10 Best Strength Weapons in Castle Crashers (Ranked)

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Weapons come in all forms, shapes, and sizes in the world Castle Crashers.

From the classic swords and spears, to pieces of meat and wood, all of these weapons have one thing in common:

They deal damage.

And the Strength attribute is probably the best attribute in the game thanks to how it increases your melee attack damage. In fact, the most commonly equipped weapons in the game are the ones that give a huge stat boost in Strength.

So let’s take a look at the most notable ones.


10. King’s Mace

The King equipped with his Mace, leads his troops / Castle Crashers

Here’s a weapon fit for a true king. The King’s Mace gives the user a decent Strength boost with additional bonuses to other attributes as well:

  • +3 Strength
  • +3 Defense
  • +2 Magic

How to unlock the King’s Mace: Unlock the King by beating “Pipistrello’s Cave” level on Insane Mode.


9. Ribeye

Orange Knight acquires the Ribeye / Castle Crashers

With this meat stick in your hands, you’ll be able to hit-and-run your opponents.

The Ribeye is a piece of steak that gives you 4 bonus skill points in both Strength and Agility.

It’s a great weapon for those who prefer to alternate between melee attacks and ranged attacks through the use of their bow. The bonus Agility will help you nock more arrows at a faster rate.

Just expect your Magic attribute to take a slight hit thanks to a 2 point debuff.

How to unlock the Ribeye: Can be found hanging on a wall inside the “Ice Castle” level.


8. Gold Skull Mace

Orange Knight armed with the Gold Skull Mace, battles against the Corn Boss / Castle Crashers

As a great offensive weapon, the Gold Skull Mace gives bonuses in both Strength (+3) and Critical Strike (4%).

This is best used when you’re up against bosses or enemies with a lot of health points.

How to unlock the Gold Skull Mace: Available for purchase at the Insane Store for 900 gold.


7. Clunky Mace

Pinked Knight with the Clunky Mace, encounters a group of bandits / Castle Crashers

The Clunky Mace offers you a huge 5 skill point bonus in Strength at such an early point in the game.

At the cost of slowing you down due to a -2 skill point Agility debuff, the Clunky Mace will give you a chance to deal tremendous melee damage.

How to unlock the Clunky Mace: Available for purchase at the “Volcano Store” for 240 gold.


6. Fishing Spear

Blue Knight swings his Fishing Spear as he levels up / Castle Crashers

The Fishing Spear grants you a stat boost in both Strength (+5) and Magic(+2)

When equipped, this weapon will help players who prefer to alternate between their melee and magical attacks.

A debuff of 3 Agility skill points will occur when you have this weapon equipped.

How to unlock the Fishing Spear:

  • Dropped by the Iceskimos in the “Full Moon”, “Snow World”, and “Ice Castle“ levels.
  • Unlock Iceskimo by beating the Icy Arena.

5. Buffalo Mace

The King wielding a Buffalo Mace / Castle Crashers

I’d say the Buffalo Mace is an excellent weapon on the whole. It grants you 5 bonus skill points in Strength, and your Defense is also buffed to 3 skill points.

This weapon is for players who prefer close-quarters combat.

Plus it will allow you to hand out and take extensive amounts of damage. Although a slight Agility debuff of 2 points should be expected when wielding this weapon.

How to unlock the Buffalo Mace:

  • Available for purchase at the “Swamp Village Store” on Insane Mode for 480 gold
  • Purchase the “Pink Knight Pack” DLC

4. Butcher Knife

Blue Knight looking to purchase the Butcher Knife / Castle Crashers

This is a slightly better version of the Ribeye, and is considered to be the best level 15 weapon available.

The Butcher Knife gives you +5 skill points in Strength and +2 skill points in Agility. Its availability for players who are under-leveled makes wielding this weapon imperative.

But your Magic attribute is debuffed by 2 skill points when you have this equipped, so keep that in mind.

How to unlock the Butcher Knife: Available for purchase at the “Snow Store” for 400 gold


3. NG Golden Sword

Orange Knight faceplants on the pavement with his NG Golden Sword on hand / Castle Crashers

The NG Gold Sword gives the users +5 bonus skill points in Strength and Magic

It helps you dish out tremendous damage in both Magic and melee attacks. Combos that utilize both physical and magical attacks will benefit greatly thanks to the Golden Sword’s huge stat boosts.

While equipped, the NG Gold Sword will reduce your movement speed and arrow production by a decent amount thanks to its 3 Agility skill point debuff.

How to unlock the NG Golden Sword: Available for purchase at the Insane Store for 1200 gold.


2. Club

Orange Knight armed with a Club, crashes a wedding / Castle Crashers

Being a better version of the Buffalo Mace, the Club allows you to both deal and receive consistent damage.

The Club offers a huge 5 stat bonus for both your Strength and Defense. And this allows you to challenge your enemies without backing down.

And just like the Bears that wield this Club, you’ll be a lot slower due to the 3 skill point Agility debuff.

How to unlock the Club: Dropped by the Bears in the “Tall Grass Field” level


1. Man Catcher

Orange Knight equipped with the Man Catcher, leads the King and his knights / Castle Crashers

Claiming the number one spot yet again, the Man Catcher is the best melee weapon in the game.

Its +5 bonus skill points in Strength, along with its +2 Defense and 2% Critical Strike, all makes this a must-have for those who like to play up close and personal against their enemies.

How to unlock the Man Catcher:

  • Available for purchase at the “Snow Store” for 600 gold
  • Purchase the “Blacksmith Pack” DLC
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