Iron Will Perk Review: Is It Worth Using? (Dead by Daylight)

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Iron Will is absolutely a must-have perk!

It’s very easy for killers to locate survivors just based on their wails of agony. Whether they’re walking, crouching, or hiding in a locker, they can still be heard.

Not every character is loud, but there are some who could really benefit from a perk like this (I’m looking at you, Leon.)

Because Iron Will helps survivors to keep their cool while they’re injured, they’ll have much better chances of running away to heal without getting caught. Hiding and sneaking while near the killer is much easier, and you won’t have to listen to a crying survivor while you do it!


What Does Iron Will Do?

Jake Park next to the information about the Iron Will perk. / Dead by Daylight
Jake Park next to the information about the Iron Will perk.

Some characters are downright obnoxious when they’ve been injured.

Their cries of pain are so loud that it may feel like anyone on the entire map would be able to hear them. Personally speaking, I can’t stand them!

That’s where the Iron Will perk comes in. This perk essentially gives characters a boost to their pain threshold, keeping them quieter when they’ve been injured.

In the current version of the game, grunts of pain get a volume decrease of the following amounts:

  • Yellow (Tier 1) – Reduced by 50%
  • Green (Tier 2) – Reduced by 75%
  • Purple (Tier 3) – Reduced by 100%

Keep in mind that these are the current levels and may change with future patches to the game!

This lower volume means that characters will be able to get around or hide more easily even when they are injured. Killers will have a harder time finding them, which means they have more time to heal.


Who Uses Iron Will?

Jake Park standing in a field at Badham Preschool. / Dead by Daylight
Jake Park standing in a field at Badham Preschool.

Iron Will is a Jake Park exclusive, meaning that he’s the only character guaranteed to end up with the perk in his bloodweb.

Alongside the Calm Spirit and Saboteur perks, Iron Will allows Jake to remain calm and quiet in even the most terrifying circumstances. He’s able to be quick and quiet for the sake of his own survival – or that of others.

As a solitary survivalist, Jake is used to being on his own. His time spent living near the woods has taught him how to maneuver carefully, even while injured.

Thanks to Iron Will, Jake is a great character for those who don’t want to give themselves away every time they’re hit.


Can Any Other Characters Use Iron Will?

Jake Park is the only character guaranteed to have Iron Will.

However, other characters can definitely get the opportunity to use the Iron Will perk.

All you have to do is unlock the teachable Iron Will perk. Once unlocked, it can show up in the bloodweb of any other character in the game.


How To Obtain Iron Will With Other Characters

Several teachable perks are located at the Shrine Of Secrets. / Dead by Daylight
Several teachable perks are located at the Shrine Of Secrets.

There are two ways you can unlock the Iron Will perk so that it can be used by characters who are not Jake Park.

Method 1: The simplest way is to keep an eye on the Shrine of Secrets in the store. Every week, there is a new opportunity for Iron Will to become available in the shrine.

Because the perks that appear in the Shrine of Secrets are random, you may need to wait a while for Iron Will to show up.

Once it does, you can purchase it with Iridescent Shards and it will become available for other characters to use.

Method 2: The second method might require a little more work, but it’s also a more guaranteed method. There’s no waiting and checking the shrine for weeks on end to see if the perk you want is available.

Instead, you can choose to level up Jake Park. When he reaches level 30, you will find Iron Will in his bloodweb.

You’re likely to notice that this perk looks different from others. It doesn’t follow the same color scheme as other perks. Instead of yellow, green, or purple, this perk will be orange.

That means it is a teachable perk.

Unlock it in the bloodweb and it will become teachable for other characters.

Whichever method you choose, remember that unlocking Iron Will does not guarantee that another character will get the perk. It unlocks the possibility for Iron Will to show up in the bloodweb of other characters you play.

Ultimately, whether or not Iron Will actually does appear in the bloodweb of another character is still up to chance!


Does Iron Will Work While Crawling?

Jake Park in the Dying state while the Iron Will perk cannot be used. / Dead by Daylight
Jake Park in the Dying state while the Iron Will perk cannot be used.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the killer couldn’t hear you crying out in pain while you’re at your most vulnerable?

Unfortunately, that’s not a desire that Iron Will can help you with.

Iron Will only works while your character is in the injured state. With this perk in use, they can handle more pain than other survivors while staying quiet.

However, the dying state is the great equalizer. Once that pain threshold has been reached, there’s no staying quiet anymore.

Additionally, Iron Will does not work if your character is suffering from the Exhausted effect.

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