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Giving your units Appraisals in Salary Negotiations is one of the few ways in the game that you can level them up.

Although this is not the only feature of Salary Negotiations.

For example, you can also raise your unit’s Loyalty stat through Salary Negotiations.

Once they reach max Loyalty, you can even offer them Lifetime Contracts which will increase their stats and prevent any future Loyalty loss!


What Are Salary Negotiations For?

Shin Jia (Salary Negotiation Page) / Counter:Side
Shin Jia (Salary Negotiation Page)

As mentioned before, the main purpose of Salary Negotiations is to level up your units with Appraisals.

You can farm these Appraisals from Main Stream Stages, Simulation Stages, Events, and a lot of other game modes. You can even collect them as mission or login rewards!

And of course, Salary Appraisals are also a great way to increase a unit’s Loyalty which, in turn, gives them solid stat bonuses.


All Options for Salary Negotiation

Salary Negotiation Options / Counter:Side
Salary Negotiation Options

On the Salary Negotiation page, you will be given three options. They are as follows:


Option #1: Offer 30% More

This will be your go-to option most of the time.

Offering your Units 30% more will make it so that you’ll have a higher chance to receive bonus Loyalty Points and EXP, making it arguably the best option here despite the added Credit cost.


Option #2: Offer as is

While it seems viable at first glance, this option is by far the least enticing one among the three. It does have a chance of triggering a Great Success, but the probability is simply too low and not worth considering.


Option #3: Appeal to Passion

This option lowers the amount of Credit spent on leveling the unit at the cost of removing any chance of triggering a Great Success and Loyalty gain. Despite how it sounds, Appeal to Passion is actually a valid option when leveling up specific Units.


What You Should Do

Negotiation Results SUCCESS (+4 Loyalty) / Counter:Side
Negotiation Results SUCCESS (+4 Loyalty)

For maximum EXP and Loyalty gain, you should almost always consider using the “Offer 30% More” option.

If you’re short on Credits and do not aim to raise a specific Unit’s Loyalty, however, you can use the “Appeal to Passion” option instead.

You can also choose “Appeal to Passion” if the unit you’re trying to level up already has max Loyalty.


What You Shouldn’t Do

Negotiation Results COMPLETED (+1 Loyalty) / Counter:Side
Negotiation Results COMPLETED (+1 Loyalty)

If the EXP gained from the Appraisals does not exceed 15,000 EXP or if the Unit’s Loyalty is already at max, you must remember to not — under any circumstances — use the “Offer 30% More” option.

Doing otherwise will cost you a significant amount of your precious Credits for basically no added benefit.

Because leveling up a Unit with anything less than 15,000 EXP will not increase their Loyalty.

Also, try to avoid using the “Offer as is” option – because it provides very little in the way of Credit conservation or additional bonuses.

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