Where To Farm Gears in Counter:Side (Best Methods)

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Gears are one of the most important resources in the game. And if you’d like to accumulate a ton of them over time, these are the absolute best farming methods worth trying:

  • Farm Operation Stages (1-1-2)
  • Farm Military Supply Acquisition Stages (1-2)
  • Participate in Events
  • Buy Gears from the Exchange Shop (Best Method)

Gears are divided into tiers — the higher the tier, the better the bonuses they give when equipped.

And while low-tier Gears aren’t that hard to get, the challenge lies in obtaining those very precious upper-tier ones.

Don’t worry though, because as long as you play the game consistently and follow these suggestions, you probably won’t have to worry about Gears ever again.


Method 1: Farm Operation Stages

Free Contract (Stage 1-1-2) / Counter:Side
Free Contract (Stage 1-1-2)

Free Contract Stages that are located on the Operation page are by far one of the best stages to clear for all kinds of loot.

Of course, this includes stuff like low tier, mid-tier, and even high-tear gear in addition to Gear Molds and Credits!

All in all, this makes Free Contract Stages a “must-clear” for those who’re looking to farm some decent Gear alongside precious other resources.


Method 2: Farm Military Supply Acquisition Stages

Gutter Rat Extermination Plan Stage 1-2 / Counter:Side
Gutter Rat Extermination Plan Stage 1-2

Military Supply Acquisition, more specifically the Gutter Rat Extermination Plan Stages, will not only allow you to farm lots of Gears, but also lots of Gear Molds.

Gutter Rat Extermination Plan Stages are among the most popular stages to farm for Gears and Gear Molds.

This is because they’re relatively easy to clear even for players who haven’t invested enough on units — not to mention that auto farming these stages also goes much faster compared to the others!


Method 3: Participate in Events

Unit Event (Cold Case Horizon Contract Mission) / Counter:Side
Unit Event (Cold Case Horizon Contract Mission)

Participating in Events is a great way of earning free Quartz, Credits, APT Cores, and other very important materials now and then.

Oftentimes, you can even get T4, T5, and even T6 or T7 Gears just from playing them. Now that’s a pretty good deal!

While some of them (like the Contract Mission Event shown in the image above) have set limits on who can participate, you should always try to take advantage of Events as they’ll often give away very nice Gear pieces and even entire Gear sets.


Method 4: Buy Gears from the Exchange Shops (Best Choice)

You can also buy Gears from Shops in exchange for farmable materials and currencies in the game.

They mostly sell high-tear Gears that are fit for the endgame, which makes the items they sell more or less a necessity for every player out there.

Here are several examples of these shops:


Gauntlet Point Exchange Shop

Gauntlet Point Exchange Shop (Items) / Counter:Side
Gauntlet Point Exchange Shop (Items)

This shop sells Gear and a lot of other stuff in exchange for Gauntlet Points, which you accumulate by playing PVP.


Danger Close Performance Points Exchange Shop

Danger Close Performance Points Exchange Shop (Items) / Counter:Side
Danger Close Performance Points Exchange Shop (Items)

This shop sells several impressive Gear Set Pieces in exchange for Danger Close Performance Points which you can farm in the Danger Close game mode in the World Map.


Challenge Medal Exchange Shop

Challenge Medal Exchange Shop (Limited Items) / Counter:Side
Challenge Medal Exchange Shop (Limited Items)

This shop sells some Gear Pieces along with some Binaries for Challenge Medals which you can farm from Challenge Stages.


Raid Boss Tokens Exchange Shop

Raid Bosses Token Exchange Shop (Items) / Counter:Side
Raid Bosses Token Exchange Shop (Items)

Finally, you can also farm gear via Raids which will give you Raid Tokens — Polymer Tokens and Superconductive Tokens — which you can use to craft high-tier Superconductive and Polymer Gears.

Keep in mind that you can also earn T6 and even T7 Gears like Britra Relic Gear sets just by playing through Raids. So don’t forget to farm Raids consistently!

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