Counter:Side EXP Farming Guide To Level Up Units Fast

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If you want to farm EXP to level up your units as fast as you can, you only need to remember five important strategies:

  1. Farm Main Stream Stages
  2. Farm Free Contract Stages (Best Method)
  3. Farm Supply Operations for Appraisals
  4. Always Select “Offer 30% More” in Salary Negotiations
  5. (Bonus) Use Your Consortium’s Personal EXP Accumulation Buff

Keep these in mind and you’ll be able to max out your units quickly — not to mention you’ll also be able to farm a lot of precious resources alongside XP in some of these game modes.


Method 1: Farm Main Stream Stages

Main Stream Stages (EP 1-3) / Counter:Side
Main Stream Stages (EP 1-3)

Main Stream Stages are among the best EXP farming stages out there — especially for newer players or those who want to farm a specific loot.

Not only can you farm a huge bulk of your F2P Quartz here, but you can also get all sorts of resources like Gears, Appraisals, and Upgrade Materials while farming Main Stream Stages.

Stage 5-5-1 and Stage 5-5-2 at hard difficulty, for example, will give you valuable Gold T4 Gears.

While Stage 5-5-5 will allow you to farm High Appraisals that you can then use to level up your units further.


Method 2: Farm Free Contract Stages (Best Choice)

Free Contract (Act 1) / Counter:Side
Free Contract (Act 1)

Free Contract Stages are by far one of the most efficient EXP farming stages to run in the game.

This mainly stems from the fact that players can deploy multiple squads of units in them and level them up simultaneously — making the whole leveling process a lot easier.

Of course, it also helps that Stage 3-3-3, Stage 3-3-2, and Stage 3-3-1 all give impressive rewards such as tons of Credits and Molds.


Method 3: Farm Supply Operations for Appraisals

Supply Operation Stages / Counter:Side
Supply Operation Stages

If you don’t have much time to farm the other game modes listed above, you can just hop on over to Supply Operations and clear stages like Riot Suppression to farm Appraisals instead.

Even though the EXP gain from Supply Operation Stages isn’t comparable to what you get from the game modes listed above, Supply Operation Stages are much quicker and easier to clear.

Farm enough Supply Operation Stages and you’ll be able to get more than enough Appraisals to level up as many units in your roster as you want!


Method 4: Always “Offer 30% More” in Salary Negotiations

Salary Negotiation (Nanahara Chinatsu) / Counter:Side
Salary Negotiation (Nanahara Chinatsu)

When it comes to leveling up your units via Appraisals, you need to remember that you should almost always pick “Offer 30% More” until the unit’s Loyalty reaches max.

Upon achieving max Loyalty, your unit will receive a stat boost which will make all the extra Credit costs worth it.

You can even offer that unit a Lifetime Contract so that their Loyalty won’t decrease again.

Note: you shouldn’t choose the “Offer 30% More” option if the EXP gained won’t exceed 15,000 EXP because that won’t give your unit additional Loyalty Points.


Tip: Use Your Consortium’s Personal EXP Accumulation Buff

Consortium (Personal Buffs) / Counter:Side
Consortium (Personal Buffs)

Another very important thing to remember for EXP in Counter Side is to activate your EXP buffs regularly.

Doing this before every farming session — no matter what specific resource you’re trying to get — will ensure that your units will get tons of extra EXP per stage cleared over time.

Experience Accumulation Buffs in the Consortium Shop are fairly cheap compared to Credit Gain Buffs, so do not hesitate to pick them up whenever you have the chance!

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