Animal Crossing Fan Wants To Re-Create ACNH Home Designs IRL

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Between Twitter posts and YouTube adverts, it seems we can’t get away from Animal Crossing: New Horizons wherever we look!

On November 5th, 2021, Nintendo dropped the first (and only!) paid downloadable content (DLC) for the latest edition of the Animal Crossing franchise – but it already has some very dedicated fans.

One fan has proven their commitment to the game and is hoping to bring their love for the game into their real-life environment with the help of a ‘Happy Home Paradise Designer’ – and that’s where you could come in!

The Animal Crossing fan in question got in touch with us here at, after she said she visited our site to get some inspiration for her in-game designs. She asked us if we knew where she might get real furniture that replicates what is available on the game, or if we could help her find someone to furnish her home in the same way. So to help a fan out, we took on this exciting and unique challenge!

There is a budget to pay the unique ‘Happy Home Paradise Designer’ $70 per hour, and a total budget of $25,000.

Applicants don’t need professional experience in interior design but should have a creative flair and have enough know-how to translate the client’s vision to reality.

In return for payment, the successful ‘Happy Home Paradise Designer’ will receive a brief with measurements from the client so they can source and buy furniture to match in-game items. Designers will also be expected to liaise with the client as well as homeware merchants.

To apply for the role of ‘Happy Home Paradise Designer’, fill in the following form:

Applications for the role close on Friday, December 3rd, 2021.

We’ve seen that there is a whole world of interest out there when it comes to Animal Crossing: New Horizons interiors, so if we get enough applications, we may even offer it as a service on our site. Watch this space!

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