Top 15 Best Code Geass Characters (Ranked)

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Code Geass is one of my favorite series of all time.

Sure, it’s got its flaws. But it still provides a bombastic and unforgettable experience that left me in awe at the last episode.

Featuring mind games, mecha fights, a Hamlet narrative, and tons of flamboyance, Code Geass is a must-try for any anime viewers.

And the show would be nothing without its characters, so let’s rank some of the best from this classic cast.


15. Akito Hyuuga

Akito Hyuuga in Code Geass screenshot

Akito is a Japanese lieutenant Knightmare commander with a subdued attitude. However, when in battle he becomes a blood hound driven by the kill.

He’s not mentally typical, even repeatedly claiming he’d died once before.

His team respect him, but still lack confidence in him due to his apathetical approach towards society and hierarchy.

Akito is an interesting character to me for how little presence he holds as a personality.

He’s quiet, usually in the backdrop, and plays a key part in battle as the ace and support. His design is slick, and the movies he’s in feature some of the best animation in the franchise.


14. Mao

Mao from Code Geass anime

When he was 6 years old, the Chinese-born Mao received a Geass power.

His ability manifests as mind-reading, haunting the mentally unstable man with the voices of those around him.

To counter this, he always wears headphones and a visor designed to minimize social contact.

His off-center mentality and bizarre design make Mao stand out. He’s unhinged in his approach towards love – a yandere tempted to cut up his crush with a chainsaw to keep her to himself – and proves a formidable enemy to Lelouch.


13. Arthur

Arthur from Code Geass anime

Arthur was a stray cat wandering the streets of Area 11 when Euphemia met him, and promptly decided to care for him.

Though Suzaku ends up looking after him the most.

He causes quite a few troubles for the student body of Ashford Academy, ranging from almost devastating Lelouch’s guise to biting Suzaku whenever able.

How can I not love Arthur?

His cute design – the eyes! – and lovable animation makes him a good break character from the intensity of those surrounding him.

When he stole the Zero helmet and wore it, I squealed.


12. Cornelia li Britannia

Cornelia li Britannia from Code Geass

The Second Princess of the Britannia Dynasty, and Chief General of the Imperial Army, prefers to get her hands dirty.

She frequently engages in combat with her Knightmare Frame, even developing a name for herself – The Witch of Britannia.

She has a strong relationship with her sisters, Euphemia in particular.

Though faithful to her family, she holds some misgivings regarding her brothers and father.

Her mature design, honorable personality, and combat formidability make her one of the standout Princesses of the Britannian family.


11. Villetta Nu

Villetta Nu Code Geass screenshot

Villetta is initially a renown Knightmare Frame pilot under the liege of her commander, Jeremiah Gottwald?

When he’s disgraced, she remains loyal to him.

This leads to an investigation that inches her closer and closer to the Black Knights, and Lelouch’s identity.

Villetta is the first person Lelouch ever controls and is therefore introduced as a key piece earlier on.

It’s how she moves across the board throughout the narrative, questioning her allegiance and falling in love with a Black Knight, that makes her so compelling.


10. Nunnally vi Britannia (Nunnally Lamperouge)

Nunnally vi Britannia from Code Geass anime

When she was a child, she was exiled to Japan alongside her brother Lelouch shortly after being blinded and disabled by bullet-fire and trauma.

They took the name Lamperouge, intending to disguise themselves from the monarchy.

She’s one of the main reasons Lelouch decides to rebel against Britannia, wanting to create a world she can be happy in and someday perhaps see.

Sweet, cute, and in need of protection.

Nunnally is the compass by which we measure Lelouch’s wavering morality system.


9. Lloyd Asplund

Lloyd Asplund Code Geass screenshot

Lloyd developed a noble name for himself among the Britannian elite, eventually even becoming an earl.

This is due to his rigid approach towards science and technology, that allowed him to sacrifice social skills and relationships for Knightmare production.

His skills are matched by his eccentric dialogue and behavior.

Constantly flamboyant and eclectic, yet nearly unmatched in his intellect.


8. Ougi

Ougi from Code Geass anime

Before Lelouch arrived and established the fearsome Black Knights, Ougi was leading the Japanese resistance against Britannia.

He’s a calm and dependable person who always puts the aims of the many over his personal goals.

Throughout the series we see him grow as an individual on the sidelines, constantly adapting to the situation and thinking for himself.

Ougi is a mature supporting character than never takes up too much screen time.


7. Euphemia

Euphemia Code Geass character

The Third Princess of Britannia, Euphie is an empathetic and quite a caring person.

Loved by her family, the Britannian public, and even those Japanese who come to know her, she’s the anime equivalent of Princess Diana.

She believes conflict to always be avoidable, preferring a sympathetic democratic discourse over bloodshed.

When she meets the young soldier Suzaku Kururugi, they fall in love and she delegates him to the position of her personal Knight.

Her compassion for the poor, rich, weak, and strong, makes her a unique middle-ground embodiment of peace.

Everybody loves Euphemia, and so her arc is one of the strongest in the series.


6. Suzaku

Suzaku from Code Geass anime

After the death of his father, the last prime minister of Japan, Suzaku joins the opposing side.

He believes political change can only come from within and is opposed towards forceful change.

Despite being a disgraced Japanese, he quickly rises through the ranks, becoming the first and only Knightmare Lancelot pilot.

His heritage haunts his career, however, as those around him hold disdain towards his high-status despite being Japanese.

Many of his ideologies are flawed, and throughout the series we come to see how Lelouch and his views on totalitarianism are different.


5. Jeremiah Gottwald

Jeremiah Gottwald Code Geass screenshot

Jeremiah is a very interesting character.

At the beginning, he’s a purist Britannia loyalist and the Margrave of the Area 11 military.

However he’s humiliated and manipulated by Lelouch and torn of his titles and mockingly referred to as Orange Boy.

The rest of his story is a twisting introspection of his loyalty and values.

For what I assumed would be a minor supporting character, he sure left a large impression by the end. And I love Jeremiah’s aesthetic design.

He’s flawed at the beginning, willing to lie and kill an innocent man to save face, yet it’s difficult to not feel sympathy towards his downfall.


4. Schneizel el Britannia

Schneizel el Britannia from Code Geass

Schneizel is very much Lelouch’s mirror image.

The Second Prince of Britannia is cunning, intelligent, and ruthless – the only person Lelouch was unable to beat in chess.

This rivalry continues onto the real-life battlefield, as Lelouch discovers more and more that his oldest brother played a large part in the murder of his mother and disabling of his sister.

Pompous, egotistical, and confident ruling defines Schneizel. In many respects he’s just like Lelouch – it’s hard not to respect him when he stands neck and neck with his younger brother despite the Geass advantage.

But he soon reveals himself to be darker than many would have imagined.


3. Kallen Stadtfeld (Kallen Kouzuki)

Kallen Stadtfeld Code Geass anime

Born of Japanese and Britannian parents, Kallen sides herself with the Japanese and aims to overthrow the corrupt government through terrorist warfare.

Her stepmother is an aristocrat who hired her biological mother as a maid.

She harasses and mistreats her to the point of drug abuse and eventually imprisonment.

Now resenting the Britannian elite for their cruelty, she wages battle using her fully capable Knighmare Frame skills.

Kallen is a strong character for her loyalties – able to play either side, much like Lelouch, yet choosing to fight for the oppressed.


2. C.C.

C.C. from Code Geass anime

C.C. is a mysterious woman hundreds of years old.

She cannot die, is able to heal from wounds of all types, and doesn’t age.

She can also give people the power of Geass – though she doesn’t do this regularly – and so when we first meet her, she is imprisoned for experimentation by Britannia.

Lelouch saves her, she gives him a Geass ability, and they develop an unshakable bond.

She acts as his strongest confidant, the only one who knows him as a prince, a student, and a revolutionary.

As such, we probably see her the second most. And I’m glad.

She doesn’t hide her feelings, is very sarcastic, and adores pizza. Her design, while simple, is definitely endearing.


1. Lelouch vi Britannia (Lelouch Lamperouge) (Zero)

Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass

Lelouch is our MC of Code Geass and he carries both the narrative and the fate of the world on his shoulders.

He’s a young exiled prince living in hiding with his little sister, Nunnally, and spends his days getting top grades and gambling through chess games.

When he’s given the incredible power of Geass – his ability being absolute obedience, one-time use mind control – he decides to topple his monarchal family to create a peaceful world for his sister.

To do this, he establishes a third moniker – Zero, a cloaked and helmeted figure of rebellion and freedom.

Brilliantly written, unabashedly flamboyant, and driven to achieve his goals.

Lelouch is one of the most popular characters for good reason.

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