How To Farm Quartz in Counter:Side (Methods + Tips)

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Quartz is one of the most scarce resources in Counter:Side — especially for F2P players.

But you’ll be able to farm a ton of Quartz eventually by:

  • Clearing All Main Stream Stages
  • Participating in Events Regularly
  • Farming PVE Stages
  • Grinding Gauntlet Rankings
  • Doing Your Dailies and Weeklies (Best Method)

And considering how valuable and rare this premium currency is, all players should know how to save their Quartz.

This is why I also included a few tips at the end of this guide – just bits of info worth keeping in mind if you want to keep your Quartz supply bountiful.


Method 1: Clearing All Main Stream Stages

Main Stream (Episode 7 Rewards) / Counter:Side
Main Stream (Episode 7 Rewards)

Main Stream is Counter Side’s version of a campaign or a story mode.

It’s a well-known fact that clearing Main Stream stages should be every player’s priority as soon as they start playing.

The reason for this is that clearing Main Stream stages at the start will unlock other game modes for you to play — making them an absolute necessity to play through for all players.

Clearing Main Stream stages and episodes will give you tons of rewards which, of course, include a very sizable bulk of the F2P Quartz you can get just by playing the game naturally.


Method 2: Participating in Events Regularly

For the Uncrying (Event Rewards) / Counter:Side
For the Uncrying (Event Rewards)

Aside from the Main Stream stages, you can also farm Quartz by playing through current time-limited Event stages.

You can get Quartz via clear rewards and mission rewards that come featured with almost every Event that comes by. You can also farm event currencies while you’re at it!

And since Events come and go several times each month in this game, you’re basically guaranteed to have a semi-consistent source of Quartz if you’re willing to farm these Events as often as you can.


Method 3: Farming PVE Stages

Dive Stage (Measured Coordinates Level 30 Rewards) / Counter:Side
Dive Stage (Measured Coordinates Level 30 Rewards)

Next up, I recommend farming your trusty PVE game modes like Dive, Resource Collection, Free Contracts, Danger Close, Raids, and many more.

Almost every PVE game mode in Counter Side will give away free Quartz either as mission rewards or clear rewards, which makes them perfect for players who’d like to wring out as much F2P Quartz from the game as they can.

If that isn’t enough motivation, keep in mind that you can also farm all sorts of other valuable resources from these PVE stages like Credits, Gears, APT Cores, etc.

What more can we ask for?


Method 4: Grinding Gauntlet Rankings

Gauntlet (Strategy Battle - League Rewards) / Counter:Side
Gauntlet (Strategy Battle – League Rewards)

Now that we have just gone over the PVE stages, it’s high time that we talk about the PVP side of things.

Like most gacha games out there, players in Counter Side can also earn a lot of premium currency every season by climbing up the PVP ladder.

Fortunately for PVE mains who aren’t that enthusiastic about PVP, players don’t necessarily have to grind too hard for Quartz.

Keep in mind that playing Gauntlet matches a few times a day would be enough if you just want a decent amount of Quartz coming in every season!


Method 5: Doing Your Dailies & Weeklies (Best Choice)

Daily Mission (100% Completion Rewards) / Counter:Side
Daily Mission (100% Completion Rewards)

Finally, you will have to make full use of a tried and true system of farming premium currencies that has been a staple in almost every gacha game ever — Daily and Weekly missions.

Doing your dailies and weeklies consistently is very important – especially if you don’t plan on spending any of your IRL moolah on the game.

After all, once the F2P Quartz from your Main Stream stages, Event stages, and other PVE game modes stop coming in eventually, clearing Daily and Weekly Missions will be your go-to method for farming.


Tips for Saving Quartz

As mentioned before, your Quartz are as valuable as they are scarce, and should not be spent recklessly.

To help you with this, here are a few tips on how to keep your supply of Quartz under control:


Tip #1: Limit your Shop Refreshes and Purchases Accordingly

“Today's Deals” Shop / Counter:Side
“Today’s Deals” Shop

While it is indeed considered optimal to Refresh your shop items 5 times per day and buy Training Permits as a new player, there comes a point where doing this might not be as advisable.

After all, your daily budget will eventually get tighter and tighter as you blow through your supply of F2P Quartz — leaving you with little to spend on shops.

To make sure you don’t spend too much Quartz in the Store, try to determine if you’re at a point in the game where you can get away with fewer shop refreshes and not picking up Training Permits.


Tip #2: Don’t Overspend on Recruit Banners

Dracasia (Employee Rate-up Banner) / Counter:Side
Dracasia (Employee Rate-up Banner)

Time-limited Rate-up Recruit Banners are by far one of the biggest traps for F2P players who are trying to save their Quartz.

Your FOMO will tell you to pull on these kinds of flashy and hyped-up banners.

But in truth, these banners often return some other month!

In short, don’t feel like you have to pull on every banner that comes out. After all, keep in mind that even low-rarity units are very much viable on Counter Side.


Tip #3: Try Not to Miss Any Login Days

Give Happiness (Attendance Check Rewards) / Counter:Side
Give Happiness (Attendance Check Rewards)

Sometimes, just showing up is enough.

This much is true when it comes to farming the premium currency in this game, as the amount of Quartz they often give players as login rewards are simply outstanding.

If you somehow find yourself unable to play on some days, remember to at least pick up your login rewards from the Attendance Check.

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