Top 30 Best Mods For Darkest Dungeon (All Free To Download)

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Darkest Dungeon might just be one of the most difficult games to get into.

The magic of Darkest Dungeon is similar to Souls games, where the intense difficulty and inevitable learning through repetition might turn you off at first. But nothing really beats the satisfaction of taking a win.

Well at some point you’ll probably turn your head towards modding.

There’s actually a lot out there, so here are some mods you might want to check out to keep you glued to the screen.


30. UI Enhancement

UI Enhancement Darkest Dungeon mod

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With Darkest Dungeon’s steep learning curve, newer players could easily be turned off by how difficult everything in the game can get.

The UI is one of the first things you could potentially get lost in.

And if you’re already struggling to get past that, then you’re probably willing to take any help you can get.

UI Enhancement simplifies the menu screens just enough to make things a bit easier to wrap your head around.


29. Gold Mod

Gold Mod for Darkest Dungeon

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Another great mod that beginner players might want to check out would be Galex’s Gold Mod.

Even without taken grindy-ness into consideration, the game is already pretty difficult.

Now having to go through all the trouble to go on raids and get back out alive, just to find that you barely got any gold out of it… just isn’t worth it for some players.

The Gold Mod solves that, allowing you to increase gold drops from dungeon runs by 2x, 10x, or even 100x.


28. Roster Size Increase

Roster Size Increase in Darkest Dungeon

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Going on dungeon runs takes its toll on your heroes.

And you’re going to have to give them some time off to recover before sending them out again.

That also means you’re going to have backup heroes to keep you busy while your main guys are resting up, and having more options is always welcome.

The game’s default max roster count is set at 28. But it’s important to keep in mind that permadeath is also a thing in Darkest Dungeon – and you’ll be losing heroes left and right, especially while you’re still learning the ropes.

Having the ability to keep more heroes at the ready is a huge deal. And the Roster Size Increase mod allows you to do exactly that – increasing the roster cap to 50.


27. Stop with random negative Quirks and Diseases

Stop with random negative Quirks and Diseases mod

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Getting affected by negative quirks and disease is a bit punishing, especially after you’ve just successfully gotten through a raid.

If you prefer to be able to sit back and enjoy your victories, Hatesh’s Stop with random negative Quirks and Diseases might be exactly what you need.

As the name so clearly implies, the mod basically removes negative effects after dungeon runs.

So you’ll be good to go as soon as the last raid ends.


26. Better Trinkets

Better Trinkets Darkest Dungeon mod

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Another mechanic that makes the game more challenging is how trinkets work.

Anything good will have a tradeoff in Darkest Dungeons. And while trinkets usually have enticing buffs that could prove useful in your next run, there’s usually an accompanying debuff to balance it out.

Another way you could make your first playthrough a bit easier would be to get rid of those completely, and for that you’re going to need the Better Trinkets mod.

It essentially removes all negative buffs from trinkets, so you get nothing but the good stuff.


25. Three Trinkets

Three Trinkets mod for Darkest Dungeon

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If you wanted to take things even further, why not throw in an additional trinket slot for your heroes?

With this mod you can increase each of your hero’s trinket slots from 2 to 3.

This becomes especially useful once you’ve collected enough trinkets to make a substantial impact on your heroes’ stats.

And what’s even better is that the mod was created by the same modder as the “Better Trinkets” mod, so they actually work great together.


24. Faster Walking

Faster Walking in Darkest Dungeon

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Now that everything’s moving along nicely, you might find things getting just a bit tedious.

Well Darkest Dungeon is a dungeon crawler, so things are bound to get repetitive.

With the Faster Walking mod, you’ll be able to avoid having to literally crawl your way through those dungeons.

The mod doesn’t really do anything to alter the game’s difficulty level. But it increases both your party’s forward and reverse movement speed, to make getting around just a bit quicker.


23. Faster Combat

Faster Combat mod for Darkest Dungeon

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It becomes evident pretty quickly that Darkest Dungeon is all about the grind.

You’re going to be doing reruns of dungeons hunting for drops or leveling your heroes, and once you reach that point, you’re going to want to get things moving much quicker.

The “Faster Walking” mod does help with that. But pairing it with Faster Combat is especially effective.

This mod simply speeds up combat animations to make things move along, well… faster.


22. Curio Hints

Curio Hints Darkest Dungeon mod

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Throughout your dungeon crawling, you’re going to come across curios every now and again.

For those who aren’t familiar, curios are items of interest that can be found around the map. And interacting with them could have either a positive or negative effect.

Considering that Darkest Dungeon is all about rolling the dice, and it often feels as though the dice aren’t usually in your favour… this can get pretty tricky.

This mod simply alters the curio animations to show whether or not interacting with a curio will give a positive result, as well as what items you’ll need to use on it.


21. Inventory Balance

Inventory Balance in Darkest Dungeon

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Inventory management is usually an important part of any RPG, and Darkest Dungeon is no different.

The game makes inventory management a bit more complicated, making it doubly important to ensure you have enough slots to pick items up.

Well this mod simply tweaks stack values in your inventory, making it so that a stack of any sellable item will be more valuable than one full stack of gold.

This should make deciding what to keep and what to ditch much easier.


20. Dragonslayer Hellion

Dragonslayer Hellion Darkest Dungeon mod

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Other than both being notorious for their level of difficulty, there aren’t really any other similarities between Darkest Dungeon and Soulsborne games.

Cool video game crossovers are always interesting though. And modding has made it possible with Darkest Dungeon.

This brings Dark Souls’ Dragonslayer to the game in the form of a skin for Hellion, completely replacing his textures and combat animations.


19. Bloodborne Highwayman Skin

Bloodborne Highwayman Skin in Darkest Dungeon

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Modder Willydamn has pitched in as well, this time bringing Bloodborne to the world of Darkest Dungeon.

His mod reskins the Highwayman with that of the Hunter from Bloodborne, having him wield a gun in one hand and a blade in the other, just like the original.

Both skins completely match Dark Dungeon’s art style as well, so they fit right into the game.


18. Geralt

Geralt mod for Darkest Dungeon

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Soulsborne games aren’t the only ones getting Darkest Dungeon crossovers.

This next mod even lets us add our favorite Witcher to the game.

This Geralt mod is a reskin of the vanilla Bounty Hunter class, and even includes Geralt’s silver sword and animations to match.


17. Abysswalker

Abysswalker Darkest Dungeon mod

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One modder took it a step further here, creating a completely new class for Dark Souls’ Abysswalker.

The mod lets you add the Abysswalker to your roster, and he’ll have his own unique set of skills and traits to differentiate him from the vanilla classes.

He comes in two forms: Pure and Corrupted, each making different skillsets available in combat.

Another major feature of the class is that every 25 points of stress you gain above 100, increases his damage. Which should make for some interesting strategic decisions.


16. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland mod for Darkest Dungeon

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Pretty much everything in Darkest Dungeon is meant to look dreary.

It all adds to the atmosphere in the game, and it all works really. I know I personally wouldn’t expect anything different from a game like this.

Now, whether it helps or not is a completely different story.

In case you’re feeling down from the game continuously beating you around, the Winter Wonderland mod might help.

Even with the mod installed, the Hamlet doesn’t exactly look cheery – but at least now there’s some snow which could be fun.


15. More Dungeon Background Variations

More dungeon background variations - Crimson Court add on mod

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Don’t underestimate a good change of scenery. It could have a huge impact on how tedious things might feel.

The game’s repetitive nature might make the grind seem tougher than it actually is, and switching things up is a great way to remedy that.

There are only a number of different dungeons you go through across a playthrough. And while things many things within the dungeons are randomized, the visuals don’t really seem to change much.

This next mod adds 3 new backgrounds to all vanilla dungeons, which is great for adding some variety to the environments you see so often in the game.


14. True Heroes v2.0

True Heroes v2.0 Darkest Dungeon mod

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If we’re being honest, the crushing difficulty of these games isn’t really for everyone.

There’s really nothing wrong with that, as some gamers just want to enjoy a game for the story or gameplay, without the pain of having to die and lose all progress.

Much of the game’s unpredictability can be attributed to RNG. And True Heroes is the best way to avoid leaving things to luck.

This mod switches the game’s focus towards rewarding tactics and strategy, rather than relying on dice rolls.

This is accomplished through a variety of tweaks to rebalance everything from hero stats, improved healing skills, and stat increases between levels.


13. Cataphract Class Mod

Cataphract Class Mod for Darkest Dungeon

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For the more advanced Darkest Dungeon players, exploring new classes is always a fun way to keep the game interesting.

Especially for a brand new playthrough.

There are tons to choose from, but maintaining a balanced roster is especially important if you want to build a successful team.

You’re definitely going to need a healer at one point or another. And the Cataphract Class Mod works great for that. Try it out and see what you think!


12. Slayer Class Mod

Slayer Class Mod screenshot

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Of course, support heroes aren’t usually the first class gamers gravitate towards when trying out something new.

If you’re looking for a beefier option, S-Purple’s Slayer Class Mod works great as a frontline tanker.

The Slayer is a shotgun-wielding knight class, which makes him a great offensive hero. So if you’re looking for someone to take care of your damage output, go ahead and give the Slayer a try.

Both the Slayer and Cataphract class mods were created by modder S-Purple, who has become well known in the Darkest Dungeon community. So I recommend checking out his other class mods as well.


11. The Librarian

The Librarian Darkest Dungeon mod

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The Librarian is another interesting option if you’re looking for a new class with an odd curveball.

Instead of your typical brawler/knight class, the Librarian mainly uses knowledge to contribute towards the team’s success.

Her skills include the ability to pinpoint enemy weak points to help the team take them out more efficiently, as well as one to instantly reduce a party member’s stress level.


10. Exaelus’ Revenant Class Mod

Exaelus' Revenant Class Mod for Darkest Dungeon

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Up next we have another class for yet another playstyle with Exaelus’ Revenant Class Mod.

As explained by the modder himself, the Revenant was heavily inspired by games like Dragon Age, Warcraft, and Darkness.

Primarily a tank class, the Revenant has a few additional skills that will come in useful on your runs. Like his life steal skill Siphon Life and his high chances to inflict bleed.


9. T.O.P. (Trinket Overhaul Project)

T.O.P. (Trinket Overhaul Project) Darkest Dungeon mod

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While the base game does offer quite a wide variety when it comes to trinkets, additional options are always good.

The Trinket Overhaul Project gives you exactly that, giving you an additional 75 custom trinkets to play around with.

It should be fun exploring different built possibilities with all the new options here.


8. Expanded Town Events

Expanded Town Events mod for Darkest Dungeon

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Despite the game being a dungeon crawler, not all the fun has to happen down in the depths of dungeons.

You’re most likely going to be spending just as much time in the Hamlet making preparations for your next runs, going through your inventory and upgrades to make sure your team is 100% prepared.

Expanded Town Events aims to keep your time in the Hamlet even more interesting by adding a lot more town events.

The mod adds a total of 23 new events to the game, 12 of which are positive town events, 2 neutral, and 9 negative.


7. The Scarlet Ruins

The Scarlet Ruins in Darkest Dungeon

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The Scarlet Ruins is absolutely worth looking into.

The mod actually aims to extend the game’s base content by adding in new questlines to play through, as well as 3 new bosses to take down.

The modder did his best to keep everything as close to vanilla as possible. So nothing should feel out of place, and even added in some new quirks to make things even more interesting.


6. Unhooded Shrew Mini-boss

Unhooded Shrew Mini-boss Darkest Dungeon mod

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If you’re the type of player who got excited by the idea of having more bosses to fight, you’re definitely going to enjoy this next mod.

It adds in a new summonable mini-boss – Unhooded Shrew.

Other than the mini-boss itself, the mod throws in a new trinket set and a couple of new districts to explore as well.

Just note that the mod requires that you own both DLCs, so make sure you have those before downloading this.


5. Rare Bloodsucker Ring Trinket

Rare Bloodsucker Ring Trinket mod

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Cool new items are always a nice addition. And aside from the 75 already included in the Trinket Overhaul Project, the Rare Bloodsucker Ring Trinket can be worth a try.

The ring can be found as loot during runs and when equipped will give the wearer a +25% Damage buff against Bloodsuckers.

The tradeoff is that you get a -8 Dodge debuff along with it.

What’s great about this one specifically is that many fans of the game have mentioned that it fits right in, and feels like it was intended to be part of the original.


4. Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart Darkest Dungeon mod

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Modders have gotten much more creative with their class mods, bringing in completely unrelated characters from other video games.

This one makes an iconic JRPG protagonist a completely playable class, adding in Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy 7.

What’s even better is that her move set reflects the same skills she has in her original game, adding more of a nostalgia bonus to having her on your roster.


3. Marvin Seo’s Sisters Class Mod

Marvin Seo's Sisters Class Mod in Darkest Dungeon

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Marvin Seo has become one of the most well-known names in the Darkest Dungeon mod community for his original class mods.

Just look through some Reddit threads and you’ll find that his class mods are usually some of the most recommended out there.

I picked two of my favorites for this list, starting with his Sisters Class Mod.

The concept is already interesting to begin with, as the Sisters are said to be two souls trapped in one body.

Where things get really exciting though is how the two opposing personalities collide and impact the Sisters’ playstyle.


2. Marvin Seo’s Lamia Class Mod

Marvin Seo's Lamia Class Mod for Darkest Dungeon

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Marvin Seo’s Lamia Class Mod is probably his most popular one to date.

Lamia is primarily a healer, but is able to inflict small amounts of damage in her secondary form.

I don’t find transforming Lamia into her beast form to be worth it though, as doing so even causes Horror to your entire team.

Where she really shines is her healing, where she’s capable of reducing stress and curing bleeds and blights.


1. Pitch Black Dungeon – Overhaul Mod

Pitch Black Dungeon - Overhaul Mod for Darkest Dungeon

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If for whatever reason you find that the game has become too easy, you can probably categorize yourself in “hardcore Darkest Dungeon” territory.

Well if you’re looking for a challenge, Pitch Black Dungeon is your best bet.

The mod overhauls the game by adding in tons of new content like new enemies, additional lore, new items, dungeons, and plenty of new quests, among other things.

This should keep you busy for at least a few days (or months).

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