How To Farm APT Cores in Counter:Side (Best Methods)

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You can farm tons of APT Cores from a handful of efficient methods, with the best option being Counter:Side events. And you can use these cores to Limit Break your units.

Here are the most efficient farming methods worth doing:

  • Farm Supply Operations
  • Farm Simulation (Anti-Air Stages)
  • Stay Tuned for Events (Best Method)
  • Buy APT Cores in Shops
  • Collect APT Core Boxes and Coupons

APT Cores, especially high-rarity ones, are quite uncommon and hard to get. Furthermore, you’re going to need a lot of them if you want to max out your units.

Fortunately, they’re not that hard to find if you know where to look. Just follow this guide and you’ll be on your way to accumulating enough APT Cores to enhance the majority of your roster!


Method 1: Farm Supply Operation (Riot Suppression)

Supply Operation Stages (Riot Suppression) / Counter:Side
Supply Operation Stages (Riot Suppression)

Riot Suppression stages in the Supply Operations, first and foremost, are among the best stages to auto-farm if you only want APT Cores.

Upon unlocking this feature, everyone is advised to clear these stages as often as they can.

After all, with how the game is designed, you can never have too many APT Cores!

The only catch is that players are going to have to battle through a strict time limit in this game mode, making its final levels a bit difficult to clear consistently for underpowered squads.


Method 2: Farm Simulation (Anti-Air Training)

Simulation Stages (Anti-air Training) / Counter:Side
Simulation Stages (Anti-air Training)

Clearing Simulation, more specifically Anti-air Training Stages, is another great way to farm APT Cores in droves over time.

They are specialized to only give you specific drops and the earlier levels are quite easy to clear even for underdeveloped squads, so they’re a definite “must-farm-everyday” even for newer players.

Unfortunately, your daily clears are limited in this game mode, so you will have to make sure that you’re farming the highest possible stage you can clear for maximum gains.


Method 3: Stay Tuned for Events (Best Farming Option)

Event Currency Exchange Shop (For the Uncrying) / Counter:Side
Event Currency Exchange Shop (For the Uncrying)

Events are by far the best source of all kinds of precious in-game materials in general – and yes, that includes APT Cores.

You can often find APT Cores either as event rewards or in the Exchange Shop where they can be bought with the event currencies that you get from farming event stages.

But of course, you will have to decide yourself whether or not APT Cores are a higher priority than the other items in the Exchange Shop (nine times out of ten, they are!)


Method 4: Buy APT Cores in Shops

If you really want to have a bountiful stockpile of these cores in your warehouse, then you’re going to have to fork over some in-game currencies.

Here are several shops that sell APT Cores:


Business Card Shop

Business Card Shop Items / Counter:Side
Business Card Shop Items

In the Business Card Shop, you can buy APT Cores and APT Core Coupons in exchange for — hence the name — Business Cards.

Once again, you can only buy those sweet APT Coupons a certain amount of times per week, so grab them whenever you can!


Planet Mall Shop

Planet Mall Shop Items / Counter:Side
Planet Mall Shop Items

The Planet Mall Shop is what I would personally call a “Soft-pity Shop” — Recruit units enough times and you’ll be able to buy very impressive prizes!

Of course, one of the most (if not the most) appealing items in this shop are obviously the APT Core Coupons, so it’s once again advisable to pick at least some of them up if you get the chance.


Daily Featured Shop

Daily Shop Items / Counter:Side
Daily Shop Items

The Daily Featured Shop (a.k.a Today’ Deals) is a refreshable Shop that features all kinds of valuable items.

You can find and purchase APT Cores of all rarities here — given, of course, that you have enough Credits or even Quartz to buy them.


Method 5: Collect APT Core Boxes & Coupons

Normal APT Core Box / Counter:Side
Normal APT Core Box

APT Core Boxes and APT Core Coupons are among the most hard-to-get resources in the game, especially for newer players.

But they’ll give you all kinds of APT Cores just by opening them.

And some of them even allow you to choose what type of APT Core you want!

You can get them from things like events, in shops, as mission rewards, or even as straight-to-mail giveaways. Use them wisely.

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