The Most Creative Stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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JoJo’s is one of the most popular and influential anime to have ever hit the medium.

Especially in the meme market.

And a big portion of its success is the fact that the show isn’t afraid to get weird and creative.

The power system is the best example of this, as some of the powers are just downright ridiculous. That’s what we’ll be looking at in this piece as we rank some of the most creative stand ideas in the series.


10. Death Thirteen

Death Thirteen Stand from JoJo Anime

Having someone attack you in your dreams is something that we’ve seen before.

But JoJo’s just made it so much better.

Where do I start…

From the fact that the user is a baby, to the Stand itself being a clown Grim Reaper with its own ridiculous catchphrase. Either way, it has some creativity to it.

Plus, the way the dream world itself functions just opens the door for all kinds of whacky stuff to happen.

Will he just turn into your Stand and make fun of you? Or will he make you eat eyeballs? Who knows!


9. Hanged Man

Hanged Man Stand from JoJo Anime

This was one of my all-time favorites just because of how cool it was.

It has the ability to jump between reflective surfaces and then to stab your reflection, as if it was your real body. I mean, how cool is that?

Especially since this isn’t limited to just mirrors.

Any reflective surface becomes dangerous. And it makes for a really interesting fight, as being mindful of your own reflection is not something you see very often.

Plus his visual design and name also fit perfectly with the whole “horror jump scare” theme.


8. The Lock

The Lock Stand / JJBA Anime Screenshot

Now this Stand is just full-on mental warfare.

It’s activated when you sense a shred of guilt, at which point it implants a literal metal lock into your chest.

From that point on, feelings of guilt are multiplied until you feel like the entire world is against you.

The Lock itself is also heavy and capable of stopping you dead in your tracks after some time.

The best part of this Stand is the fact that the user can’t battle you properly, but rather has to play with your mind to make you feel guilty about something – which is a very creative approach to the battlefield.


7. Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols Stand from JJBA Anime

Here’s one that actually encompasses six different Stands, all in the shape of small humanoid bullets.

They hang out on the top of your real bullets and make it so that every hit counts.

An enemy might think that they’ve dodged an attack, but then one of the Sex Pistols would simply kick the bullet in the other direction and nail him in the temple.

It’s such a simple and yet brilliant Stand, and we’ve seen its versatility throughout the show.

These are also among a few Stands that seem to actually have a proper character, which was also nice.


6. Kraft Work

Kraft Work Stand in JJBA

Ah yes. Another Stand that sounds simple, yet has infinite uses.

It simply has the power to stop whatever it touches.

That might sound lame, but its application is pretty ridiculous.

You can throw a rock, stop it mid-air, and then use it as a stepping stone (just for example).

You can also stop a bullet and then tap it to give it more kinetic energy, only to fire it back in the opposite direction.

It was a very simple power that the show turned into something truly creative and versatile.


5. Gold Experience

Gold Experience Stand in JJBA

This was by far my favorite Stand that came out of the JoJo family, just because of how versatile it was.

Gold Experience gives you the ability to turn inanimate objects into living creatures/plants, as well as the ability to turn everything back to zero once it has achieved its ultimate form.

The second I saw Giorno using Gold Experience by turning a gun into a banana, and tricking a mobster into killing himself while peeling it, I was immediately sold on this stand – and the entire season.


4. Boy II Man

Boy II Man Stand in JJBA Anime

No anime has had me this hyped about rock-paper-scissors since Hunter x Hunter.

The power of this Stand can only be used if you accept to battle its user in a game of rock-paper-scissors.

That’s already quite odd.

However, it only gets weirder.

You have to play a best of five series, and every time you lose to the user, Boy II Man literally steals a third of your energy – and even your Stand.

If you lose three times in a row, not only will you not have the energy to move, but the user will also now just have your Stand all to themselves.

This is somehow both the weakest and the strongest in the series. And I have to give it credit for that.


3. Green Day

Green Day JoJo's Stand from the anime

I feel like I have to put Green Day at number 3 strictly because of how bizarre the win condition is.

Its power allows it to grow green mold that can eat through your flesh in second.

However, in order for the mold to spread, you have to be losing height.

If you literally jump from your bed and Green Day is near, you just die.

This ability has been shown to be completely capable of destroying an entire town. But it’s the condition that I find so interesting, as it’s so weird and yet oddly balanced.


2. Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers Stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime

Sticky Fingers has the power to create zippers anywhere.

And I really have to question how anyone came up with this idea.

The versatility this Stand offers is absolutely insane, as you can use it to escape, to attack, to mess around…

The world is your oyster.

You could literally unzip someone’s head off and then kick it around with the boys.

Or you could put down a bunch of zippers and dig underground like a very fashionable mole.

I just love this Stand so much.


1. Baby Face

Baby Face Stand from JJBA Anime

If you watched the show, you probably knew this one was coming.

It’s a Stand that creates other Stands through the miracle of childbirth.

Its base form is just a computer that the user can access to check a female’s compatibility with the Stand, as well as with the target, and then subsequently pseudo-impregnate her and pop out a humanoid-looking Stand.

This newly created Stand has a completely separate consciousness. Plus its temperament depends on the female host, along with the education it received in the three minutes before it was born.

And it can learn on the go, too.

Without a doubt, this is the most creative Stand that the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise has ever pumped out.

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