Cat Pokémon: Ranking All The Best Felines In The Entire Franchise

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Cats have been alongside people ever since storing grain became a thing. And they were so beneficial and helpful by taking care of dangerous pests such as rats and snakes, we started worshipping them as gods.

Probably fair to say the Pokémon universe has a similar story.

There are several kinds of cat-like creatures in the Pokémon universe where people are just as endeared by the fluffy, scratchy balls of mystery.

Now to help you find the ideal Pokécat to bring into your home so it can destroy your furniture and keep you company by sitting on your keyboard, I’ve put together a ranking of every single cat-like critter in the series so far.

As they say, one cat just leads to another.

31. Flareon

Flareon in the Pokemon anime

Is Flareon a cat or not?

That seems to be a question plaguing most people’s minds. Despite Eevee and most of its evolutionary line being evidently feline, Flareon is a bit of an outlier with that fluffy tail and overall demeanor.

But I’ve never seen a kitten grow up to be a dog, so I’ll take the plunge and say this fire-type Eeveelution is an adorably lovable cat.

Since this cat’s specialty is creating fire and keeping its body heat considerably over what we consider “normal”, it’s the perfect companion for people who like to go hiking, camping out and looking at the stars without the hindrance of modern lights.


30. Skitty

Skitty screenshot from the anime

On the other side of the furry spectrum lies Skitty, who couldn’t be taken for anything that isn’t a cat.

This little pink Pokémon is so cute it can cause infatuation on other creatures with its Cute Charm ability.

If you’ve ever had a cat, you know how easy it is to fall under their spell.

Just as easy as it is for Skitty to fall under the spell of small, moving objects like insects or an inconspicuous red laser dot on the wall, forcing it to immediately give chase.


29. Delcatty

Delcatty in Pokemon anime

Eating, sleeping, and keeping your fur supple sound like some of the most feline things to do.

It’s no surprise that those are the things Skitty’s evolution, Delcatty, likes to spend most of its time doing.

Despite being known as the prim Pokémon, Delcatty is a good-natured cat more interested in keeping its purple fur sublime to the touch than participating in battles.

If you already went so far as to get your Skitty a Moonstone so it could evolve, I doubt you have much issue with that. This little critter can make a strong addition to your team as well.


28. Umbreon

Umbreon from the Pokemon anime

But worry not, for there are several felines in this list who’d gladly trade the comfort of your sofa for the heat of battle if needed.

Known as the Moonlight Pokémon, this elegant creature of the shadows was introduced in generation II as the newest dark-type Eeveelution.

And fans went wild for it.

Unlike the original three Eeveelutions, which all required specific elemental stones, Umbreon can be evolved from an Eevee with a high-enough friendship level as long as you level it up during night(another game mechanic first added into gen 2).

Once you do, one of the first things you’ll notice is how its beautiful ring pattern glows in the dark. And it looks even better on the shiny version!

In combat Umbreon may take a bit of time to get enough damage in. But thanks to its stellar defensive stats it’ll win any battle of attrition once you’ve got it leveled high enough.


27. Jolteon

Jolteon from the Pokemon anime

Another incredible Eeveelution that’ll truly show its worth in battle is Jolteon.

This electrifying creature is the result of presenting Eevee with a thunder stone. It’s one of the OG 151 and ever since Pokémon’s original release, it’s been a fan-favorite.

Thanks to its insane speed, stellar sp. attack and decent sp. defense, Jolteon is an incredible sweeper that can take a beating without going down.

Its Volt Absorb ability also helps its survivability and makes it one of the most valued Electric-type Pokémon.

Just take into account that Jolteon isn’t a house cat. So if it doesn’t get enough action it may get tense and end up discharging 10,000 volts on you.


26. Glameow

Glameow in Pokemon anime

I guess it’s not a surprise that a creature with “meow” in its name would have the super creative title of “Catty Pokémon”.

Glameow is valued all over the Pokémon world for its elegant looks and graceful movements.

This glamour comes with a fickle nature, however. And like most cats, it tends to become spiteful for diverse reasons, such as not being fed properly.

Other than that it’s a calm and collected Pokémon with abilities that keep it from becoming confused or paralyzed, so it’s always in control of the situation.


25. Purugly

Purugly in Pokemon anime

If you keep catering to Glameow’s every whim, it’ll lose control of its weight and become a Purugly.

With a Thick Fat cover protecting it from fire and ice-type moves, what was formerly an elegant house cat has become a massive beast in battle.

Conscious of its weight, it cinches its waist with its twin tails to look buff rather than round.

Despite this seemingly unfortunate turn of events, I could see myself loving this plump cat. I’d just be a little scared if it ever got mad at me, as it might decide I look yummy… and I couldn’t outrun its surprisingly high base speed.


24. Espeon

Espeon in Pokemon anime

Known as the Sun Pokémon, Espeon is the result of leveling up a very friendly Eevee during the day.

It’s a psychic-type added in gen 2 as Umbreon’s daylight counterpart.

Despite being marginally less popular(cue screaming) its beautiful color and efficiency as a competitive sweeper have garnered a lot of dedicated fans.

It’s known to be extremely loyal, unlike what people usually think of cats. And it’s said to be able to predict the future by sensing and analyzing air currents.


23. Purrloin

Purrloin in Pokemon anime

If loyalty isn’t something you’re interested in then perhaps a Purrloin is the partner-in-crime you’ve been looking for all your life.

This dark-type addition from generation 5 is known as the Devious Pokémon for its mischievous nature.

It steals for fun and then acts all cutesy and innocent so it’s impossible not to forgive it.

Have you ever seen a cat’s face after they push something off a ledge on purpose? It’s like that, but standing on two feet.


22. Liepard

Liepard from Pokemon anime

Once Purrloin evolves you’ll find out that its deviousness will turn into something worse. Well, worse for your enemies.

Liepard was designed to resemble a cheetah, and it has an accordingly high speed stat which undoubtedly helps in its constant turf war against Thievul.

Moody and vicious, this menacing dark-type cat creature is a great reminder that there’s no honor among thieves.


21. Leafeon

Leafeon from Pokemon anime

If you like keeping plants around but your cat always ends up murdering them one way or another, perhaps Leafeon is the compromise you didn’t know you needed.

This grass-type critter is a cat-loving botanist’s dream. And it’ll keep the air in your home high in oxygen thanks to photosynthesis.

This nifty little process is probably the reason why both of its abilities in combat are centered around fighting better in the sunlight.

Leafeon by default has stellar defense, and enough physical attack to keep fights from becoming wet noodle contests.

If you have a Mossy Rock and an Eevee laying around there’s nothing better you could do with them.


20. Glaceon

Glaceon from Pokemon anime

Between an air purifier Pokémon and one that works as an AC, I know which one I’d pick.

I’ve lived in warm areas of the word all my life. And you wouldn’t believe how essential AC is to civilized life in those places.

Regrettably, Glaceon would probably be happier living in a colder climate as its abilities are only useful in the middle of a hailstorm… and you won’t get many of those close to the equator.

Unlike Leafeon, I really think Glaceon is built for the offensive with great sp. attack and just enough defensive capabilities to not enter the “glass cannon” category.


19. Zeraora

Zeraora Pokemon

Catering to the furry communities worldwide comes Zeraora, the Thunderclap Pokémon.

This Mythical creature from Alolan’s gen 7 may not be the cutest cat.

But its design is pretty badass, and its combat prowess backs that up.

Despite not being able to generate electricity, it can store it in great amounts and unleash it against its foes while taking advantage of its legendary-level stats.

In combat, this capacity to store electricity is reflected as the Volt Absorb ability, which heals it whenever it’s hit by an Electric-type move.


18. Alolan Meowth

Alolan Meowth anime screenshot

This creature was originally from another region but came to Alola with human migration and adapted to its new environment over the years.

I think we all recognize it’s lovable design right away.

Unlike its beige continental counterpart, Alolan Meowth has a sober gray color and an overall sly look to it that reflect its Dark-type perfectly.

It’s prone to hysterical rages, but it’s also very smart, crafty and prideful.

In other words, it’s a smooth criminal.


17. Alolan Persian

Alolan Persian newer version

If you catch and befriend an Alolan Meowth there will come the day when your friendship makes it evolve into… this?

I don’t know what was going on at Game Freak HQ when they decided to go with this design. It looks so out of place, it’s not even funny!

Well, maybe a little bit.

Despite looking so silly, Alolan Persian is actually valued for its round face which is seen as a sign of status among cat owners.

It’s also said to have the incredibly soft fur of someone who’s abandoned hard work to live a life of luxury.


16. Persian

Persian in Pokemon anime

Despite the Alolan variety of Persian being newer and probably more unique, I’d still pick the OG classy cat over it any day.

And I’m not alone, for Team Rocket’s Leader Giovanni used to keep one as well.

It’s fitting, since Persian have vicious temperaments and are perfectly-fitted for ruthless individuals like mobsters.

Still, I think a lot of cats in our own world have difficult personalities too. And that’s part of why being loved by a cat makes us feel so special.


15. Espurr

Espurr Pokemon anime

Few things have the power to become a meme as fast as a cat.

That was the case with Espurr when it was introduced back in gen 6.

Its ominous and mysterious stare inspired denizens of the internet to come up with creepypastas, dank memes, and a lot of fanart.

It’s reminiscent of the way cats sometimes look at us as if they knew something we don’t.

However the explanation for this vacant expression is much less interesting, at least from my perspective.

It turns out Espurr is just really focused on restraining its own psychic power, which could become a problem if left unchecked. That’s an… interesting note to remember about this little guy.


14. Meowstic

Meowstic in Pokemon anime

After years of experience controlling its power, Espurr evolves into Meowstic, the Constraint Pokémon.

Meowstic is one of those awesome critters that look and act very differently depending on their gender, as reflected by the male having the Prankster ability while the female exhibits the Competitive ability.

However both are very committed to protecting their partners. It’s love between introverts.


13. Litten

Litten anime screenshot

I fell in love at first sight back when Litten was first announced along with the rest of the Alolan starters.

And how could I not? Look at that cool design!

Those big bored eyes and cute ears. It’s too much to love in such a small packaging, and I still haven’t gotten over it.

I used to think I’d love to keep one as a house cat until I found out their fur is so rich in oils, their hairballs are flammable. That’s too much of a fire hazard!


12. Torracat

Torracat in the Pokemon anime

Eventually the fire cat Pokémon stops spitting out flammable hairballs and goes straight to spitting fire as Torracat.

This lively-looking cat loves a good fight. And it’ll employ everything it can to triumph.

That includes the bell-like thing they have on their necks, which is actually an organ meant to produce and store a napalm-like substance.

It can act spoiled sometimes, and you’ll get scratched a lot. But that’s just par for the course with cats.


11. Incineroar

Incineroar in the Pokemon anime

Despite hardly being a cat anymore, I couldn’t possibly leave out Incineroar, Litten’s John Cena-inspired final form.

This dark/fire-type is among the strongest starters yet, and despite being selfish and violent at times, the love for its trainer it developed as a kitten will carry over nicely.

Congratulations, you’re now a WWE manager!


10. Solgaleo

Solgaleo Pokemon

Solgaleo was thought to be an emissary of the sun god back in ancient times, which earned it the incredibly badass nickname of Beast That Devours The Sun.

This dual psychic/steel-type Pokémon is the first Legendary ever to have a baby form, called Cosmog, which it shares with Lunala.

While probably not an emissary of a non-sentient star, Solgaleo is weirdly reminiscent of a Space Shuttle and could most likely travel far into space without much issue.


9. Shinx

Shinx in the Pokemon anime

I’m aware that Shinx looks like many things other than a cat. But it’s supposed to be based off a lynx, and as you’ve probably guessed by now, lynxes are felines.

Known as the Flash Pokémon, this cute little Electric-type from gen 4 is the very definition of a “scaredy-cat”.

This little guy is known to flash its enemies with intense light to cover its escape whenever it feels threatened. If you’re traveling around Sinnoh just keep your eyes open.


8. Luxio

Luxio in Pokemon anime

Eventually as Shinx grows and becomes stronger, it’ll leave its cowardly ways behind.

In fact, this Electric-type creature is brave and powerful enough to Intimidate its opponents, lowering their attack stat and allowing Luxio an easier win.

However it’s still young and inexperienced, and it’s liable to accidentally make its trainer faint with a strong electrical discharge.


7. Raikou

Raikou from the anime

I’m well aware that Raikou is one of the three legendary dogs of the Johto region, but that’s just a label.

The truth is that Raikou is a feline – an ancient saber-toothed cat, to be precise – and it deserves a place among the greatest meowsters of the Pokémon franchise for its intricate design and amazing offensive stats.

This Pokémon may not make the best pet. In fact, I’m positive it’s not.

But part of the charm of big felines is how different, yet similar, they are to domestic cats.


6. Sylveon

Sylveon from the anime

If there’s something cat-lovers are always happy to find is love-thirsty cats that are just as eager to jump onto your lap as any puppy would be.

That’s exactly what I picture Sylveon as, given it evolves from Eevee once it’s given enough love by its Trainer.

This newer fairy-type Eeveelution will do everything in its power to give back all of that love, using its ribbon-like feelers to sense its trainer’s feelings and act accordingly.

Other than being loving and cute, Sylveon can also pack a mean punch thanks to its great Sp. Defense and Sp. Attack.

In Galar there’s a fairytale that tells of the exploits of a heroic Sylveon vanquishing a dragon that plagued the land. Very mystical.


5. Vaporeon

Vaporeon from the anime

Forget friendship and love. Just throw a water stone at your Eevee and you’ll meet Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokémon.

For starters, this is the one that made me realize Eeveelutions were cats at first. Look at that cute mouth!

It’s often mistaken for mermaids by sailors encountering it in the wild. But the truth is, this water-type Pokémon is something much more special.

It’s a feline that likes water. A cat with no weaknesses!

In combat, such power manifests as incredible HP and solid Sp. Attack, making for a very bulky sweeper. Possibly not your favorite but certainly one of the best evolutions for your Eevee.

And speaking on that…


4. Eevee

Eevee from the Pokemon anime

Of course, the root of so many amazing cats has to get the recognition it deserves.

This classic gen 1 critter has gone from a humble normal-type with a gimmicky development system to one of the most iconic and well-loved creatures in the franchise.

It was even the titular character in Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee, where it was adorned with flowers and looked simply adorable.

With eight Eeveelutions to date and several types yet to explore, you can count on seeing more of this critter in future titles.


3. Galarian Meowth

Galarian Meowth

Where humans go, so does Meowth.

Adapting to their new environments just like the people around which they live.

After living for ages with a hardy seafaring people, the Galarian Meowth has become much more rough and resistant than the common variety.

It’s a mix between a tabby cat and a Viking, something I never knew I needed to see.


2. Perrserker

Perrserker newer Pokemon

Seemingly learning from their mistakes in gen 7, the developers over at Game Freak decided to set the record straight and gave Galarian Meowth a less ridiculous evolution.

Perrserker is the polar opposite of Alolan Persian.

It’s grizzled and badass, with steel-hard fur that forms a sort of armor all around its body including what looks like a horned helmet.

It may be historically inaccurate that vikings ever wore horns on their heads. But it does seem to give this steel-type more of a Scandinavian style.

In combat Perrserker is a total beast with great attack and defense. Its speed leaves a lot to be desired and maybe it’s just the novelty of it all, but gosh darnit I love this little guy.


1. Meowth

Meowth, original cat Pokemon anime screenshot

Had I written this list a couple of game generations ago, the first place may have gone to someone else.

But at the rate Game Freak is churning out new Meowth forms, it’s gonna become the new Eevee in no time.

Not only did it get a Galarian Meowth form in Pokémon Sword & Shield, but also a Gigantamax form in the shape of a long-cat meme. This little critter is making a comeback hard.

Meowth has been a core part of the Pokémon experience ever since Team Rocket’s talking Meowth was first introduced, catapulting an otherwise low profile Pokémon to fame.

As a cat lover, I can’t but hope Game Freak keeps spoiling us with many Meowth forms in future releases. And did you know Meowth can actually hold some real playable value in the newer games? Meeeowth, that’s right!

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