Counter:Side Complete Team Building Guide

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With how many units there are in the game, building a team from scratch can be a tad challenging.

But to build the best team for all kinds of scenarios, just try to balance these four important things:

  1. Unit Types, Roles, Attack Types & Tags
  2. Unit Cost
  3. Unit Availability
  4. Stage Setup

Keep these in mind and you’re well on your way to building the most cost-effective squad out there!


Unit Types, Roles, Attack Types & Tags

Before building any team, you must first consider the types and roles that your units fulfill as illustrated in the image below:

Evelyn Keller (Basic Type) / Counter:Side
Evelyn Keller (Basic Type)

Checking a Unit’s Basic Type allows you to determine what kind of unit they are and what aspects of the game they excel at, whether it be DPS, Healing, Tanking, or other niche specialties.

Evelyn Keller (Attack Type/Tags) / Counter:Side
Evelyn Keller (Attack Type/Tags)

Checking the Unit’s Attack Type and Tags, on the other hand, will show you which enemies they can target and if they have any special attack patterns & abilities that make them more effective.

Checking this section is highly critical, as you don’t want to get caught mid-battle without any units that can attack a specific type of enemy.


Unit Cost

Evelyn Keller (Unit Info Page) / Counter:Side
Evelyn Keller (Unit Info Page)

Next up, you also need to consider how much energy a Unit costs to deploy during Battle.

After all, your Energy and Energy Regeneration will be very limited during battle. In some cases, it will be hard to distribute your Energy — especially in harder and drawn-out fights.

Simply put, you cannot afford to have too many high deployment cost units in your Squad, so try to include a few units that only cost 2 or 3 Energy to deploy — several, if you can.


Unit Availability

Manage (Units Page) / Counter:Side
Manage (Units Page)

To excel in this game (or most other gacha games for that matter), you need to be able to work with what you’re given.

Fortunately for us Counter:Side players, almost every character in the game is viable and has their own specific uses regardless of their rarity.

After all, you can even use R-rarity units for endgame content as long as you know how to utilize them properly, so don’t hesitate to add them to your squad!


Stage Setup Info

Featured Enemy List (Wraith - Air Unit) / Counter:Side
Featured Enemy List (Wraith – Air Unit)

Lastly, you should also consider picking the members of your team on a stage-by-stage basis.

This includes taking into account:

  • What kind of enemies you’ll be facing on a stage
  • Clear requirements
  • Clear reward requirements
  • Boss weaknesses
  • How many Waves there are
  • Etc.

All in all, there’s really no “perfect team” in this game. You will have to make adjustments now and then considering how diverse and complex Counter:Side’s stage design is.


Essential Units for General Battles

Squad Page (Squad 1) / Counter:Side
Squad Page (Squad 1)

To provide you with a rough guideline on what units to consider for your team, here are a few tips that you might find useful:

  • Take at least 2 front liners (Defenders) with you. They will help you set up your DPS units and Supporters at any point in the battle.
  • Take at least 1 Healer (Supporter). They will boost your units’ survivability and will let you conserve your Energy more often.
  • Take as many DPS units as you want, but bring at least 1 Anti-Air DPS unit with you just so you have a line of defense against Air units.

Of course, bringing along these types of units isn’t an iron-clad rule. You can mix it up as you wish depending on what units you have available or what play style you prefer.

Again, Counter:Side is a very complex strategy game that requires some experience and tons of experimentation to fully grasp.

So feel free to try all sorts of unit combinations to see which team fits best for you!

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