Top 5 Best Pets for the Final Boss (Castle Crashers)

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For players who are under-leveled and find themselves needing additional enhancements to fight the Final Boss, then you should turn to the pets you’ve been hoarding in your Animal Ark.

Since you can only bring a single pet along with you, you’re going to have to find a suitable one that will fit your play style.

And in this ranking we’ll feature the absolute best pets that will help you fend off & claim victory over the Final Boss.


5. Beholder

The Blue Knight and the Beholder battling the Evil Wizard Castle Crashers

This is only Animal Orb in the game to give you a stat bonus for your Magic (+4).

The Evil Wizard in his second phase will alternate his bubble shields between two attack types, Physical and Magical. The Beholder will prove useful once the Evil Wizard surrounds himself with a blue bubble shield, making him vulnerable to Magic.

The Magical damage you’ll be dealing to him will be so large that he’ll have no choice but to move on to his third phase.

How to get Beholder:

  • Unlock Cardinal and have it as your main pet
  • Cardinal will find the Key Sword in the “Full Moon” level
  • Equip the Key Sword
  • Travel back to the Animal Ark and unlock the door

4. Meowburt

The Peasant and Meowburt fighting the Evil Wizard Castle Crashers

You’ll be doing a lot of chasing when you’re up against the Evil Wizard. Most of his phases will force you to move and pursue him, making you vulnerable to all of his various attacks.

Luckily, Meowburt can help you out by granting you 4 bonus Agility points, allowing you to:

  • Run after him to attack
  • Confidently dodge his attacks
  • Nock a barrage of arrows at him

How to get Meowburt:

  • Reach the end of the “Parade level”
  • Go into the next level by entering “Cyclops’ Cave”
  • Quickly exit the cave after you enter and you’ll find Meowburt waiting

3. Burly Bear

Barbarian and the Burly Bear chasing the Evil Wizard in his 3rd form Castle Crashers

Burly Bear is a decent pet to have if you prefer to have a little Defense sprinkled on top of your Strength.

The bonus skill points in both Strength (+3) and Defense (+1) will be useful against all the phases of the Evil Wizard, allowing you to take a few more hits from the boss and deal a good amount of damage to him as well.

How to get Burly Bear:

  • Burley Bear can be found in the “Tall Grass Field” level
  • Inside the cave, lift the boulder out of the way by eating a Sandwich
  • Throw two bombs at the crack on the wall

2. BiPolar Bear

The Open-Masked Grey Knight and BiPolar Bear Castle Crashers

I’ve listed this guy in my best pets ranking too, and ultimately it’s worth bringing along.

The BiPolar Bear will do quite well against the Evil Wizard thanks to its primary ability to maul and finish enemies for you when they’re in critical health.

Once you’ve done your part in leaving the Evil Wizard with 8% HP or less, the BiPolar Bear will take care of the rest.

This saves you the hassle of chasing the Wizard down to end the fight.

Also, this bear’s maul ability will work on all the Evil Wizard’s phases/forms.

How to get BiPolar Bear:

  • Girrafey can be found at the end of “Snow World” level
  • Blow your Horn in front of the cave entrance and Bi-Polar Bear will emerge

1. Snoot

Grey Knight and Snoot underneath floating crystals Castle Crashers

If you just want to finish the game as quickly as possible, then you might want to have Snoot by your side when you’re facing the Final Boss.

His 4 bonus skill points in Strength will prove to be very useful once your physical attacks connect and hit the Evil Wizard.

Pair Snoot with a great Strength-based weapon for maximum efficiency, since you’ll be battling six phases of the Evil Wizard.

Try to pace yourself and establish a pattern of the Evil Wizards movement and you’ll find yourself staring at the credits sooner than you think.

How to get Snoot: Snoot can be found in the “Cyclops Fortress” level – just throw two bombs at the cracked wall near a portrait of the Cyclops.

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