

If you aren’t good at dodging enemy hits, the 5 bonus skill points in Defense will toughen you up. Allowing you to approach your enemies without fear of getting one-shotted.

Overall, the Chainsaw is a very good weapon for confrontation.

This will do great against the boss fights in Insane Mode thanks to the huge bonus in Defense and Crits.

How to get the Chainsaw: buy it at the Insane Store for 1500 gold.

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