Top 5 Worst Personality Traits in CK3

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Certain personality traits in Crusader Kings III are simply negative. You should generally go out of your way to avoid them when educating your future heirs.

Sure, there are instances where these traits can be ok or even positive, but they’re a rare exception. On top of that, many of the traits on this list are excellent traits to have on your subjects.

So this ranking will consider only your player character and future heirs.

Without further ado, let’s check out the worst traits that you can end up playing with!


5. Lazy

Lazy / CK3

The lazy trait gives you a -1 to all attributes while significantly enhancing your ability to lose stress from events.

The better stress loss does help a lot in certain situations. However, managing your stress levels should be easy even without the effect. The reduced stats across the board are not worth the benefit of handling stress more comfortably.

The lazy trait also blocks one of the most convenient stress-reducing activities, hunting.

Well, it doesn’t block it, but it provides no stress loss when completing it.

The huge stress loss can be worth it if accompanied by the Quick line of traits, as they counteract the -1 across the board.


4. Compassionate

Compassionate / Crusader Kings III

The compassionate trait has the tendency to make your whole life a tad bit more stressful.

The provided stats are mostly negative, reducing your capability to rule by fear. However, the main problem with compassion is the stress that accompanies it.

There are A LOT of actions that generate stress when you exhibit this trait. The biggest offenders being imprisoning, executing, any kind of hostile scheming, and most importantly title revocation.

Stress gain on title revocation alone would be reason enough to include the trait in this list! Its saving grace keeping it out of the top 3 is that it’s considered a virtue in all Christian faiths and then some.

While keeping your character at high stress can be a valid option with certain lifestyles, compassionate doesn’t synergize with those lifestyles at all! (Unlike the paranoid trait, which can be worked with).


3. Gluttonous

Gluttonous / CK3

Gluttony, the excess consumption of anything, rightfully deserves a place on this list.

Providing a malus to stewardship and attraction opinion, it has the saving grace of a slight boost to stress loss.

The gluttonous trait is considered sinful in almost all organized faiths. From Ireland to Cathay, you will suffer a penalty of -10 if your character has this trait.

Providing only a pitiful increase of stress loss as compensation, gluttony only hinders your character.


2. Shy

Shy / Crusader Kings III

The shy trait. At CK3’s launch, it was by far the worst trait that your character could exhibit.

It made almost every single action you took a stress bomb.

Nowadays, the events leading to a stress gain from this particular trait are reduced – but are still enough to net it a position on this list.

The direct modifiers it provides are rather neutral. The reduced diplomacy and personal scheme power are annoying, sure, but the extra learning and scheme resistance balances everything out.

Still, being locked out of using feasts to reduce stress (or even increasing it instead!) and getting stress-bombed every time you attempt to scheme or invite someone to your court makes the trait incredibly annoying to have.


1. Craven

Craven / CK3

The craven trait helps your character survive battles and plots against their life – but that comes at a great cost.

Reducing your military capabilities and opinion of vassals, the craven trait provides exactly what you do not want.

Further opinion malus on attraction makes it exponentially more awful to have as a woman. With the default game rules, a female ruler with this trait will have her entire realm up in arms in no time.

Considered a sin by most pagan faiths, it makes playing a tribal ruler with this trait nigh impossible.

Imagine a Norse pagan with the craven trait. Huge malus to vassal opinion, reduced levies, and weaker dueling capabilities. As close as it gets to an in-game nightmare!

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