Best Dark Cloud BGM Songs From The Game Series

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There are very few elements of a game that can elicit as strong emotions as music.

Even if I have problems connecting names to characters or remembering storylines, there is something about music that stays embedded with me decades later.

The Dark Cloud series is one of those games that you’ve probably played at one point, but haven’t thought about since the PS2 era.

If you haven’t played this action-RPG before it’s certainly worth your time. The sequel(Dark Cloud 2) actually released on the PS4 with an HD update, but as far as I know the original Dark Cloud has yet to get the same treatment.

With an entertaining story and rather unique game mechanics, the series is also accompanied by a rich world full of engaging characters and charming music.

Join us as we revisit some of the best musical pieces of the original Dark Cloud game. Maybe a few will jog your memory.

10. Battle

As you may have guessed, this is a song that you can connect to some fierce fighting.

I think this is something you could deduce even without any exposure to this particular title. The music is fast-paced, quick, and has a lot of beats that are reminiscent of more popular battle RPG music like songs from Pokémon.

This classic music is every retro-gamers kryptonite, although I think I would have expected a little more detail from a game that debuted on the PS2.

9. If You Strain Your Eyes

This delightful flute track is almost fairy like in nature.

Unlike a lot of the other tracks on this list, I find it quite inspiring.

It doesn’t have overly depressing tones and doesn’t induce any feelings of fear.

Although I do find the song to be a tad slow at points, I think it deserves some credit as a happy song that is rather minimal and simple in its composition.

8. The Corridor of Time

The sound of a ticking clock is just one of the most anxiety-inducing sounds in the world.

This is the kind of music that makes you feel like the very walls of the building are crumbling around you and you only have moments to escape.

I especially find them inertly uncomfortable in any competitive or trial situation that makes me feel like I need to rush.

No way I’m alone when I say throwing these into any game soundtrack is bound to be a little freaky. Which is totally what game developers were going for.

Mixed with organ music this song certainly paints a picture.

7. Demon Shaft

Exploring this bonus dungeon is probably the last things you remember from the game’s completion.

It’s where you had to face off against that OP boss and win yourself that Chronical 2 sword.

Although I would have expected the track for this particular dungeon to be a little scarier, I do appreciate how it combines it with more curious elements instead.

These kinds of themes remind you that this game has a more family-friendly air to itself.

6. Castle of Dark Heaven

Looking for some enjoyable, typical dungeon music?

This is the song for you.

It’s foreboding, dark, and dramatic. I want this track to play in the background while I’m out exploring some gothic abandoned church or something.

Overdramatic, symphony-like OSTs are my favorite kind of RPG music. Especially when it comes to RPG dungeon music.

5. The Kings Curse

Even outside of the context of a video game, I like this song.

It’s got a strong 80s/90s vibe that feels like it belongs more in a retro horror movie than a video game.

I also appreciate the beat and feel like it is the exact kind of song that will get you all pumped over an adventure and battle.

Even if it feels like the mix between a Stephen King opening and an aerobics track, it deserves a place on this ranking and in my personal playlist.

4. Legend of the Hunter

Unlike a lot of other game music, this song feels a bit sad more than anything else.

It puts me in a sense of longing. Like I was just told about some kind of tragedy and have to go on some crazy journey to rebuild myself… should I be making video games?

Sure, I imagine dungeon life isn’t the greatest. But this is just depressing. Joyfully depressing.

Reminiscent of some Miyazaki tunes, it reminds me of what I should expect from a quirky musician in an empty medieval pub.

3. Owl Forest

This song is super fun and the exact thing you would expect from a song titled “Owl Forest.”

It’s comparable to the soundtracks from other games with a similar setting like some LoZ tracks or even songs from Rune Factory.

If I had to describe the tune in just one word, it would be whimsical.

This encourages you to get excited about the journey ahead which will hopefully have a good ending. Gotta play the game to find out.

2. Ice Queen

Just hearing this song is enough to throw me into a state of anxiety.

It makes me feel as though I am stuck on some kind of tundra in a battle to the death.

The sudden instrumental outbursts and consistent subtle background strums really make everything off the charts dramatic.

Knowing a younger me, this is the music I would need to turn down just to stop psyching myself out for the boss battle.

1. Main Theme

Whenever I compile these lists of best songs from video games, I almost always end up giving the top spot to the main theme.

The main theme is really your first introduction into any game. It’s the song that will likely define the entire franchise for you.

Unlike a lot of the other songs that you end up hearing only during town visits or on certain levels, you generally hear the main theme every time you boot up to load your save file.

All psychological exposure phenomena aside, I think composers for video games also realize how important this particular piece is and put a lot of effort into it.

For the Dark Cloud title this song clearly delivers a charming little piece that sets the scene for a mysterious yet curious adventure full of action and exploration. One of the best game themes in the entire PS2 era, I’d say.

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